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NBC Blog – 6.10.23

Tutorial & PSHE BLOG

As many of you may be aware October is ‘Black History Month’ will be the topic of focus. 

Our students have looked at some historical figures and those they find most inspirational. We have looked at the term ‘controversy’ and the meanings behind it. Questions were raised and our students challenged controversial statements around Black History. 

We have tasked our young people with looking at ways to challenge racism and how equality and inclusion can be enhanced. Furthermore, each of our young people have discussed ways to celebrate cultural diversity and those individuals who are in the public eye, promoting cultural diversity and overcoming barriers. This, indeed, is part of our college ethos towards promoting and practicing our British Values. To view the BHM presentation, please, click on the link below; 

In addition, the students were engaged in meaningful conversations, within the classroom, as we took a closer look into the lives of:  Nelson Mandela and sporting heroes including Marcus Rashford and Serena Williams.  Muhammad Ali was the focus of conversation and our students couldn’t hide their admiration for the work of each individual, within their field. Muhammed Ali was one of a kind, a cheeky chappie. His stance towards inequality and racial injustice was admirable.   

In this weeks lesson, we watched various interviews, read famous quotes and tributes surrounding this man.  Do we recognise this famous saying?… “I’m gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” 

In the weeks that follow, we will focus on Muhammed Ali’s timeline of key events and achievements.  We will also get creative and produce some inspirational rock art dedicated to Black History!  

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! 

Mrs Sarwar.

Activ8 Update

A fantastic week for Activ8 this week. We have focused on 3 main areas this week.

1. Anatomy and physiology: students have been developing their knowledge of the human anatomy naming and locating the bones and muscles of the body.

Group 2 did the old-fashioned post it notes activity, whereas Group 1 stepped up their game using their Ipads to label the body.

2. DofE: Cooking skills

Students have been recapping their camping skills starting this week with using the camp stoves. The group set up the stoves and made pasta, bacon sandwiches and hot chocolate.

3. Football: One of our topics this term is football. We have been developing our skills up at Mahdlo on Friday mornings. We had our first friendly football match against Springbrook. All students showed great sportsmanship and had a fantastic game. Massive thanks to Springbrook for hosting us. Stand out performance goes to Jack H for running the midfield in the style of Ruben Neves at Wolves (the good old days)


Press Gang Update

Hello everyone!

We have a brand new enrichment at New Bridge College named ‘The Press Gang’.

The press gang launched at the beginning of the term and despite starting off small, is now growing in popularity and numbers.

The aim of our press gang is to enrich the college campus with termly news, pupil highlights and discuss topical issues. In time, the press gang hope to report on a wider scale and make links with the local community through reporting, podcasting and social media.

By the end of this term, we hope to produce our first E-magazine, reporting on a variety of college events and awareness days.

Keep your eyes peeled for our first edition!

The Press Gang Team!

Girls Group Update

The focus this week has been on mental health, in preparation for Mental Health Week, next week!

The group have helped made a display. It focuses on positive mental health affirmations, to improve mental health, support students and staff wellbeing.

Tuesday 10th October is Hello Yellow day, The girls will be selling cupcakes on the theme of yellow.

Next week, the girls group will be in a calming environment, surrounded by relaxing music and participating in holistic therapies, that support our mental wellbeing.

We look forward in sharing this with you next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Girls Group

E-Gaming Update

Written by Musa H, a member of the Press Gang and a student on the Digit4ll

What is E-Gaming?

E-Gaming is a competition where players compete against each other online. Another name for it is electronic sports. There is a chance to win a prize. It helps you gain knowledge and skills around video gaming. The New Bridge College takes part in E-gaming and students have the opportunity to win as many prizes as they can.

2. Where Does it Take Place?

All E-gaming takes place all around the world and many people can join in the games from their very own console. A lot of people tend to play in the comfort of their own home, while using their personal devices. Some of the biggest E-gaming personalities go into arenas on the world’s stage to show the world their talents.

3. Who plays?

There are many people around the world who play E-Sports and it is mainly targeted at young teens who are in their 20s and early 30s. We have many people in the college that take part in these games such as: Activ8 and Digi4ll Pathway, who love playing E-games.

4. Leader Board

The British E-Sports lead is Chester King and he has received authority from the UK Government in 2016. In New Bridge College, the E-Sports manager is Mr Handrick, who is based on the Curriculum Lead of the Digi4ll Pathway.

5. Street Fighter Competition

E-Sports is filled with thrill, fighting and too much drama! It is competitive and you need to try and win. There was a Street Fighter competition in college on the 29/09/2023. The pupils were cheering as the battle commenced. It was exciting and incredibly fun to see the students take part. I spoke to members of staff and they said “it was nice to see the students taking part”. said “it brought memories of their childhood back when there were playing the game”. Mr Handrick and Mr Lancaster said that the atmosphere was “fantastic”. We had a winner called Jayden, who did not lose a round of the tournament and everyone clapped and cheered for him.

All about me update: Andrew 

“Hi,  I’m Andy…

I have been part of the New Bridge family since 2021. Let me take you back on a journey! After graduating from UCLan University in 2019 with a degree in Sports Coaching, I have always wanted to be in the sport industry working as a full-time coach for young people. During my time at university, I had the great opportunity to work with Preston North End football club as a coach, working with the U10s team. Currently, I am a qualified level 2 football coach but at this moment I have decided to take a break from it. However, occasionally I do play football every weekend with a few friends and family members (#UNITED). 

Since starting at the college, I have been on the pre-internship pathway and I have loved every second of it. This year, I have transitioned over to Future Finders - an opportunity I could not pass up on.  

As many of my colleagues know by now, I love to learn new magic tricks! I take inspiration from the TV show ‘Penn & Teller, Fool us’. I have always been fascinated by how magicians can trick the audience in an instant. I decided to dedicate a bit of my time to learn a few tricks and hopefully impress my colleagues and the students. 

When I finish work, it’s time for me to get dressed and prepare myself for my other job. My mum and dad own a Chinese takeaway, which luckily isn’t too far away from the college. I have been helping and supporting my mum and dad from a young age. I have learnt so much from them, which hopefully I can pass on to the students. I work back of house, cooking with my big brother who has helped me to understand the importance of teamwork and communication. Without him, the kitchen wouldn’t be as successful as it is now. 

Being part of the New Bridge family has made me the person I am today! I have such an amazing team behind me who goes above and beyond for the students. I wouldn’t change it for the world!  

Happy Friday everyone – Enjoy the weekend! ”



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