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College Blog – 31.3.23

Student Council Update – A Day in the Life of Waj

“As the Student Council President, I typically start my college day with either sending out the big weekly debate and question. Every Monday, I send out my infamous mid-week reminders that I imagine you all have unfortunately gotten accustomed to by now. And of course, perhaps most importantly, I set up ‘The Big Weekly Debate’ and question ready to be released for the beginning of the following week.

When I have finished those tasks, I typically browse through my college emails and a list of my roles and responsibilities to ensure that I am up to date and that I am fulfilling my role as the student council president.

To finish my morning segment off, I also periodically (about once per week, typically towards the end of the week on a Friday morning) browse the student council website and take a good, hard look at every class that has partaken in the debate in that week.”

(Photograph of me taking a “Good, hard look”)

“Speaking of my roles and responsibilities, I should probably tell you a little more about that.

I have a grand total of three roles, now that may sound like a small amount, but I assure you, there’s a little more to it:

1. Operating the SSC dashboard (Basically the weekly question and debate you all of course partake in.)

2. Helping and learning to write the agendas after every council rep meeting

3. Taking photographs of students working to then upload to the New Bridge social media accounts such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Now, onto my final segment to wrap this whole thing up, My experience thus far:

As of writing this blog, I have worked as the president of the college council for around 6 months now. So far, I have found my time as the student council president to be quite an amazing experience, as through being the Student Council President, I have found that my confidence has subtly but noticeably improved.

I have also enjoyed sending and choosing the weekly question and debate to all of you, as well as hearing out the student’s voice and submitting them to the council. It is an honour to be able to be part of improving this college for current and future students and staff.

Now to finish off, I would like to end by thanking all of you, students and staff alike, for helping me fulfil my role by answering my weekly debates and questions and for of course for voting me into this role in the first place. It has truly been an honour serving as the student council president.

Sincerely, Student Council President Waj”

Lumenus Update

“Well it’s been a very busy term for us in Lumenus! As the new half term began, Lee and Amanda had a fantastic work experience opportunity with the Royal Exchange theatre. Lee and Amanda both had such a creative and innovative week. They undertook lots of workshops, watched a play and made new friends. That’s enough from us for now, we’ll hand it over to Lee and Amanda…”


“Lumenus continued working hard on their BTEC intro level 1 Performing Arts. This term they have finished their ‘Being Organised’ unit. Students enjoyed studying this unit as they identified and learnt new techniques. Additionally, they have started the next unit which is called ‘Acting in a performance’. Students have really enjoyed this unit.

Moreover, this term has been very exciting, as we have been working the well-known Shakespearian play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream. To get ourselves familiar with the story we explored the play and characters using a modernised script. Students tried out different characters which enabled them to think about which character they might audition for when it’s audition week!

Here are the photos showing our practices with them, getting to know the script and characters.”

“During the summer months we will be creating an adaptation of A Midsummers Night’s Dream. We are devising an immersive of theatre in an empty shop space, at a location in Oldham. Students have been lucky enough to have engaged in 2 workshops with Craig Harris from OTW. The workshops were informative, energetic and creative. We are excited and looking forward to see how this piece develops.

Lumenus have also been having visits from Katie from touchdown dance on Tuesdays. They have been practicing a movement piece that may be in our play in the summer.

They have been rehearsing a variety of choreography techniques with both upbeat and mellow music. Getting familiar with movements, we will also be using this dance piece for our upcoming Salford Dance Explosion 2023.

Also, in this term, we have had music with Mr Preston. In these lessons we have been learning all about meditations and how to create them! Students have been creating their own pieces of music and by exploring all their favourite calming sounds. Students explored sounds that has bought them tranquillity and peace and have utilised them in a music piece on garage band. Students also wrote their own meditations and have recorded them with the music. All the mediations that the students have produced were very impressive! Here is Nicole’s meditation. We hope you enjoy.”


“During the penultimate week before Easter break, Lumenus were invited to watch a theatre piece at Oldham Theatre Workshop, with the stars being from our very own Samuel Laycock! The performing arts group at Samuel Laycock are Calle ‘Phoenix’. We were so honoured to have been invited to their show. The title of the show was called ‘Aspire’. Aspire was about young people exploring employment. It highlighted the dreams and aspirations the young people have. Phoenix choreographed their own dance and wrote their own song, with the support from Oldham Theatre Workshop also. The show was absolutely amazing and bought a tear to the eye of some audience members. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the show. Well Done Phoenix!”

“This week we have been a part of the consultation process for Flipit. We had Craig from OTW, Dayna from Barrier-Breakers who were our workshop leaders. They were also joined by Charlotte from World Of Olive who does visual minutes and has done a fantastic piece of artwork from the the workshop today.”

“This project of work has been commissioned by Barrier-Breakers. This is a project that has the aim of developing a programme for employers that will enable them to understand the barriers young people may face. The Flipit supported internships with Oldham College, Future Finders, Oldham Theatre Workshops and New Bridge School. We are very excited to be a part of this project.

