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Blog – 16.12.22

Lumenus Update

This week’s blog is a big one; we have a lot to share with you! We’ll start with our Lumenus Christmas Show. 

As part of their BTEC qualification, Lumenus have been exploring different types of stimuli for  performance. This work has been a development of short devised pieces inspired by ‘The Snow Queen.’ Our students have taken part in drama, movement, stage fighting and musical workshops. They have worked hard to devise a modern fairy-tale called ‘The Lost Crown.’. 

The Lost Crown is about a Princess whose parents wanted her to get married. However, she had other plans. In the search for her husband, the princess realised that she didn’t need a suitor.  

Early last week, it was rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals! We were all hands on deck to get ourselves best prepared. Later in the week, we had a tech rehearsal and a dress rehearsal.  

The creative juices were flowing when the group created the dragon costume. The dragon costume was packed with all the good stuff: toilet rolls, blankets, ring binders and even a Sainsbury’s carrier bag! We had an absolute blast!

We also had a blonde wig and a tutu; Lee carried it off like the superstar he is. Ciara produced the magic as she was the magician of the show. The Lumenus team had a wonderful time creating this piece, the costumes and performing for their dearest friends and family. 

A number of special guests also attended: 


Ken Stapleton

Catherine Williams 

Lumenus would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who attended. 

We would like to say a very big WELL DONE to all the Lumenus students. You all worked very hard and performed an amazing show! We are very proud of you all. Also, a big thank you to all the staff at NBC and Oldham Theatre Workshop who supported us during the performances. We couldn’t have done it without you!  

Now that’s the show complete, but as the saying goes, ‘” There’s no rest for the wicked”. On Tuesday, Lumenus hosted a Christmas Breakfast for the exec team. Lumenus thoroughly planned their event and were 5-star hosts! We had front of house staff and project managers; each student had their own role. Students organised an amazing Christmas grazing breakfast table. There was lots of food left and students and staff on site came to join us. Everyone had a fabulous time! 

Lumenus Christmas Video

After the Christmas Breakfast, it was the students’ Christmas dinner. Lumenus students enjoyed their festive dinner with their classmates. Christmas crackers were snapping, jokes were flying across the table and a family-like warmth shifted throughout the room! Such a wonderful festive atmosphere. 

On Wednesday, Lumenus braved the weather conditions and went to watch ‘The Night the Frost Fell’ at Oldham Library. The play was about… 

‘A child with a wish for Christmas. A town that lives in the shadow of a curse. A place where everyone knows the legend of Jack Frost. On a dark and cold Christmas Eve, the North winds wake the sleeping spirit and the whole town begins to freeze until time itself stands still. A delightful story, with magical characters, and enchanting music The Night the Frost Fell is a captivating tale sure to thaw even the coldest of hearts.’ 

It was an incredible play and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! Lumenus’ highlights of the show were the fairy costumes, fireflies, The Snow Queen, a polar bear and Jack Frost himself! The play really did match the frosty weather outside! 

To get even more into the festive spirit, as if they needed to, Lumenus students made Christmas cards for their peers and we engaged in lots of festive activities! 

 Phew, that’s all from us! We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Year. ROLL ON 2023! 



PSHE Update

Another busy and exciting College term draws to a close! Our recent Tutorial and PSHE sessions have been focused around safeguarding; the topic of discussion was financial abuse. We have been very fortunate to have had Rebeckah Hollingsworth, who is our director of safeguarding within the New Bridge Trust, in sharing her expertise and wealth of knowledge.  

Students have explored the deeper meaning of the terms ‘financial abuse’, ‘tricky friendships’ and ‘Cuckooing.’  Then, we discussed this within groups. Our young people were amazed that the term ‘Cuckooing’ is when criminals take over the home of a person and use it for criminal purposes, such as dealing drugs. The terminology comes from the behaviours of Cuckoo birds, as they dominate other birds, take their food and nest. 

Scenario based questions have been a huge success and have contributed to productive and meaningful learning for our students. A quiz called: ‘Are you scam savvy?’ got brains ticking! We then watched a case study from real safeguarding stories based on a character named Tony. This story pulled quite a few heart strings amongst our students. At one point, we had a few students shouting out at the screen about what he should do next. To view this case study, please click here:  


 We have sign posted our students to the appropriate services. Please feel free to view the presentation, Miss Hollingsworth delivered to our students: 


During the Spring term, students will look forward to deep diving into new topics such as: RSE and consent, radicalisation and extremism and substance abuse. Although difficult subjects, we feel that it’s absolutely imperative that we cover all of these subjects. All tutorial groups will continue to discuss actions raised in our student council meetings; the student voice is taken very seriously here at the college! Our reps are always discussing and finding creative ways to improve our college… watch this space! The student council is on the case! 

We will keep you all updated in the next PSHE blog, in 2023, stay tuned! 

Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!! 

Mrs. Sarwar 



Pre-intern Update

Lewis and Dante received some amazing feedback from their placement. All staff were so impressed with them both and said they have set such high standards. They also said both boys are an absolute credit to New Bridge College. Well Done Dante and Lewis!


Student Council Update

Hi everyone! 

It is a privilege to be writing our first blog on behalf of the Student Council. 

Firstly, we’d like to tell you why we joined the Student Council. 

Myself and Connie both love coming to college at NBC! We want to make a good, positive impact and be role models to our peers. We think that the voice of the students is important and it is our job to make sure that voice is heard. 

Over the last couple of meetings, we have spoken about our role and responsibilities and have been very productive in putting forward a few changes that we feel would benefit students.  

We discussed topics such as: ‘Boys club’ being introduced during enrichment, a college tuck shop and more college trips. We have also looked into the possibility of getting discount cards for NBC students to be used in local shops. We feel that it is important to make sure a tuck shop is available to us; we want those who are not independent travellers to get their favourite snacks.  

Our good friends Waj and Ciara have been elected president and vice-president of the Student Council. The whole college is behind them; we believe that they will both embrace their roles and their unique characters will shine. 

Gregg, from the SCC, was at our meeting. He joined us on Teams and was loving the stuff we have been doing.  We cannot wait for this meeting! We are looking forward to everyone seeing how special the New Bridge family is. 

We are absolutely buzzing for Christmas! This week, we have tucked into our Christmas dinner! 

Sophie, our Pre-interns rep, did a really good job serving everyone. Personally, we loved enjoying our Xmas lunch together as a team. 

LUMENUS DID A SHOW!! IT WAS EPIC!! Ciara, our Lumenus rep, was in the show. She was a star! 

She was loud and brought her role to life. The whole of Lumenus did a wonderful job, they were on fine form. We would like to say thank you to Lumenus and Lumenus staff for inviting us. 

Just before we go, we would like to let all of the college students know that we are here to help and please let us know if you need anything. 

Thanks, everyone!  

On behalf of all of the students here at NBC, 

Have a wonderful Christmas!  

Connie and Alex 



Girls Group Update



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