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College Blog – 22.9.23

Jeans for Genes!

The Jeans for Genes campaign raises awareness of the daily challenges faced by those living with a genetic condition and raises money to fund projects that make a tangible difference to the lives of those affected.

Most importantly, the campaign:

– brings together the genetic condition community in order to make a loud noise about the issues that matter to them.

– shines a light on the organisations that work tirelessly to improve the lives of affected individuals; and

– celebrates the achievements of those living with a genetic condition.

Here at NBC, staff and students had the opportunity to wear jeans to college to show their support. We had skinny’s, boot legs, flares, jackets and jumpsuits!

We managed to raise a big £50 in total! Thank you to all the staff and students who donated! Your donations help change a child’s life.

Maths Update

“Hello everyone, 

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, in the Maths department. All our students have undergone their initial assessments and have been grouped based on these and previous academic achievements. Lessons are underway, in earnest and students have already covered topics such as place value, decimals and negative numbers. 

It’s been great to get back down to work, with both new and returning students and we have been very impressed with the students’ attitude and engagement across the two weeks. Further to this, we would like to thank all of our colleagues who act as form teachers and form TA’s, for their support in embedding times tables (and division facts) as part of the morning registration period, on a couple of mornings per week. Being able to apply this knowledge is vital for the students, as they undertake studies in fractions, ratio, probability and problem solving, which all rely on a fundamental understanding of multiplication and division links. 

We are currently assessing which students may be having topic specific issues in Maths and how we might provide extra support for these students.”

Wishing you all a very good weekend! 

Anne-Marie, Martin and Nic. 

BTG Update

“Bridging the Gap have had a very busy couple of weeks back!!

Our hospital students have been attending lots of training sessions, they are now gaining the knowledge and skills they need to be able to start their new journey within the hospital setting.

Our staff have received brilliant feedback so far by the NHS staff they have been working with. One comment was: “They were really good today. The trainer was impressed with their knowledge from the beginning”. This shows their eagerness to learn and to develop skills needed for the workplace.”

“Our MMU students have been visiting their new placements and have started to become aware of their surroundings. We have been travelling via the tram and have now all mastered the route. 

Platt Lane students have now started their new journey (see the video for an insight of their working day). What an amazing first week Declan and Liam have had! The staff from the University are impressed with the work ethic of the students and have big hopes for them.”

JJob Fair Video:

 DIGI – (Destiny)

“This is our newest pathway with three students already putting their skills, experience and creative flair to the test. The students have been developing a brand logo that will be considered as the face of the latest addition to our ever-growing curriculum. Well done, you have made a great start to the year.

As a team we have also been researching labour marketing. We have produced mind-maps of our research. Every student thought about their future and researched their dream job. The students then produced a mind-map with all the information they had researched.”

Tutorial and PSHE Update

“First of all, I would like to welcome everyone back to the college campus. I am looking forward to working with our students this year, both existing and new. 

Now, to kick off this term, I have implemented a year 2 Tutorial and PSHE programme alongside a new assessment tool, which has been the main the topic of focus. 

Our students have taken part in meaningful discussions, around the purpose of an EHCP and what it is used for. Firstly, the group tasks began – the conversations were flowing! Students spoke about the skills and qualities that are required within our tutorials. I have attached some wonderful examples of work that was fed back by the groups across the college campus.   

We then watched a short but informative video clip of “what is an EHCP?” and then moved onto scenario tasks based on behaviour management. Hence, students identifying triggers and short-term targets for Pupils A, B and so forth. 

To watch the video, please click on the link below:  

What is an EHCP? 


We have tasked our students with looking at ways to identify triggers, challenges and short-term targets for the students identified A, B, C and so forth. They also linked this to the common 4 EHCP outcomes:

Communication and Interaction 

Cognition and Learning 

Sensory and Physical 

Social, Emotional and Mental Health 

So, what was the purpose of this task…. 

This was a reflective practice; our students are gearing up to take ownership of their EHCP targets they are required to work on within Tutorial and PSHE lessons. They did an amazing job with such maturity.  

In the weeks that follow, we will focus on ‘Black History’. We will be highlighting the massive contributions made by different black sporting heroes, artists and political activists that fought against segregation and black struggle.  

The student council was back on the agenda this week. It’s that time of year again, where students stand for election and put their case forward to their peers. Each of our candidates put forward many fantastic ideas and engaged in debate.  The deadline for this is Friday 29th September and the ballot votes will begin week commencing 2nd October!  

Good luck to all the nominees….

Fantastic work, guys.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ”

Mrs Sarwar 

PSHE Worksheet (PDF) 

Girls Group Update

“This week, Girls Group has had a fun packed week, with 10 girls attending.

We talked about 1 positive thing that they have done this week and baked biscuits.

The girls helped each other with measuring out the ingredients and holding the bowl when mixing them.

This was lovely to see them support each other as a group.

The girls decorated a Victoria sandwich cake and enjoyed a slice with a drink to finish the end of the session.

Have a lovely weekend. Enjoy the pictures!”

Mrs Nelson and Miss Statham


All About Me

“My name is Stephen Swindell

I have been the site supervisor of New Bridge College for three years.

Where do I start…

I was born in Chadderton in 1966, the year of England`s men`s World Cup win against Germany 4-2, Bobby Moore lifting the trophy and bringing it back to England.

Growing up, I always had a love of football, watching everything that the three channels on the tv sets would permit in those days (which wasn`t very often).

I went to St Margret Mary`s Catholic infant and junior school in New Moston from 1972-77 which was run by nuns at the time. Playing 50 a side in a small playground helped me develop my silky skills on the ball and played up until my 30s to a decent standard.

I picked my football team…

My late great Dad was a Manchester United supporter who took us to a couple of games but something didn’t feel right and the blue of Manchester City kept calling me to go to the right side of Manchester (how I got that one right).

In 1977, I went to St Mathews high school. We were the first year of comprehensive schools. The first three years were in Cheetham hill, then the last two were in New Moston. It was here I found my love of music.

Starting a band…

I asked for an Electric guitar and small amp for Christmas, not even knowing how to play a note. I just turned the amp up to twelve on the dial and let it scream out.

Falling in love with the bass guitar…

From then on, I have been in a few bands in the 80s playing in a Skinhead band called Brute Force. We played the old punk clubs and pubs across the Northwest for a few years. I was in a band then called The Kenwoods. We played across different venues like: Band on the wall, The Cavern, The International, The Boardwalk and many more, supporting The Selecter at one of these venues.

Back to planet earth…

I have been married for 26 years to my beautiful wife Karen. We have four children: Molly 23, Georgia 19, Billy 17, Max 14 and Frankie (our Cocker spaniel who is 5). Georgia has Dwarfism, she has smaller legs and arms so is classed as having a disability. Despite this, she has gone through mainstream schools, Rochdale college and starts in Edge Hill University this year.

I love working at the college and meeting the different students and staff and try to keep the College running with as much help and love as possible.”



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