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College Blog – 3.2.23

Head of Site Update

We might be rapidly approaching the half-term, however, there are no signs of things slowing down here at NBC. Students and staff have continued to work very hard this week and, as a result, we have some amazing updates to share with you.

This January, our very own Mr Handrick and Mr Lawrence achieved a remarkable feat (no pun intended) by successfully completing the #496Challenge.

Here’s how the running challenge works… 1st January starts with one mile or kilometre, two miles or kilometres on the 2nd January – up to a 31 mile or kilometre run on the 31st January, equalling 496. No rest days, increasing distances every day!

There are no rules to the challenge, just as long as you complete the required numbers for that day. However, this wasn’t an option for Mr Handrick and Mr Lawrence; they completed their runs each morning before hitting the classrooms at New Bridge College!

Mr Lawrence’s earliest run started at 3:00am!

Mr Handrick’s earliest run started at 1:45am!

On the 25th January, Mr Handrick ran 26.2 miles to do a marathon. Overall, Mr Handrick ran seven back-to-back marathons… and more, he ran over 500 miles in January! Mr Lawrence ran over 500 kilometres! Both stated that they were ‘glad we have done it but we would never do it again (that doesn’t mean that we are not thinking about doing another challenge this year…”) 

Digi Update

This week, our latest NBC wall visual was mounted in Digi Room 2. Designed by the Digi4ll Group 2 students, it looks great…

On Wednesday, some of our Digi Pathway students had the privilege of working alongside FreshRB, a digital media agency who use creative productions to support health and wellbeing. The project they worked on was to create a podcast about media literacy and understanding concepts such as fake news and misinformation within social media and other online platforms.

The project was a really positive experience for those that took part, learning and researching about the theory on media literacy before recording their podcast. One of our students, Oliver, said ‘This has really inspired me to set up my own podcast about coding’. Vincent commented, ‘This has been really cool, it was scary at first but then it was fun’.

The podcast is currently being edited and we’ll share it soon!

FreshRB are back this Wednesday to work alongside other pathways within New Bridge College. We can’t wait to have them back!





Girls Group Update

This week in Girls Group, the girls have made boxes made from card to put their homemade chocolates hearts in. We had extra girls in group today from other enrichment pathways and it was lovely for them to see what the girls get up to in group sessions.

Mrs Nelson bought different types of Callebaut chocolate to melt. They boiled the water in a pan practising safety of course! Then they used a bowl to melt the chocolate. All the girls worked well together and today was a little quiet as they were all concentrating hard to ensure that the chocolate did not spill over the mould.

The girls had fun talking to each other about what they are doing over the weekend. The boxes looked good, but the chocolate hearts looked amazing. Enjoy the photos… Mrs Nelson, Miss Begum, and the Girls!


English Update

There has been some incredible work produced in English this week. We have been working hard on our writing skills and have focused particularly on descriptive writing. In keeping with our theme of Crime and Punishment, students produced eyewitness accounts and diary entries about a drug raid. To begin with, we brainstormed adjectives to describe the image that was used as inspiration for the piece. We then used paint shade cards to improve boring adjectives and make them more ambitious with the help of a thesaurus. Students later edited and redrafted their pieces.

Well done to Alisha, Corey, Lewis and Jonathan for their fantastic work..

These pieces have now taken pride of place on our lovely new “Starbooks” display. A huge thank you to Miss Begum for her help in putting this together!

Over in Abbie’s class, Corey and Imran (with the help of their fabulous phonics teacher Tasha) have been making incredible progress. Here are some videos of them in action..

Lastly, we have been working hard on our Speaking and Listening assessments this week. I would like to say a huge well done to our Marvel-loving trio: Dante, Charlie and Ollie. Presenting is by no means an easy task but they made it look effortless. They are my superheroes of the week!

S & L #1 – https://youtu.be/KBfwKM1ZNog 

S & L # 2 – https://youtu.be/0NRCLeoKKjU 

S & L # 3 – https://youtu.be/giNJRs-XUvo 


Pre-intern Update

This week, the Pre-interns have been focusing on using the gym facilities in college. We discussed looking at workouts and then we tailored our own routines to use when we were in the gym. The students have enjoyed being able to access this opportunity

Over at the RSPCA, Sophie and Corey have been focusing on the stock levels for both items being sold in the shop as well as donations to our local foodbanks. It was a lot of hard work and Sophie and Corey used their excellent maths skills to work out and organise the best before dates for all the cat food. As well as doing this, Sophie and Corey have been spending quality time with the cats, with Buddy being Sophie’s favourite cat and Debbie being Corey’s. 

This term, James is currently doing work placement at David Lloyd leisure club. He is undertaking numerous cleaning activities in the gym, tennis courts and the men’s changing rooms where it is mandatory to take out any rubbish bins outside and maintain high level of cleanliness. James has been helping the staff in the kitchen by putting stocks away in the correct area, taking out any rubbish outside and taking out any cardboard boxes out, making sure they are flat and placed correctly in the right bin. 


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