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Blog 14.10.22


We might be fast approaching the end of our first half-term, but there are no signs of things slowing down here at NBC. Students and staff have continued to work extremely hard this week and, as a result, we have some brilliant updates to share with you..


English Update

“We’ve had a very productive week over in English. After finishing feedback on the recent reading assessments, students then explored ways they could improve their writing.

A huge focus in English this year will be on the skills of editing and redrafting. As practice, we edited and redrafted an example opening paragraph of the assessment task together. Students then edited and redrafted their own work to make it more (in their own words) “spicy”. We think this is a great choice of adjective.

Some brilliant examples of this work can be seen below…”

“Once we had finished our writing feedback, the lessons became slightly more animated as students were introduced to the speaking and listening component of the Functional Skills course. We watched a hilarious clip from the film Rush Hour which highlighted the importance of being a good communicator. Students then took part in practice activities and delivered short group presentations about some controversial subject matters.”

“Next half term, we will be moving onto our first of two termly topics, which have both been selected by the students. Our first topic is Crime and Punishment and our skills focus will be reading. We know the students are really excited for this project; admittedly we aren’t as brave as them (and don’t share their love of serial killer documentaries!)


Have a lovely weekend everyone,.”

Chloe and Abbie



Maths Update

“Over the past couple weeks, the students have been developing their understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division by completing various number and word problems using inverse operations. They started by revisiting their knowledge of the timetables and solving multiplication problems using single and double digits.

Next, the students worked on division sums, using different methods and manipulatives to solve the problems. We then looked at more complex exam style questions, highlighting key words that help identify the correct operation to use, then checking answers by using inverse operations.

The students have worked hard on these topics and I would like to give some honourable mentions to students who have worked especially hard in their lessons. In Activ8 we have Jaydyn, Connie, Alex, Iona and Daniel. Not only have they produced some great work but they also asked for homework. Fantastic!”

Nic and Martin.


Girls’ Group Update

“This week in Girls’ Group we have been painting canvases ready to put positive affirmations on. We started by looking at examples of other artwork and will eventually add our favourite cut-outs from magazines to our canvases.

The girls are very excited and are off to a good start. They’ve mixed colours and made some fabulous shades. Here are some pictures of the art so far…”


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