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Head of College Update – 6th May 2022

Firstly, I would like to share with you the wonderful mosaics our extremely talented students produced during the College’s Easter Club. We have placed the New Bridge College mosaic at the Reception area and we have mounted the Future Finders College mosaic within the Future Finders base classroom. Both mosaics look incredible, a massive well done to all of the students involved and Mrs Nelson.

In addition, also during the College’s Easter Club, numerous students created their own personalised decorative Easter Eggs. These have all been added to a lit tree that we have on display within the College’s Intervention Room. Great job students!

Although slightly shorter than normal, we have had another great week in College. The Pre-Internship and Bridging the Gap students have been working hard at their work placement settings, our Lumenus students are busy preparing for numerous events and performances, the Activ8 students are firmly focused on their studies, practical assessments and Duke of Edinburgh activities, and our Digi4all students are working extremely hard at their enterprise projects and achieving their personalised targets.

Over the upcoming weeks, we are entering an energised period of mathematics examinations, English and Pathway assessments, marking, reviews, moderation and verification. As a staff team, we have revved ourselves up as we drive our students to be the best that they can be. We will continue to offer high levels of support, guidance and advice during this very important term, as and when.

This upcoming Monday marks the start of our Summer exams. To all of the students sitting Monday’s Mathematics: Number and Measure exam, at some point during the weekend please try and spend some time visualising a positive exam experience, think about your best performance, remind yourself how awesome you are (and don’t you forget it) and on Sunday please do your best to get plenty of hydration (water/juice) and a good night’s sleep.

To all, please do have a great weekend. See you on Monday morning… ready to ‘go again’!

PSHE Update

This week in PSHE, our students have been working extremely hard towards the final outcome within the Social Media Unit ‘Understand the consequences of posting online and the potential impact on social reputation’. The students rolled their sleeves up and got involved in some very interesting discussions and controversial conversations around famous people that have damaged their reputation through social media.

The ‘Oscar slap’ was many amongst others, where Will Smith slapped the host, comedian Chris Rock, for saying a joke about his wife on during the live televised award ceremony. The students had very mixed opinions about this incident. However, they did agree that the famous actor has damaged his reputation and his actions will haunt him for many years to come.

We also looked at the current court trial amongst Johnny Depp and his former wife, Amber Heard, who has reported that she suffered domestic abuse whilst married to him. Johnny is suing Amber Heard in a law suit in Virginia (USA) for 50 million US dollars, over an article she wrote in the Washington Post about being a victim of domestic abuse. Our students worked in groups and although their opinions somewhat differed, they managed to agree on some common ground.

In addition, the student highlighted the impacts and consequences of their actions and how it would affect their reputation via social media.

The students also looked at the definitions and differences between stalking and harassment. We watched an interesting short film named ‘Stalk’ (2019) that highlighted the common behaviours and emotions around the two terms. You can view the short film by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f38NwoxbtrE 

Next week, on Tuesday 10th May, as part of our PSHE Curriculum and the College’s Super Learning, New Bridge College is hosting its very first cross-campus ‘Raising Awareness Day’. The theme is ‘Peer on Peer Abuse’ and we have external workshops supporting the College with various activities and tasks. All of our wonderful students will be working within their Pathways to produce bespoke pieces around this very important topic. A special thank you to Mrs Sarwar for planning this event and we look forward to sharing the students’ work with you… update to follow.

Lumenus Update

This week in Lumenus, we have been working with Ben from Oldham Coliseum, on our Coliseum Secondary school partnership project. The project has the overarching theme of homecoming. We have started rehearsing the scenes by working on speech and freeze frames. The project will be performed on the Coliseum stage on the 27th June. Moreover, it was Ben’s last workshop with Lumenus last week. It was very emotional because then has done a lot of work with Lumenus over the past few years. He has put in a lot of time effort and passion into all his workshops and he will be very missed by staff and students in Lumenus. We would like to thank Ben and wish him lots of luck for his next chapter.

Also, this term, we are going to be completing our docudrama, the Human Library. We are going to be showcasing the event on the 26th May. In preparation for the event Craig Harris has been coming in to deliver a series of workshops. Craig has come in on Wednesday and delivered a fantastic workshop where Craig started with exercises that then enabled students to explore storytelling. Students started to type a story that about something that has happened to them, which they would like to share with everyone. These are inspirational stories that have happened to the students personally. In addition, there will be a variety of roles for students to undertake during the event. Such as; librarian, ushering, serving refreshments and many other roles. Thank you Craig for our lovely workshop this week, we are looking forward to seeing you again next week, when we will be one step closer to our docudrama event.

We can’t wait to keep you updated with all the work and projects that we will be completing with term.


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