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23rd September 2022

On Friday 23rd September, students and staff from New Bridge College and Future Finders College visited one of the world’s largest health, fitness and multi-sport festivals… the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sport Festival UK 2022.

What an amazing day it was celebrate health, exercise, fitness and nutrition… full of motivation and inspiration! 


PSHE Update 

First of all, I would like to welcome everyone back to the college campus.  I am thoroughly looking forward to working with our students this year. 

As you may recall, at the conclusion of the last academic year, we visited The National Slavery Museum.  Now, to kick off this term, ‘Black History Month’ will be the topic of focus.  Our students have taken a look at some historical figures and those they find most inspirational. We have tasked our young people with looking at ways to challenge racism and how equality and inclusion can be enhanced. Furthermore, each of our young people have discussed ways to celebrate cultural diversity and those individuals who are in the public eye that promote cultural diversity. 

The conversations were flowing within the classroom as we took a closer look into the lives of Dr. Martin Luther-King, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. Morgan Freeman, Marcus Rashford, Muhammad Ali, Kevin Hart and Bob Marley were also hot topics of conversation and the team couldn’t hide their admiration for the work of each individual with their field. We watched the famous speech by Dr Martin Luther- King, ‘I have a dream’ and spoke about the language used to describe equality, discrimination and peace. You will find the link below:

I have a dream 

In the weeks that follow, we will focus on the massive contributions made by different black artists including the iconic Bob Marley, Tupac and many more. 

The Student Council was also back on the agenda this week. It’s that time of year again where students stand for election and put their case forward to their peers. Each of our candidates put forward many fantastic ideas and engaged in debates. Fantastic work, guys!  

The votes have now been counted and the results are in! Alex, who is new to the college this year, outlined his ideas fantastically and was elected student rep for the Activ8 1 class. Meanwhile, Connie retained her place as student rep for the Activ8 2 class. Over in the Digital classes, Waj, Oliver and Vincent saw off some stiff competition to win their votes. The irreplaceable Ciara will once again represent Lumenus. Last, but certainly not least, Peter, Lewis and Dylan will represent Pre-internship and BTG respectively. 

Our ‘Jeans for genes’ fundraiser was at the forefront on Thursday. The fundraiser was about raising money for individuals who face daily challenges due to genetic conditions, impairments and disabilities. We had a lovely cake sale throughout the morning and a raffle during the afternoon. In total we raised £100 all for a fantastic cause! I would like to place on record my sincerest of thanks to everyone who donated for the cause. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Mrs Sarwar 

Maths Update 

The new year is well under way. All groups have investigated the four main operations of mathematics: Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication and Division. Classes are differentiated internally into multiple layers, to ensure that all students are accessing the curriculum at their correct levels of ability. This means that in the case of multiplication, for example, some students will be looking at repeated addition using blocks to reinforce their work, whilst others will be multiplying two numbers with decimal places. 

All students have sat an initial assessment, this week and these results will be used to help with groupings, as we move through the year. These lessons work because of our fabulous TAs and deliverers, who enable us to individualise each student’s learning experience. I am very glad to be part of this team. 

Over the next few days, our students who will be undertaking the LIBF Financial Maths course will be issued their log ins and they will be able to begin work on this qualification, in tandem with any other qualifications they will be undertaking. 

English Update 

It’s been another busy week in English! Whilst we are excited to look forward to the new academic year ahead, it is also extremely important to look back and celebrate the amazing successes of our students last year. In their introductory lesson to English, our current cohort of students were shown the headline figures for English for 2021-2022:

These are truly incredible and well-deserved results and we could not be prouder of what our students achieved. They have once again proved that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. We would like to say a huge well done to all students and a massive thank you to all staff that supported with this.

This week, students have been sitting their baseline reading and writing assessments. We have been extremely impressed with the hard work and focus demonstrated in lessons. Following on from this, each student will receive detailed and personalized feedback next week, when we will also focus on target setting for the next half-term. For the remainder of the half-term (which is frighteningly not long at all now!) we will focus on speaking and listening activities and assessment practice.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Chloe (Miss Letcher) and Abbie (Miss Handley)

Girls Group Update

This week, Girls Group have continued to work on the abstract masks that they started last week. We have added colour and are waiting for them to dry so they can be displayed in the pastoral room. Next week’s activities are still up for discussion with debates around what activities to do. Ideas at the moment range from jewellery making to hama beads, so watch this space for what happens next.


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