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Head of College Update – Autumn 1


Once again, I wish to say a huge thank you to all College students and staff for their dedication, efforts and commitment this half-term. This has been a fantastic week to finish this half-term. From the Lumenus pathway’s working hard on their BTEC Performing Arts assessments, the STEM Enrichment students producing their very own life-size puppet show (see link below), Activ8 students participating within the Greater Manchester Inclusive Tournament, Digi4all students continuing to boost their entrepreneur skills ‘tintastically’ and the Pre-Internship and Bridging the Gap students continuing to enhance their impressive employability skills. Unquestionably, there has been something for everyone and our students’ compassion, generosity of spirit, strong work ethos and culture of success has been apparent in extraordinary and noteworthy ways… well done all.

I look forward to what the second half-term of the academic year holds for students at New Bridge College, I really do hope you all have a very wonderful, enjoyable and safe half-term break.


Activ8 Update

As we have reached the end of our first half term of this academic year, now is the perfect time to reflect on all things Activ8. Our highlight, of course, was our trip to the Arnold Sports Festival. The event was a fantastic way to break the ice and kick-off the year. Our young people were massively motivated and will be hoping to attend the event again in the future.

This weekend Activ8 will be attending a boxing event! The team have been undertaking regular training each week at Team Greaves. Micheal Gomez Jr, a local fighter from the Team Greaves gym, will be on the cards. Activ8 will be fully behind Micheal and our students are buzzing to see him in action!

Micheal took our students through their paces last week. What an experience! Completing a session with a real-life pro! The team would like to say a huge welcome to Marv, who has been so welcoming and who has built a great rapport with our team.

Activ8 1 made the short trip to The Queen Elizabeth Hall to watch ‘You Stand Accused’. The show was centred around hate crime, its lasting effects and consequences. The show took us through some high profile hate crimes from across the UK.

Activ8 2 have continued their work with Steve at Isaan Gym. Over the years, Steve has done some fantastic work with Activ8; our student have loved every second and this term has been no exception. In recent weeks, the team have been working on different techniques for punching and kicking. The group will be participating in some light sparing after the half-term break.

The team also made the trip to Eccles for their opening football league fixtures. Activ8 students were full of optimism! However, they quickly found out the league is going to be tougher and more competitive than they had anticipated. Across 8 matches, and two Activ8 teams, we registered 1 win and 7 defeats. We have our backs to the wall after a slow start, but we can’t wait to take the challenge on.

It’s been a half term full of fantastic work and many highlights

Well done, everyone!

The Activ8 team


Digi4all Update

Over the past couple of weeks, Digi4all have been working very hard on their business enterprise project for this year and we have finally decided on our product: Tintastic! #TinIt!DontBinIt! We have come up with this idea to help save the environment and recycle/upcycle cans to help better our planet. We have also decided on our directors for this project; they are so excited to work as a team to help sell and promote our product this year.

This week, Digi4all have also been on a trip to watch a theatre piece about hate crime which was fantastic. It opened our students’ eyes to hate crime and how it can affect others. The piece even inspired some of our students to bring about necessary changes by spreading the word to others about how hate crime can affect people.


Lumenus Update

This week in Lumenus it has been quite a busy week . Last Thursday, we went to watch a piece of immersive theatre called You Stand Accused. You Stand Accused is an interactive theatre project commissioned by Oldham Youth Council and Oldham Council aimed to educate and inspire young people to be proactive about confronting hate crime and hate speech in their communities.

Students were placed in the shoes of a hate crime offender and our immersive theatre experience will take place in a correction centre. Our Lumenus students got the chance to hear victim’s stories and see first-hand the consequences of hate crime activity. This powerful experience helped them understand what hate crime and hate speech is and the impact it has on its many victims. The students and staff had a really insightful experience.

In addition, Kate from Touchdown Dance came to do her regular session with Lumenus at OTW. Students had a brilliant session and continued to work on their movement therapy.   On Wednesday and Thursday, Lumenus were working on their BTEC course. We have been looking at stimulus that will help us create a piece of theatre, such as the story of The Snow Queen. We have produced freeze frames, mind maps and storyboards. Alex from The Oldham Coliseum has also come to visit us. Alex led a workshop based around the Snow Queen and helped us to explore different themes.

On Fridays, we have music with Mr Preston. We have been exploring rap music and the history of the genre. Mr Preston also sets up the speakers and microphone for karaoke. Students love doing karaoke and always look forward to it.

