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New Bridge College Blog – 29.9.23


HSC Update

“Hello everyone.

The new HSC group have settled into their pathway really well. The group have had a breakdown for the year and are really looking forward to all the upcoming content and projects!  

Last week, the group supported the Genes For Jeans campaign. Students were given a genetic condition that they had to research. The group produced fabulous posters and gained extensive knowledge into some of the conditions.”

“This week, the group took part in the SSC question and debate. The girls particularly enjoyed the debate and had interesting and opposing opinions to each other.”

“Additionally, students have started their Level 1 BTEC introduction in Health and Social Care. We began with Unit HSC5 – finding out about Health and Social Care services. This is a good unit to start off with as it sows the seeds of the course and the pathway.  We can’t wait to update you all again soon.

Have a lovely weekend!”

HSC Team 

Lumenus Update

“Lumenus have been taking part in a number of practical acting, movement and music workshops this week. 

In their movement session on Tuesday, Lumenus were introduced to the work of Steven Berkoff, the father of Total Theatre. They explored this in relation to Physical Theatre and how Total Theatre helps actors use their body to create a performance. We discussed examples of Berkoff’s plays and the format and performance styles they explore, and students were given a script to perform. Finally, we deconstructed a piece from Berkoff’s play “Dog” and discussed ways to perform it, based on the concept of Total Theatre and Physical Theatre. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, we finished our work on TV acting which includes Marks. As an extension, we looked at TV/film auditions and the process of getting an agent, joining Spotlight and delivering an IDENT.  An ident – sometimes called a slate – is a purely technical part of the audition process in which you state your name, your agent (or that you’re self-represented) and occasionally a few other details. It’s used by casting directors to help organise their footage and get a sense of what you look and sound like. We filmed and watched back the IDENTS to learn how to improve them in the future. 

In Music, we have begun our topic on film music. We intend to create a soundtrack for the film we are creating this term. After listening to pieces of film music, students were asked to discuss instruments, dynamics and length of piece. We watched a section of the movie ‘Jaws’ and discussed the impact the music made to the mood of the scene. Students identified the genre of the film from music clips, Thriller, Western, SciFi and Cartoon. We took part in a Kahoot quiz on guessing the film from the Music. This was a great start to understanding the importance of music in films. 

All our work has been developing skills to be used for BTEC accreditations. The students have shown great focus and application throughout the week.

Well done to everyone, have a great weekend!”

Bridging The Gap (BTG) Update

“Yet another amazing week in BTG!

The BTG curriculum is now in full swing, and our students are making the most of their placements. Our Manchester University students have spent time getting to know the staff and have been completing training such as manual handling and COSSH. These students, along with their job coach, have established an amazing routine and have even been given a log in to the ‘Opsal’ system so that they can complete tasks given specifically to them. This has given them an opportunity to experience the working day with an increased level of independence. Our students that are based at the hospital have almost completed the mandatory training needed to start placements.

Again, we have had great feedback form all our placement providers regarding the efforts that the BTG students have put in.

Now onto our latest placement provider, ‘Destiny’, based at NBC! That’s right it’s not a typo. We have three of our students that are now on placement within the MAT, based at our college site.

This has been an amazing new opportunity for our students that want to progress and develop their skills within a multi-media workplace setting. Our students have been working alongside heads of department and senior leads developing the Logo for the new company: “Destiny”. The official logo is yet to be confirmed as our students have developed and presented various logos to such a high level that they have made the decision incredibly difficult.

Both this week and last, Destiny have been working on video editing clips that will be used in a meeting with the Department of Education to show the destinations of three of our students.

(Job coach) “The students have blown me away with the knowledge and creativeness that they are showing already at such an early stage within the year”.

These students are now paving the way for others who may also be interested in this line of work.”

Girls Group Update

“This week the team have been working on developing a growth mindset. Girls group have worked towards developing their growth mindset through a range of creative activities.

The students are learning that even if they feel that they can’t do something right now, it doesn’t mean they will never be able to do it, and anything is possible.

We have started to work through the seven stages of developing a growth mindset:  

1. Me and my growth mindset

2. Mistakes are just new challenges

3. The power of YET – to learn and improve our skills and abilities over time even when we face challenges or failures

4. Being an incredible problem solver

5. Trying new ways to do things and keep trying

6. Dreaming Big

7. Keeping a 7-day journal

Each week, the students will complete one of the seven stages and share their work with each other.

Also, this week we had some sensory downtime. We handmade slime, goup and used the orbeez. We even treated ourselves to a foot spa!

Enjoy the photos!”

The Ladies Group

All About Me: Chloe Letcher

“Hi, I’m Chloe and I’ve worked in the English department at NBC since 2021.

I’m part of a big family and we are all very close. My younger brother Tom and my Dad have both been part of my journey at the college, as placement providers for some of our students here. They love supporting our young people as much as I do. Myself and Tom have five cousins (who are really like our brothers too). We all had an amazing trip to Ibiza this summer to celebrate my cousin Jordan’s wedding.”

“A very important person to me is my mum, Michele. She sadly passed away in 2012 after a very brave battle with breast cancer. She was always the most glamourous, warm and magnetic person in any room. She passed on many things to me, like her love of champagne and red lipstick. She also taught me the importance of being strong in the face of adversity and she is the driving force behind everything I do.”

“In my spare time, I enjoy seeing my friends and family, reading, walking, going to the gym, shopping (far too much!), going to the cinema and doing anything that involves pampering myself (especially going for a spa day). I worked in the beauty industry before I went into education and I am a qualified makeup artist. I also love to travel; this year I went to Paris and Ibiza and I’ve just booked flights to go back to Dubai in February. As a family, we also spend a lot of time in Scotland which is my special place and somewhere I consider home.”

“I love working at NBC; I couldn’t ask for more amazing students or a better work family. Last year, I undertook my NASENCO qualification and found out yesterday I have passed. I’m excited for my future at NBC and I look forward to playing a part in making better what is already a fantastic college.”


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