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College Blog – 7.10.22


Recently at the college, one of the goals has been to develop and enhance our current learning environments and spaces. Over the past couple of weeks, the main focus has been Activ8. Our fitness and exercise suite/lab is close to completion.


And after…

In addition, we have visually enhanced the Activ8 zone corridor. The visual was crafted by students and staff.

Tutorial/PSHE Update

“October is Black History Month. This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate the many vital contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of black history in general.

Black History Month gives everyone the opportunity to share, celebrate, appreciate and understand the impact of black heritage and culture.

In PSHE this week, we have focused on black history. We have looked closely into why black history is important. During our recent sessions, we have looked at famous figures in black history, those who have inspired and were a catalyst for change. This week, students have done their own research around art and protesting. Students have produced pieces of art inspired by black history.

Additionally, some students have produced protest banners that have been inspired by the BLM movement. There have been a number of inspiring figures that have influenced students, their art work and protest banners such as: Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela.

We have also studied music and lyrics. There are many famous and iconic pieces of music that have described black history, the mistreatment of black people, war on drugs, oppression and inequality.

Some examples we have looked at are Bob Marley ‘Buffalo Soldier’ and Tupac ‘Changes’. Students have highlighted words within the lyrics and analysed their meanings and teaching.

I will leave you with some wonderful photographs of our young people and their work.”

Mrs Sarwar.


Student Council Update

“On Thursday, our first ‘ SSC’ meeting took place. Mr. McKeown promptly got the meeting started with an introduction. The council discussed previous successes and things that the college has been able to implement due to the ideas and dedication of the student council.

The council team spoke about running a tuck shop on campus for students to pick up snacks during breaks and lunches. We are very keen for this to be introduced and maintained! I wholeheartedly believe that our students have the skills and qualities necessary to make a success of this project.

At our next meeting, we will discuss:

· Who will run this?

· How will this run?

· When will it open?

· What snacks will be on offer?

Later on in the meeting, the council opened up about how much they have enjoyed their enrichment activities. These have been newly added to students’ timetables and we are thrilled to hear that students are enjoying their learning experience. 90% of our enrichment activities were put forward by the ‘SSC’, so it is especially rewarding to hear feedback of this nature.

Mrs. Sarwar also outlined the roles and responsibilities of each student rep. Our reps seem especially keen and determined to make a difference!”


Enrichment Update

“It’s been a peaceful Friday afternoon in Girls’ Group…

This week in Girls’ Group students requested a pamper session. Mrs Nelson and Miss Begum brought in lots of hair and make-up products, and Mr McKeown bought the Girls’ Group a foot Spa which they are very grateful for! Some girls decided to focus on designing using gamma beads. Overall, it was a lovely relaxing session in a calm environment which was much needed after a busy week.”



“Gaming, on the other hand, was a little rowdier as the competition heated up…”


“The students were gripped by today’s choice of film in Movie Club: Bad Boys…”

“Whilst others were put through their paces in the gym by the Activ8 team…”


Lastly, we have an update from Mrs Preston..

“In our creative arts sessions on a Friday we have been working with Jon Large who is an artist, designer and maker. This term we are making large scale puppets. We will create a comedic scene which will be filmed in Oldham. Watch this space…”


“Other highlights this week include a fantastic work placement session for Adam at David Lloyd:”



“And lastly, Scott had a surprise visit today from his very own doppelganger! Credit is due to Sophie’s personal hair stylist (Miss Handley) for helping her nail the slicked-back bun look.”


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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