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Head of College Update – 4/11/22

Firstly, I wish to start this week’s blog off by saying that I hope that you all had a fantastic half-term break last week. Whatever you did, I hope that those activities provided a substantial distraction from College or work and that you had the opportunity to fully recharge your batteries for this next half-term period.

It took me a few days to readjust my body-clock in line with the hour gained over the weekend. My journeys into the College this week have certainly been lighter. Yet, on the other hand, journeys home much darker… a reminder Winter will soon be upon us.

I cannot let this week pass without commending all in regards to the wonderful activities that I have seen this week at New Bridge College. A huge thank you to all students and staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication. A great effort, well done all!

Pre-Internship Update

A day in the life of James…

“Monday and Wednesday are my college placements days. This term I’m at the RSPCA based in Oldham. I arrive to college and be ready before 9:30am and then we set off. We arrive at the RSPCA just before 10am. This is where we have to sign in so that the staff members know we are in the building just in case of a fire drill.

We put all of our belongings into lockers down the hall and we always have to pay attention to these signs.”

“This is our uniform we have to put on. This shows that any visitors and staff members know who we are. This is also shows professionalism and being ready to work.”

“After we get our uniforms on, we then go into the cleaning cupboard and this where we start sweeping and mopping. We start from the top, this includes the top floor, staff room and the stairs. Once we’ve mopped everything up, we have to make sure we put the wet floor signs to warn people to try and not slip.”

“After we’ve done this, we then go downstairs into the office and have a look at the big whiteboard with all the cat names. I will need to make sure to read it properly as some cats I will be able to do and some cats I won’t be able to. I then tick and put my initials next to it so that staff and other volunteers know that the cat has been done.”

“I then spend the next 20 minutes with each cat, this can be having a cuddle or play time. However, majority of cats will enjoy play time. It’s important we spend 20 minutes so that the cats will get use to humans. After this, we then speak to staff members and discuss how the cats have been so they can fill out the observation form. We do as many as we can before we have to head back to college.”

“If there is any more cleaning to do, we clean the UPVC around the cat pens, front and back of the pens. We use a special cleaning product so that the UPVC is really clean and looking brand new.”

“Once all the cleaning has been done, we get all of our belongings and sign out and be ready to go back to college.”

This week, Dante and Lewis were asked to put up a display board in Oldham’s Town Centre Library for Remembrance Day.

Both young men had to go and find War books in the Library and set them up on the unit. They also helped to colour in the Poppies… great job guys!

The New Bridge College family wishes you all a very wonderful, enjoyable and safe weekend.

See you Monday…’ready to go again!’


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