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New Bridge College Blog – 27.1.23

Girls Group Update

This week in Girls group we have worked on ‘self-esteem’ completing worksheets by finishing off sentences about the things they love about themselves. The students completed a self-care plan focusing on the following:

§ I can exercise my body by…

§ I can be a good friend by…

§ Important people who I trust…

§ I can relax my body and mind by…

§ My hopes and dreams…

§ I can make myself happy by…

The girls also looked at healthy self-esteem based on completing a bucket with droplets worksheet. Students wrote what contributes to healthy self-esteem that fills their buckets and droplets leaving the bucket takes away healthy self-esteem that empties our buckets.

The girls needed a little fun element to the afternoon too of course. They played a dice breaker game. On the role of the dice they had to answer questions around emotions, name and explain, top 3, I and If. They found this fun and worked together sharing their answers while listening to each other.

The girls had a challenge making a chatterbox from paper, Miss Thomson explained step by step they were very tricky, but all the girls completed the task.

As a group we have also designed a new working board, this is called ‘what stuck with you this week board’ students share positive parts of the week while in college with the group by using colourful post it notes.

Have a wonderful weekend, Mrs Nelson, Miss Bagum and Miss Thomson.


Bridging the Gap Update

After the Christmas break, the students have thrived within their roles here at the hospital. Both Shaun and Josh are gaining lots of new transferable work skills within their placement setting.

Shaun has started a new placement of working within the Kitchens and seems to be enjoying his new role. This week Shaun has completed his ‘A day in the life of’…… over to you Shaun.

“Hi my name is Shaun Harris. I am 19 years old and I work in Royal Oldham hospital I am in the kitchen department. And I am on Bridging the Gap.”

“I start my day by get up and ready to go to the hospital. As soon as I have got up, had my breakfast and got my foot wear and coat on I make sure I have time to catch my bus to the hospital. When I get off the bus if I have time I go and take a seat in café royal and then I go to the education centre to meet my job coach Hayley.

I then make my way to the kitchen where I get changed and put on some visitors uniform before I start work.

When I start I usually ask Michelle, Ron, or Chris what they would like me to do? Then I do that task which has been asked and this could be it could be anything, like wrapping the naan breads, filling the bean pots or even apple sauce then I have my break for 10 minutes. On my break I have a cup of tea and some toast and biscuits if I get offered. If I have not finished with the task I previously did, I’ll continue with that or if I had then I will ask for another task. I will usually work with Eddie or Derell filling the containers of mash or portioning the cake to go to the wards. Some other jobs I do is helping out making the soups or once I have even helped the chef make a curry.”

“I go on my dinner break at 12:30 and it finishes at 1pm. I then go back to the kitchen to work for another hour. I usually prepare the food for the wards. I collect the food which has been prepared earlier in the week and bring it to be portioned off and put on the correct trolleys for each ward.”

“I really enjoy my placement and being on BTG. I am gaining lots of work experience and lots of work skills.”

Lumenus Update

After our busy week last week at Samuel Laycock, this week in Lumenus, we have had Katie from Touchdown Dance back, to deliver a movement therapy session. Katie asked students to think of 3 moves that created a motif. The motif then got developed into a dance. Also, this week, we have been carrying on with our BTEC course in performing arts. Additionally, Becca, our PGCE student teacher, delivered combat acting lessons to the students. The students learnt sword fighting techniques. Everyone had a lot of fun!

We will leave you with some pictures from this week. Have a lovely weekend, Lumenus.

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