It has been a very jam-packed term! Thank you to all the staff and students for all their hard work.

Have a lovely Easter break, Lumenus.”

Mathematics Update

“This half term our students having been learning all about measurements. Some of the outcomes they have been working towards are: estimating and adding the weight, capacity and length of given items, choosing an appropriate measuring instrument and converting standards units of length capacity and weight.

Personally, this is one of my favourite topics in maths as the students get to put their understanding into context and carry out lots of practical activities. For example, the students took turns to estimate then measure their heights converting between, centimetres, meters, feet and inches.

Another lesson involved the students using ounces and grams to measure ingredients to make truffles. And voted by the students as their favourite lesson… measuring liquids using centilitres and millilitres to make milkshakes.

On top of all the fun and games, our students still managed to complete their component work and mock assessments. It’s been a really productive term and I would like to thank all the students for their hard work, especially Jaydyn, Daniel, James, Dante, Samil and Chey. Well done everyone!”

English Update

“We can’t believe another term has flown by and it is already Easter! Alongside producing lots of wonderful writing pieces and carrying out writing assessments, our students have also been doing their speaking and listening assessments.

Speaking publicly is never an easy task, but we have been amazed by the confidence, resilience and determination of our students. Our Level 1 and 2 students delivered presentations and many chose topics which are close to their hearts. For example, Ciara and Kian spoke about their journeys with Autism, Nicole spoke about her journey with her mental health and Lewis spoke about his speech impediment and how he has overcome the barriers he has faced. These are not the only amazing examples of speaking and listening we have seen. All of our students have risen to what we know is an extremely difficult challenge and there have been lots of tears of pride from the English department this half-term!”






“Other special mentions go to Kyle C in Digi, Grace in Lumenus and Liam in Activ8.

Well done everyone! You make us both so proud and it is these moments that remind us over and over again why we wanted to work with young people with additional needs and what an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling vocation this is.”



Pre-Internship Update

“In our Employability sessions, our theme for this half term has been about journeys. At the beginning of the term we looked at other people and how they got to where they are now and what steps they had to take to achieve their goals. In particular we had the pleasure of having Saaim an ex pre-intern visited us. He wanted to address the new pre-intern students and talk to them about his journey. Starting form Activ8, to the pre-interns then onto Oldham College. It was lovely to see Saaim talk so confidently and honestly about his challenges and achievements. We were super impressed with how our current pre-interns listened to Saaim and asked him questions.”

“Additionally, and sticking to future Journeys. The pre-interns took part in the Meet Your Future event through the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. It was an online event and was really informative as they got to hear about what is needed to be an apprenticeship and the benefits of working in the Digital and STEM industries.

For the employability qualification. Our pre-interns have been working on two units that involve journeys. Lewis and Kian are making good progress with their planning A Travel and Tourism Itineraries unit. This has involved Kian and Lewis looking at what is needed to plan activities and trips for a range of different people with a range of various needs. Our other pre-interns have been working on completing their Presentation skills unit. This work has involved the students reflecting on their work placements, college life and their achievements so far. With the intention of promoting the pre-internship pathway to other peers who may be interested in joining in September.

All the students have completed their presentations using different visual aids. And it’s with the focus on journeys that all the pre-interns are thriving in their work placements and classroom sessions especially their confidence.”

“For one of our students (Lewis) his next part of his future journey has already begun as he continues to enjoy his weekend job in the Roast Garden Cafe and is now working independently without the support from his job coaches.”

“I would like to thank and congratulate all our pre-interns for completing another term. But I would like give a special mention to James, Dante, Lewis, Imran, Kian and Sophie E for their effort, perseverance and maturity in their work placements and lessons. Well done everyone and have a great Easter.”


PSHE Update

“This week in PSHE we have been looking at respectful relationships and consent. Students looked at what it means to have a respectful relationship. They have looked at the feelings and features of a healthy relationship and the features and feelings of a ‘toxic’ relationship. We also watched a short video on domestic abuse and we have looked at true and false scenarios and the types of abuse that occurs in these scenarios. Students had to link the correct words to the correct scenarios that were given to them. Dante from Pre-Interns has done a wonderful sketch of domestic abuse. He’s quite the artist!”

“As always, our PSHE lessons never fail to spark a healthy debate especially in Activ8 2!

Furthermore, we have looked what is consent and the tea of consent. A Creative way of looking at ‘consent’ and how this term is viewed in relation to sexual consent. Students have learnt that there are legal laws that are implemented and if broken will lead to consequences.

There are 3 parts to the respectful relationship lesson. In the next PSHE session after Easter we are going look at ‘The impact of sexual images’.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter. Mrs Sarwar”

Activ8 Update

“As the Easter break us now upon us, I feel that now is the perfect time to reflect on the year so far and everything Activ8 has to look forward to. The Activ8 team grew so much that we had to be divided into two different groups. Our students have embraced this change to come together to create one big family.

