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Mental Health Awareness Week

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week this week, our amazing students have focused upon the theme ‘loneliness’.

The students have completed individual work and worked together (within their class groups) in regards to defining and exploring the term ‘loneliness’, they have shared their own personal experiences and feelings, and they have discussed how loneliness can impact people within society differently.

Super Learning Day Update

On Tuesday this week, New Bridge College and Future Finders College collaboratively took part in a Super Learning Day, raising awareness in relation to peer-on-peer abuse. In the morning, the students discussed with members of staff the topic of peer-on-peer abuse, whilst learning about relationship abuse, cyber bullying, physical bullying and consent. Students did different activities based around the topics. These included discussion, word searches, quizzes and watching informative videos. In the afternoon, each group did a different activity to help spread awareness about peer-on-peer abuse.

Luminous worked on a short performance about the impact of peer-on-peer abuse on mental well-being. This helped the group understand the topic by acting it out while inserting a positive message.

Activ8 worked on a piece on gym shaming, which recreated specific movie scenes relating to peer-on-peer abuse and showing the impact it has on people.

Digital 1 worked on gathering and recording all the different pieces of work though out the day by taking photos and videos. The group put together a presentation video to be shown at reception to help people be aware of peer-on-peer abuse. They also made a news report showing the positive and negative impacts of social media on young people’s self-esteem.

Digital 2 worked on a short podcast on how to keep yourselves safe in different situations while discussing sharing images without consent and the consequences it has.

Future finders worked on producing a newsletter on what went on during the day. The group split into 4 different teams of reporters, photographers and editorial staff and went to report on different classes. One team made a newsletter and a blog with all the information the other teams had gathered, adding images that were collected though out the day.

Pre-interns 1 and 2 worked on producing a large display for the ground floor with different pictures and text based on peer-on-peer abuse to help spread awareness about the subject.

BTG worked on a class rap/poem (see English Update), while researching the history of the topic. They used the word abuse cloud while doing word associated with it and rhyming words.

English Update

The last few weeks in English have been extremely busy as the students have been doing their speaking and listening assessments. We have been so impressed with the progress our students have made in this area, particularly our Level 1 and 2 students who have delivered presentations to their peers. A special mention goes to Abigail Coulbeck, Aron Higgins, Ciara Knaggs, Sam Metcalf-Finnerty and Decklan Roberts for their excellent presentation skills. Well done to all!

This week, during our Super Learning Day on Tuesday, we focused on peer-on-peer abuse. The wonderful form members in BTG produced an excellent rap/poem around this topic, and Peter Machin did a beautiful reading of this in front of staff and students for the video which is being produced about the day… we will share this next week.

BTG Rap/Poem:

We all know this isn’t ok.

I’m the victim of crime, hit with humiliation,

With tears and fears, it was total exploitation.

There were no knives or guns,

Just cruel digs and degrading puns.

They continued to scream in a forceful way,

We all know this isn’t ok.

I’m forever having flashbacks that seem so real,

It’s all quite frightful and brings back the ordeal.

The hair pulling, the kicking, the punching, the biting,

It’s not even as if I was up for fighting.

They continued to hurt me in a forceful way,

We all know this isn’t ok.

I clearly remember the shouts and the pain ,

They always made me feel like I was to blame.

They took over my body and shouted in my face,

Then threw my clothes all over the place.

They continued to touch me in a forceful way,

We all know this isn’t ok.

The next few weeks will continue to be busy in the run-up to half-term. We will be focusing on revision and exam technique ready for the reading and writing assessments next half-term.


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