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College Blog – 25.11.22

Activ8 Update

Activ8 has World Cup fever! The greatest show on earth has begun!

On Monday morning, the group conversation was dominated by the day’s midday kick-off: England vs Iran. Before we could sit and watch the game though, we had some P.E theory business to take care of. Muscles is now the topic of focus and putting body movements into a sporting context.

The team have done superbly in those lessons, demonstrating a good understanding of how athletes use different muscles in their sport. Further to this, the practical side of their ‘YMCA’ accreditation is centred around the work of a personal trainer. We have also worked on moving and handing, specifically using equipment correctly and navigating and manipulating equipment around the gym environment safely.

Students cut their lunch short, in anticipation of England’s entrance to the World Cup.

Before the game, Mr. Thornton predicted that the match would finish 0-0, Iran would sit behind the ball, play for fouls and run down the clock and play the smart game to frustrate England. For the first 35 minutes, Iran did exactly that! Murmurings of Mr. T’s prediction we’re begging to be heard around the room. Then……..STEP UP, JUDE BELLINGHAM! A massive roar circulated the room! 1-0 England! Shortly after, Sterling and Saka added a 2nd and 3rd for England.

Activ8 was buzzing going into half-time with 3-0 to England! I’m sure you all know the script, the 2nd half had more to come as England ran out 6-2 winners! 3 points, great start!!

This week, Activ8 also made the trip to Preston to play their next set of AOC football league fixtures. From 7 matches, we brought home a fantastic return, 6 wins and 1 draw. Declan led by example, supporting his team mates and grabbing games by the scruff of the neck. Leon was assured at the back, Dan was full of tricks and Connie was fire between the sticks! Great stuff, team!!

Our B-Tec accreditation is up and running, the qualification will assess students both academically and practically, with more emphasis on the practical element. Activ8 1 will concentrate on basketball, while Activ8 2 will focus on badminton. Both groups have started with the fundamentals of each sport, touching on equipment needed, basic tactics, shot types, scoring and rules. Everybody is making fantastic progress.

Finally, we finished our trip at the Team Greaves Gym. This week, our students were participating in some light sparing with Marv. Macauley was ferocious, Liam showed fast hands and Leon displayed some top class technical skills.

The Welsh supporters in the group had a shock! At the conclusion of our session with Marv, Wales were drawing 0-0 with Iran. By the time we had boarded the college bus, Wales were 2-0 down and look in trouble of an early exit!

Let’s hope England can get another 3 points this evening.

Before we leave you, we’d just like to remind our parents that the Activ8 showcase will take place on: Friday 2nd December, 09:30-11:30am. Our showcase will take place at Mahdlo.

We look forward to seeing you.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Activ8 team



Lumenus Form Update

As part of their work towards their EHCP targets, Lumenus are undertaking a project where they will produce a Christmas breakfast for staff. Ciara and Micaela have an update about all of the activities that have been taking place:


Lumenus Christmas Project – Video



Lumenus Pathway Update

This week in Lumenus it has been a very busy week! We have been rehearsing at Oldham Theatre Workshop for our Christmas Show: The Lost Crown! Students have worked extremely hard in rehearsals and have effortlessly fit into their roles! Craig, from OTW, has done a workshop with us and helped us to develop our piece. Students have had so much fun getting into character and even trying on costumes!

Our performance is on Friday 9th December. We have 2 shows. Our first showing is at 2pm for New Bridge College students and staff and our second showing is at 6pm that is open for anyone to come and watch! Please do come and watch our amazing show where students will showcase all their hard work and talent. Tickets are £5 and can be purchased on Parent Pay. We can’t wait for our performance and we will leave you with some pictures from our rehearsal.

In other news, Micaela won ‘Drama Queen Of The Week’ award for her amazing perseverance during rehearsals. Well done Micaela.

That’s all for now, have a lovely weekend, Lumenus.

Girls Group Update

This week our Girls Group have been focusing on Save the Children fundraising work.

They have made badges by designing a jumper from card. When Save the Children Day happens on the 8th November the badges will be shared within college to all students that may not arrive in a Christmas jumper.

We discussed the understanding of the word “inclusive” and some girls said the following:

· Not excluding anyone

· Being part of a team

· Being equal

· Considerate of others who may not feel like they are involved

· Together

We want to celebrate this as a whole college as it is for a worthy cause. Well done girls; the badges look amazing!

The girls also wanted to remind staff, students and families that they are still collecting sauces, dried, tinned and packet items for the hampers and if they could be handed in to Mrs Nelson at reception it would be much appreciated.

Please enjoy looking at the work the girls have worked hard to complete this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Nelson, Miss Begum and the Girls Group.

BTG Update

A Day in the Life – Joshua Jones

“I set my alarm and get up at 6:30am to get myself showered and ready to set off for placement.

I travel to the Royal Oldham Hospital by getting a tram and a bus which means I need to set off at 7:30am.

Once I arrive at the hospital around 8:45am, I go to the post room and wait for the post room staff to arrive who are Jade, Lisa and Faye.

I then go on a post route with one of the staff, delivering and collecting post throughout the hospital.

When we get back to the post room we have to unload it all and put it away in the right pigeon holes. I have learnt where every surgery’s post needs to go within the post room shelves and I’m now learning the doctors’ section, which is quite big.

We have a short break until the rest of the post arrives back from the other staffs’ post routes and we sort all of that into the right places. Then we have a break and go for breakfast at the cafe.

After break, we sort more post and we get the Royal Mail delivery who brings us post and packages.

After dinner time I complete a post route independently which I learnt very quickly after around 3 days of working in my placement.

I then go back to the post room and we sort through the post again.

If there are any packages throughout the day I will deliver those to the right department. I know my way around a lot of the hospital now.

At 1:30pm I go on another independent post route. I pick up all the post from different places around the hospital and take it back to be sorted.

When we have sorted every bit of post it’s time for me to finish for the day at 2:30pm.”

Josh Jones.

Josh is a great asset to the post room team and tells me he really likes his placement and the work he does within the post team. Josh has learnt so much within the short time he has worked there and is growing in confidence with every day. Keep up the great work Josh, we are all really proud of you!

The BTG team.


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