The team entered a number of football leagues this year and have competed since the year kicked off. We have took to the pitch, going toe-to-toe, with other colleges across the North West of England and Wales.

We have had a blast! Watching friendships form, grown and develop, through the power of sport, has been wonderful to see.

We have witnessed some fantastic competition, skill and resilience throughout the course of the season, a fantastic advert for disability sport.

So many highlights, some tricky moments too, but it’s been a rewarding and enriching part of our curriculum.

Aspiring Football coach, Brad took the reins for our most recent fixtures. The team performed like a well-oiled machine to bring home a trophy! Well done, team! Brad’s first steps of is coaching journey have been successful; we’re looking forward to supporting his development further.

This is what Brad, the gaffer, had to say: “Firstly, I would like you thank the teachers at Newbridge College for their support throughout this process. From the first steps of improving my mental skills to now where they’ve granted me the position if coach for the college team.

Finally, I’d like to comment on how well the team did. We bounced back from some disappointments, in recent weeks, and got together to put things right. We started off with a difficult challenge and I’d like to thank Macauley for his support with this.”

The group have stood up to their BTEC award and tackled it head on! This half-term, the assignment required the group to work as a team. We decided that a ‘Red Nose Day fundraiser would give us the perfect opportunity to challenge the group, all for a charitable, meaningful cause.

Bradley was assigned as ‘Group Leader’. He delegated different tasks to each member of the group, each task would demonstrate how each individual would work with others. Between them, Activ8 hosted a day of activities and games to celebrate ‘Red Nose Day’ and ‘St.Patrick’s day’.

The collaboration of the group was EPIC, everyone played their part to make a massive success of the day!

The atmosphere was booming! Friendly, with a competitive edge, archery, speed stacking, darts and pong challenged each pathway as they battled to be the college’s number one pathway!

The college quiz got brains ticking. Questions testing all kinds of knowledge were flying from the quiz master!

Shaun was unbelievable, smashed the quiz, outscoring everyone and took home the ‘Quiz Champion’ prize!

The cakes were flying off the shelves, satisfying that sweet tooth up, down and all around the college campus.

Raffle prizes were also on offer: Console games, Sweets, Perfumes and Aftershaves, too!

At the conclusion of the day, our students raised an amazing total, eclipsing the £250 mark!

A wonderful achievement from Activ8 students, hosting a day that everyone massively enjoyed!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.

Further to our Red Nose Day activities, Mr Newton has been in the gym! ‘Mike’s Mission’ this year was to complete a circuit consisting of: The spin bike, treadmill, elliptical/cross trainer, free weights, skierg, prowler, rower and v.plate.

Mr Newton set himself the mission of completing 4 rounds of a circuit, BRUTAL!! Only you, Mr Newts, only you! Mr Newton was smashing through exercise after exercise, from 9:30-15:00.

We’re all buzzing for MR.N, HE TOOK US HOME TO THE £300 MARK!!!!!!

Mr Southerington had this to say: “I’ve known Mr Newton for a long time, since we worked at Spring Brook together. One thing I learnt quickly about him is that if he sets himself a challenge, he will smash it. The students here a very lucky to have a member of staff, like Mr Newton, who is dedicated to the college and to his students. He is a credit to himself, his family and the college!”

“Over the last six weeks, prior to the Easter break, Barry from Ashton Fencing Club s worked with Activ8. Barry has built fantastic rapport with the group. From our first session, he has had our students engaged; we have loved every second. The whole team would like to say a Massive “Thank you” to Barry for the superb work he has done with us.”

“DofE is huge part of the Activ8 curriculum. To kick our next term off, our students looking to attain the ‘Gold’ accreditation will be undertaking their practise expedition.

Here in Activ8, we pride ourselves on delivering meaningful learning experiences for our young people. Later on, in the academic year, our DofE expeditions will be football themed. The World Cup delivered some fantastic moments and Activ8 will celebrate this in style. The whole team will walk from different football stadiums, Across Greater Manchester. Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City, Manchester United, Rochdale and Oldham Athletic are the Stadia we’re focusing on.

The ‘YMCA Award in Fitness and Physical Activity’ is also a key part of our curriculum. The course caters to those looking to work and build a career, in the fitness industry.

We have focused on an array of different topics, including: Nutrition, The heart and components of fitness. The work that Mr Lawrence and the staff team has seen is fantastic. We are over the moon with the effort on show and it really epitomises what Activ8 is about.

Our students have worked closely with Callum, a personal trainer in the local area. He has shared a wealth of knowledge and delivered high quality, true to life sessions.

As you all know, Activ8 has the absolute privilege of embarking on a trip of a life time, a trip to Chicago!

The time is almost here and the whole team are absolutely buzzing and cannot wait to get there!

We have prepared videos, as an ice breaker and sent them over to introduce ourselves to our friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

Declan got creative, Liam was beaming with confidence and Connie was keen to share her knowledge of sports that are popular in the UK!

39 days to go!!!

Finally, I want to wish everyone a great half-term and a wonderful Easter! The Activ8 team.”


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