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Head of College Update

As we now reach the end of another, what we might euphemistically call a very much undulating and challenging academic year, we can take the opportunity to look forward to what the Summer break may bring. Over the next few weeks, I really do hope that you find some time for yourself, lighten your loads, have a substantial rest and simply just enjoy… your break is very well deserved and undoubtably earned.

The end of the academic year can push us into flashes of reflection. For some of you, this may well bring to mind some of the challenges and difficulties you have faced and overcome. From time to time, nothing spoken will change our recent history. Yet, I do feel that it is imperative that we do not lose what we have learned during these times, about ourselves, our College and the people around us. For some of you, those reflections will ooze positivity, success, smiles and happy memories. From my lens, your compassion, generosity of spirit, strong work ethos and culture of success are strong factors behind these. Consequently, as a member of the New Bridge College family and community, I am tremendously proud and humbled to be surrounded by this.

I wish to praise all students on their many successful achievements this academic year… an enormous thank you and a huge well done! In addition, I want to express my gratitude to our talented New Bridge staff family and the Governors for your ongoing commitment and dedication. Likewise, I wish to thank all stakeholders, parents, carers and families for your continuing support.

I look forward to what the future holds for students at New Bridge College. The last thing left for me to say is that I really do hope you all have a very wonderful, enjoyable and safe Summer break.

A Glitzy and Glamorous Night to Remember!

The evening of Friday 15th July saw students and their families and staff from New Bridge College, New Bridge Learning Centre and Future Finders Employability College celebrate at New Bridge Post-16’s ‘Glitz and Glam’ end of year prom. This wonderful event was a joyous time of celebration, not only for what our students have achieved but to bookmark the end of one era and the start of another.

The night started with a red-carpet arrival and a chance to meet friends.

It certainly did not take long for the dance floor to fill up and for students and staff alike to show off their best moves!

Pre-Internship Update:

To follow last week’s update, please enjoy another Pre-Internship update in the form of a video…


College’s Leavers 2022

Finally, we would like to wish all of our New Bridge College leavers a ‘Happy Farewell’.

We want to thank you for being amazing students, the commitment you showed throughout your time at New Bridge College is unimaginable… undoubtedly, this dedication will take you on a new height in life. Thank you for all of the wonderful moments that you have blessed us with.

Bethany Hammond

“I’ve had so many roles over the years! I played the cheeky girls with my friend Millie in ‘The Greatest Showman’. I’ve been in lots of shows; I loved every single one of them. Mrs Preston is the best drama teacher I’ve ever had. I would like to thank my mum and dad for choosing this college. As I take my final Lumenus bow, I want to tell you all that I will always remember you. I am a drama queen, sometimes. But… what do you expect? After all, I love to perform. Lumenus is the best!” – Beth

Christian Ballard

“I joined “Bridging the Gap” in 2021 and continued my placement at the Royal Oldham Hospital. I have enjoyed my time on placement and made a good impact on staff. I have been offered an opportunity to apply for a job. I am going to miss some of the staff. I look forward to going to Oldham College and attending the vocational pathway to health and social care. Goodbye.” – Christian


Dominic Davies

“I started halfway through the college year but settled in quickly. When I moved up to the college, I started on Pre-internship Pathway. After Pre-interns, I moved onto Bridging the Gap where I completed work experience based at the Royal Oldham hospital cafe. This year I had a change of direction and moved onto Digital. I have sold products on stalls at Spindles shopping centre that the enterprise completed. Thanks and Bye!!” – Dominic


Jake Kelsall


“This year, I’ve been on the Pre-internship pathway. This pathway has helped me to become more confident with communicating with different people and to experience unfamiliar places that I thought I would never go to. My favorite placement is the RSPCA. I loved doing the cleaning there and looking after the animals which made me feel happy and focused at the same time. My next step is to go onto the Future Finders pathway to get more work experience. I’m looking forward to the challenge of developing new skills so I can apply for paid employment.”  – Jake


