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New Bridge College Blog – 13.10.23

Maths update…

The past few weeks have been very busy in the maths department. The students have completed a variety of baseline assessments, started working towards component 1 of the entry level certificate qualification and have touched on the requirements needed to achieve a level 1 functional skill. 

This has included: looking at the relationship between odd and even numbers, place value and sequencing. Also, we have looked at BIDMAS and various methods of solving problems with long and short multiplication. 

Some of the lessons have been quite challenging for our students but they have maintained their enthusiasm and interest. It has been lovely to see the students be confident when standing at the front of the class; giving demonstrations and choosing numbers to solve for the group. Also, I would like to give a special mention to Jaydon and Nayem for displaying excellent collaboration and peer on peer support when tackling their long multiplication problems. 

To help consolidate learning, we have begun setting extra work that can be done as homework or completed during form time. Some of the students have embraced the extra work and I would like to praise Samil and Alex for completing their exercises before the due date. Well done and thank you to you both.   

In Mr Holland’s groups, the number of students earning large chocolate bribes, for learning their times tables, is becoming very expensive! Reluctantly Mr Holland hopes to give every student a chocolate, so please take him up on his offer!

English update…

This week in English, students have been receiving feedback on their reading and writing assessments and setting targets for the next term. We have been really impressed with how much our returning students have remembered, and how hard our new students are working.

Our students have also taken part in a poetry competition and have produced some beautiful pieces. We had the really tough job of selecting the top three, but here they are..


By Macauley 


Times three the reaper has come 

Times three I am victorious  

Times three I am back from the brink 

Time three the reaper has lost 

Times three my will has prevailed  

Times three love has brought me back  

Times three I stand again  

Times two my family was there 

Times two metal has been the cause 

Times two I have luck 

Times two on the road 

Times two life shown me love 

Times one I grasp for the gift of heavens 

Times one the beginning almost becomes the end  

Times one in the home of the winged serpent i am saved 

Times one I am given the breath of life 

Times zero I will be ready  

Times zero the reaper will be my friend 

Times zero I may be the last  

Times zero I will be at peace 

Everyday Tragedy  

By Kyle  

Every day starts the same  

A mother weeps before bed  

Friends and relatives carry on in despair   

A shockwave though the community  

First responders know they tried  

Pedestrians watched on hopelessly mortified  

But yet no change in sight  

Every day starts the same  

Nobody wants to be around the place  

Investigations begin as all do  

Thoughts and prayers are sent from high power  

Nationwide campaigns commence   

To fight for change   

But nothing is done  

Every day starts the same  

A blade from the kitchen  

Taken into public  

Armed for a brutal bloody dispute    

Pulled and searched by an officer  

Handcuffed and taken away  

A needless act of violence prevented  

But the powers that be won’t try to prevent it  

My Right-Hand Woman 

By Micaela  

On my right side from the beginning 

My mum always make me feel winning  

She was always my right-side hand when I needed her 

My mum was a powerful women honestly She was amazing at being behind me. 

I didn’t like my right hand when I was little I used to bite my Hand but she always told me to stand up for myself 

 So I always Stick up for myself and I never let myself down 

Girls Group update…

The theme this week has been around mental health and wellbeing, The girls were in for a treat and have had some relaxation time and therapy treatments. The girls completed some mandala mindfulness colouring.

The girls relaxed on the mats for 10 minutes and followed a guided meditation session.

Miss Statham completed some complimentary therapy hand massage treatments, this was very popular, the girls were taught how to deliver massages using special techniques using grapeseed oils. The foot spa proved popular too. Mrs Nelson enjoyed the head massage a little too much and felt really relaxed after.

Enjoy your weekend,

The Girls Group 

All about me… Mrs Joubert


My name is Lisa Joubert nee Sharples. 

I am an ICT teacher and tutor. I initially started working at Marland Fold School in 2001 and later joined the amalgamation of three schools to become New Bridge. I have worked across all original sites teaching ICT at various levels.  It is here where I gained my name “work mum”. 

I moved to South Africa in 1981 with my mum, dad, sisters and brother. I completed my primary and secondary education there. I am fluent in the Afrikaans language, I can speak, read and write. I worked as a gold handler at Johannesburg International Airport in the exports department before leaving to the UK.  

I met my husband, Leon, in South Africa and later had a Daughter and a Son. The family unit moved back to the United Kingdom in 1998. I live at home with my husband and Bengal cat, Nala. 

It was in my mid 30’s when I decided to do a degree in Education to allow me to teach, I completed this at Edge Hill University.  

In my spare time I love to socialise with my close family, friends and spend endless nights in my hot tub with a glass of red. I like to read, walk and cook.  I love to go on holiday which has inspired my dream of retiring in the sunshine, in a big house with a sea view. I will retire by 55 LOL! 

Have a fab weekend. 

Lisa ”


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