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NBC Blog – 23.6.23


Student Parliament Update

This year, our Student Council has been a huge success. Our students have beamed with confidence, displayed fantastic resilience, worked as a team to achieve a noteworthy common goal. All of our students have given up their free time to work with the student council and make a positive change their own and their peers learning environment. This week, we had our final meeting of the year. It was a chance for everyone to reflect and recollect on the work we have done.

To kick the meeting off, the whole squad got their teeth stuck into a delicious spread! As expected, Oliver was 1st to grab a plate! The conversation was really flowing and bouncing around the room. I can honestly say, it has been my absolute privilege to work with such a fantastic group of young people. Getting the opportunity to sit back and watch them enjoy the fruits of their labour is perhaps the most rewarding aspect.

Becky and the SSC team made the trip, to come and visit us at the college. It was a real pleasure for all of the staff at the college to welcome them. We were very fortunate to get the opportunity to show Becky all the hard work of the student council.

The meeting was led by President Waj. He did a stellar job and his fun, enthusiastic and energetic personality really came to the forefront. The president has been fantastic all year; this was a fantastic way to bring such a landmark year, for the council, to an end.

Will you be running again, President Waj?

Assistant President, Peter, has had some wonderful news this week! He has been offered paid employment! Wonderful news Peter!

He also produced an awesome newsletter and a phenomenal, heartfelt poem which he presented so confidently to all of his peers.

We then took a trip down memory lane. With our eyes glued to the screen, like a blockbuster movie, as our student illustrated their creative skills and treated all in attendance to their own personal films, demonstrating all of the phenomenal work they’ve completed this year.

We finished off the meeting with some fun and games, with everyone taking part in a student made ‘Kahoot’ quiz, put together by Leon.

Leon joined the student council a little latter than his colleagues but has been an extremely dedicated student rep and has been wonderful to work with.

Dylan took full marks on the quiz and of course the bragging rights! Dylan is never one to shy away from the the sport light and he was well and trying basking in his glory!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our council reps: Waj, Peter, Ciara, Sophie J, Dylan, Lewis K, Vinny, Oliver, Connie, Leon.

Lastly, on Thursday we received a surprise parcel. We opened the parcel to find an amazing gift! The gift was a marvellous box of sweets to staff, from Becky, Karen and the whole of the SSC team. We were taken aback. We appreciate it so much! Mrs Sarwar, will share the sweets with everyone on Monday!

Lastly, we’d like to share with you ‘Keeping up with Ciara’… we don’t know how she does it all!

Enrichment Update

Over the past two weeks Enrichment sessions, some of our students have been working with Alan and Ross from ‘Sweetlove Training’ to develop and work towards their Emergency First Aid at Work award.

The topics of CPR, choking, wounds, defibrillators and bleeding, amongst others, were covered by the training. A balance of theory and practice helped our students tune their skills on mannequins, ‘choke packs’ and defib machines.

Well done to the students who completed the two sessions. Hopefully, they will never have to use their new skills. Yet, are now confident in their abilities should an incident arise in their community.


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