Here are some pictures from our busy week…


We hope you have a lovely half term!



Pre-internship Update

This week the Pre-interns have been getting into the mood and we have been decorating pumpkins in time for Halloween before we break up for a well-deserved rest!

This week in employability we have been looking at time-management and how we can relate this to our personal lives as well as our working lives. The students completed sheets around what they do in a day and looked at if there were any ways that they could change their schedules so that they can manage their time to the best of their abilities.

This week we have got an update from the students who attend the RSPCA shelter in Oldham. James, Leah and Sophie have spent their first half-term at the placement where they have been supporting staff with housekeeping activities, such as cleaning the cat pens, setting the pens up for the new cats to come in and making sure that all the cats have clean water bowls.

As well as this, the students have been spending nurture time with the cats for 20 minutes a day. All 3 students have settled in well and they can’t wait to go back after the half term.




A day in the life of Dante – Work experience

Dante’s placement is based at The Oldham Library. Upon arrival on day one (and to date) he has shown such a positive attitude. He has followed instructions and listened to specific details he is required to know whilst being a volunteer.

Dante became aware of his route to and from his placement. He was asked to become a member of the library, as this would benefit him in the future when a person in the community requires help with things such as printing, photo copying and computers. Dante has already decided his book loans will consist of graphic horror books! His communication skills whilst registering to become a member were brilliant. Dante correctly gave his personal details, such as his name, email address and date of birth to the Library staff member and thanked her on completion.

Dante’s voice…

“I have enjoyed being busy at the library.” 21-09-2022

“I am enjoying my time at my placement. It is giving me new experiences inside a library and I am learning new computer skills.” 26-09-2022.

“The library has been a pretty good placement up to now for me. I have enjoyed it and I have liked being busy. I like it when Jackie gives us jobs to do.” 12-10-2022


Dante has currently been watching some online training videos such as Top 10 Secure Computing Tips and learning library basic skills.  This week, Dante was given a job to do by the library supervisor. His job was to empty the event bags and organise the items inside into groups. Dante completed the job without hesitation and received fantastic feedback!

Dante is becoming confident when shelving books away. He knows the shelves are ordered alphabetically and therefore knows he has to find the first letter of the surname to ensure the book is shelved back correctly.

Well done, Dante!

BTG Update

Since returning in September, the Bridging the Gap students have all completed the relevant training for placements within the Royal Oldham Hospital. We currently have three students based at the hospital who have all just finished their third week of placement this year.

Shaun Harris, who is working on placement within the Laundry team, has made a great impression already. Shaun is really friendly and always happy to help where he can. When asked what he thinks of his placement, he tells me ‘it’s really exhausting. It’s full of hard work. I love it there even though it’s not a placement that I wanted to do. The staff are really good and really friendly”. Keep up the good work Shaun; you’re doing fabulous!

Kai Lister has returned to ROH to complete his first term within the Café Royal, whilst applying for work. He has settled back in with the team and everyone is so happy to see him back. Kai tells me “I have found it difficult to get into the routine I had before but I now feel I’ve got it back. I’m working hard and enjoying the placement including the lunches”. Carry on Kai; you are doing a great job!

Joshua Jones, who is working on placement within the post room alongside the portering staff team, tells me “I think it’sfun to speak to new people and get more experience out of lifethrough working at the hospital. I put the post into the right pigeon holes and I do three post runs throughout the hospital. We deliver and collect post and packages which I think is hard work, as I’m on my feet a lot”. Great to see you learning the job role so quickly Josh!

As this half-term ends, the students are all looking forward to a well-earned break next week.

Enrichment Update

Girls Group

This week in Girls Group we have been completing the next step in our putting together our personal qualities canvases. The girls discussed their personal qualities as a group and listened to each other. They found this embarrassing at first and a struggle to think about but they worked hard.

Next time, the girls will finish off the self-portraits and they then will be displayed. We can’t wait to see the finished products! Some of the girls wanted to relax and have their hair done this week; Miss Begum did an amazing job!

Enjoy the photos!


Creative Arts

In enrichment this week we finished our puppets, Mr Happy and Mr Grumpy. Some of the students learnt how to move and articulate the limbs of the puppets, others created chicken jokes in preparation for our filming with the 2 characters. We then filmed a short scene outside the college. It has been a fabulous project from start to finish and we thank Jon Large for his expertise and patience. Please have a watch of our film.



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