James Gibson


“I would like to say thank you to the teachers for helping me improve my functional skills in English and Maths. My favourite trips have been to Disney, Wales and a lifetime experience of going to Chicago. I am looking forward to my next adventure, I am moving on to Oldham College. I’m going to miss everyone from New Bridge. Thank you.” – James


Kia Lister


“This year I have been on Bridging the Gap which I did find hard work at first but I have enjoyed working on the placements and with the staff teams. I have gained lots of new skills and feel ready for my next venture which is Future Finders. I would like to thank the teachers of New Bridge and The College for all the support they have given me over the years when I most needed it.” – Kai


Kai Lusty

“There have been lots of positives about my time at New  Bridge College. I loved my time in Activ8 and gained my Sports Leader qualification. After this I moved to Bridging the Gap where I have developed lots of skills which will help me in the world of employment. Particular highlights for me during my time at New Bridge College are progressing with my work skills and meeting the friends I have made. Next year I am moving on to Oldham College to complete a construction course. Thanks everyone!” – Kai


Millie Loftus


“My favourite memory at New Bridge College was when me and Beth did ‘The Greatest Showman’. Our roles were the cheeky twins. I also took part in a performance about the Common Wealth Games; it was just so much fun!  The Disneyland Paris trip was another memory I won’t forget. I am very sad that I’m leaving New Bridge College but it’s time for me move on and shine. I just want to say a massive thank you to the Lumenus Staff especially Mrs Preston, Mrs Sarwar, Miss Begum, Mrs Moss and Nathan; I will really miss you, you have all helped me so much. Good luck for the future! I will miss all of you and your amazing personalities. You all are the best, don’t forget it guys!!” – Millie

Morgan Hamm


“Thank you to all the staff that have supported and showed me that trying is everything. I have learnt that in New Bridge some people are afraid of others who are not like them but that’s funny, because as soon as they see you doing well in life they want to be like you.  I just want to say something to my peers and I hope this helps you focus on your dreams and goals in life. It goes like this: don’t waste your life. If you continue to wait until you are ready, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.” – Morgan


Peter Machin


Current work placement is at Oldham Hospital, which I started in May 2021. I worked in the kitchens for a year, the café for four months and the post room for four months. I have loved every minute of this placement, as I have been able to work in a professional manner and being in a work environment has boosted my confidence tremendously. Next year I am moving on to Future Finders where hopefully I will secure paid work. Thank you to everyone who has supported me since being at New Bridge College.’”– Peter


Saaim Ahmed


“Staff have helped me a lot. I want to say a special thank you mostly to Colin and Nic Nelson. Even when I gave up on college, they were still there and they are the reason why I’m here right now. Thank you also to Activ8 who helped me with my confidence and to Martin and Chloe who helped me with my knowledge in Maths and English. I didn’t think I would say this but I will miss Newbridge- yes Saaim did say he will miss Newbridge! Next year I will be moving on to Oldham College to a construction course. I will miss you all and I wish you all the best in the future.’”– Saaim

Subhan Abtee


Since September I have been on the Pre-internship pathway and have completed work placements at the Roxy Café, David Lloyd, the Atrium and the RSPCA. Doing work placements has helped me to learn about the world of work and has given me the confidence to speak to new people. My favourite skills that I have learnt are food preparation and serving customers. Next year I am moving onto Future Finders and I’m looking forward to continuing my work experience trying new work placements. I would like to say a few words to all the teachers and my friends who have supported me. You may not have realised it, but you were an inspiration to me throughout my time at New Bridge and I will miss you all.‘”– Subhan

Tyler Berry


“This year I have been on the Pre-internship pathway and I have completed work placements in The Atrium, David Lloyd, the Roxy Café and Springboard Kitchen. It has been a tough year but I have loved working. It has helped me get even more skilled in catering and cooking and I know when I need to be professional. I think I have worked hard in my English and Maths lessons and want to get even more higher qualifications. Next year, I will be joining Future Finders and I want to continue working in catering and eventually get a job working in a restaurant or kitchen. Thanks to all the staff and my friends for having me. Hope you all have an amazing time and I wish you good luck.” – Tyler


