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Blog – 11.11.22

Student Council Update

We take pleasure in formally announcing that this year’s Student College President is Waj…

As newly appointed Vice President, Ciara will also be championing our students’ voice within the Student Council…

A Roooaring Good Time!

On Thursday 10th November, New Bridge College and Samuel Laycock took a joint trip to The Palace Theatre to see ‘The Lion King’. The students and staff were extremely excited about this trip and the performance did not disappoint.

It is such an exhilarating show, the music, the songs, the dancing, the costumes, the puppets, the set which is all enhanced further with actors coming into the audience and percussionists being set in the boxes at the sides of the stage. It was a feast for the senses.

The students were mesmerised by the whole event and behaved impeccably. It was a pleasure to be in their company. We will leave you with some quotes from the students:

“The puppets and the dancers were incredible. The unexpected arrival of performers in the auditorium was a surprise and I was amazed by the birds.”

Ciara Knaggs

“I felt privileged to come on the trip. The performance was amazing and the company was even better.”

Matthew Day Wilson

“It was fantastic! I was fascinated with puppets, especially the giraffes. The acting, singing and dancing was fabulous.”

Adam McQuillan.

Shaun Harris’ Lion King Review…

“The characters are Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Narla, Rafiki, Pumbaa , Timon, Zazu, Sarabi, Shenzi and Banzai. The set was elephant grave aka (the out-lands), pride-rock, the African savanna and the lion’s cave/den. The animals in the show lions, hyena, elephants, antelope and zeras.Who I went with Lumenus students, friends, classmates, teachers and others. The venue place theatre Manchester England. Songs, Circle of Life, Be Prepared, Hakuna Matata, I Just Can’t Wait to be King and Can you feel the Love Tonight?

My review is it was like the show it was like the movie rate is 10 stars out of 10.”


Girls Group Update

This week in Girls Group, we have completed the self-portraits and added our personal qualities. The girls have done a fabulous job and look amazing. We talked about relationships openly and lots of questions answered. Some students wanted to work with the gamma beads and others enjoyed time with the distraction box items.

We talked about the Christmas food box appeal and if parents would like to donate dry packet items and tins it would be really appreciated.

We played a group game of passing the ball and discussed our emotions by talking and expressing how we feel and why. Next week we will focus on the Christmas boxes and wall of emotions board discussing:

§ One thing that makes/brings a smile to our face

§ One thing we would like to change about ourselves

§ One thing we love about ourselves

Activ8 Update

This week, it’s been all action in the Activ8 pathway. Our students, this year, will be competing in two separate football leagues. We attended our AOC fixtures recently. The weather was perfect for it, even in November, the sun was beaming! Colleges from all over the north west joined us at Platt Lane, all eager to compete.

We started our season against Blackburn College. Both teams started cagey, but chances soon started to come. Blackburn tested our resilience and concentration, as they maintained a period of pressure. Eventually, that period of pressure paid off! 0-1. We reacted well, pressing from the front, Jaydyn chasing every ball down. Declan’s started to see more of the and the team grew in confidence! Dec rattled the crossbar and Liam was first to every ball. With three minutes to go and still a goal down, we took that extra chance! We pushed an extra player into midfield, enabling us to keep the ball moving and give our best efforts to equalise. We kept pushing and got what we deserved! 1-1 We won back the ball immediately from the kickoff and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!


Our second fixture was, for the most part, extremely competitive. Coming up against Lancaster and Morecambe College, in a classic game of two halves, we finished up losing the game 0-3.

How would our young people react in our final fixture? EMPHATICALLY! Alex, Corey and Liam all got themselves on the scoresheet in a BIG WIN! 7-0!

All of our fixtures were played in fantastic spirits! We can’t wait until next week for our next fixtures, away in Preston. Well done team!

Our young people are currently undertaking their ‘YMCA Award in Health and Fitness’. Callum, who has first-hand experience in the fitness industry, put a top class session on for our students. He gave our student a look into the day-to-day work of a PT.

To kick off, Callum introduced himself and explained the steps he has taken that have helped him in becoming a successful personal trainer. He discussed with our students:

§ Spoke about his own business and how he set up a Limited Company

§ Callum spoke students through the ways in which they are able to set up their business

§ Skills needed to acquire and maintain a client base

§ Issues growing up

§ Hard work that he has put in to achieve his goals

§ The importance of Maths and English in the workplace

§ Explained the levels of YMCA, what each entails and where each qualification allows you to work in the industry.

The team were full of questions and massively engaged! On to the Gym and the practical part of the session! Dec and Macauley especially couldn’t wait to get going.

First, Callum demonstrated and explained the ‘Clean Press’. He then gave Dec the opportunity to attempt, before sharing video analysis of Dec’s lift with the group.

Callum then further explained the technique, form and ways to prevent injuries. Callum repeated this with the Kettle bell hang and snatch, Goblet squat. In the near future, a number of Activ8 students will be undertaking work experience with Callum. The team would like thank him for a fantastic session!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! The Activ8 Team

Lumenus Update

Lumenus are very busy with the run up to Christmas. They are working hard on the BTEC and are completing PA5 Using a Stimulus for a Performance. Their Stimulus is ‘The Snow Queen.’ In two groups they have been creating a short performance inspired by this fairytale.

On Wednesday they presented their work to Craig Harris, Applied Theatre Practitioner at Oldham Theatre Workshop. These were used as pitches to develop into a larger devised piece

for our Christmas Show in December. We are so proud of their professionalism and how well they communicated their ideas.

On Thursday, Lumenus took part in a workshop with Craig Harris. They began to explore and develop the themes and styles of their performance pitches. Without giving too much away, we are looking at Brechtian techniques and style. You will all be able to see the end result of this work on 9th December at Oldham Theatre Workshop.

In their Friday Music lessons, the students are learning about song writing. They are working towards composing a song to be included in our Christmas Show.


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