William Benyon


As part of the Enterprise my role was in the operations team. My achievements have included running a business with Key Minds and Winter Warriors. I have had some excellent experiences outside of the college too. I went to Chicago and we did an app project with Ridgewood High school. I loved the tour days in Chicago and had lots of different food. We went to the Apple HQ, saw a big landmark in Chicago called the “Bean“ and I was awarded for the best pitch. Next year I am moving on to Future finders and want to become either a Maths teacher or a window cleaner with my brother. Thank you and see you next year!” – William

Charlie Ward

“I’ve got loads of friends from New Bridge, friends for life. I will miss being at college with them every day. Liam is a top lad; I’ve had loads of good times with him. I’ll still see him and watch Latics and stuff. Jacob is a good guy as well. I spend a lot of time with him outside of college. This has been my 4th and final year in Activ8. I’ve loved playing football and improving as a player. Gaining my qualifications is important to me. It’s taken lots of effort and a few attempts, I think I’ve finally smashed it. I’m really looking forward to the future and everything it holds for me. I’m off to Oldham College, studying sports and fitness. I can’t wait to get started, meet new people and take on loads of new experiences. I want to continue studying sports and go as far as I can. As long as I enjoy it, I’ll keep doing it. I want to say ‘thanks’ to all of the Activ8 staff who have supported me. New Bridge has been a big part of my life, for a long time, and I’m glad I’ve stuck with it. It’s really helped me to get where I need to. Thank you for everything.” – Charlie


Jacob Hollard

“I’ve made some really good friends: Charlie, Aron, Liam and Louis. We hang out a lot and I hope that continues. ​ While in Activ8, I really enjoyed visiting the kick boxing gym, where I could really shine. ​

I had previous boxing experience and absolutely loved hitting the bag. I got to do loads of sparing. ​ I want to study at Oldham Sixth form college and I feel that this year has been the perfect way to set me up for other things. ​ I just want to say a big thank you to everyone. ​ All your help is massively appreciated,” – Jacob


Arron Higgins


“In 2022 New Bridge College invited a handful of students in my class (including me) to go to Chicago in the USA. In Chicago we worked alongside an American high school to design and create apps. I designed the app “Blearier” and my app won our group the best pitch award. Although I did everything it was a group effort. I would recommend Newbridge to anyone who struggles in mainstream education. Being here is like being in a mainstream school without the stress, bullying and hassle. Next year I am going to Oldham College to study photography.  Thank you everyone for your support.” – Arron


Damon Emslie


“During my time at New Bridge College, I have achieved a few things such as helping to sell the custom – made products at the local market stalls for our young Enterprise business and going out filming at different Newbridge sites with Mr Handrick and Mr Bright. I also went on the Turing project to Chicago with college and I helped to make a prototype website.  This was a wonderful experience as it is something I will never forget just because of how brilliant it was.  I have enjoyed my time at Newbridge because I have made new friends which has boosted my confidence and social skills. Next year I am moving on to Hopwood Hall College joining the Animal Care course and this will help me to become a Veterinary nurse. Thank you for all your support!”

– Damon 


Donna Watson

“I have taken part in all the shows whilst on my journey within Lumenus. I have made lots of friends and amazing memories which will stay with me forever! I know that my New Bridge journey is now ending but I will start a new chapter at Oldham College to do Performing Arts. I am really excited for this opportunity but also sad that I am leaving. Before I go, I just want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers and TA’s who have helped me along my journey. I wish you all the best and I will miss you loads! Lots of love.” – Donna


Jack Hayley


“My favourite memory in New Bridge College was when I did the docudrama.  I’ve been through so much in my life that I have overcome. I’m much more appreciative of everything that I have and had in my life.  I am so thankful for all the teachers and TA’s that have helped me at New Bridge, including: Mrs Preston, Mrs Sarwar, Shamima, Marcia, Nathan, Mr Slater, Mr Thornton and Nicola Nelson. I will look forward to joining Oldham College in September where I will study Performing Arts. I will miss you all and good luck for the future. I hope you achieve your dreams! You’ll all go far!” – Jack


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