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Head of College Update

Firstly, just to say to you all that I hope you managed to have a fantastic Easter break. To students and staff, whatever you did, I really do hope that those activities provided a substantial distraction from bearing weighty college loads and that you have returned with your biological batteries recharged, replenished and ready to launch yourself fully into this final and very important term of the academic year.

At New Bridge College, we are extremely committed to ensuring that all that we do and all that we seek to do is as outstanding as it possibly can be, with and for our students. Particularly, as we are turning our minds to end of year assessments, successful completion of various projects, targets and work experience, student transitions and next steps and crossing the term’s finish line with triumph and celebration.

To the members of our New Bridge family and community who have been following Ramadan, I would like to offer my best wishes as you celebrate Eid al-Fitr… Eid Mubarak.

We may or may not have partaken in Ramadan. However, as individuals, I do feel that we can all offer our deepest respect and admiration for each other at this time. For people of faith or not, this might include offering the warm hand of friendship and understanding, bonding further with family, friends, loved ones and the community and volunteering to assist and support those in need. By doing one or several of these, I do believe that it can contribute significantly towards a more harmonious, calmer and happier community.

Next week brings a four-day college week and I always find that within education we end up spreading the load of that fifth day across the week. Subsequently, bringing an energised intensity about the May Bank Holiday week and us using the time we have got intelligently. However, whether you are rambling the countryside, watching the football (like me!), reading a book, watching television programmes or movies, celebrating with family and friends or other, it is important that you really do enjoy your time over the extended weekend in preparation for the busy, yet I’m confident productive and fruitful, week ahead… please do have a good one.

Thank you all for making this week a very positive return after the Easter break!

Pre-Internship Update

This week’s blog from Pre-Internship Group 1 comes in the form of a video:

Pre Internship Blog

After a well-deserved Easter break, Pre-Internship Group 2 have got straight back into working hard on their placements. As you know, some of students have started their new placements at Guinness Partnerships Roxy Cafe, The Atrium Café (First Choice Homes), David Lloyds Clubs and the RSPCA.

We are really pleased to say that students have settled in very well as they continue to thrive with learning the skills needed in the world of work.

Students at the David Lloyd Club have received some wonderful feedback from David Lloyds Clubs HR Department who had observed students working in the Club. They commented on what a nice worthwhile programme it is for students to take part in. A massive well done to all!

College Visitors:

On Friday, Shirley (New Bridge Group Executive Director of Commissioning) and numerous members of the Breaking Barriers and Sea Shell Trust visited New Bridge College as a part of a cross-MAT tour they did throughout the day. They popped into a few of our lessons in order to see some of the wonderful work that our students do. Our Digi4all students really did capitalise upon the visit and used it as an enterprise opportunity to sell some of their products… well done students!

At the College, we are looking forward to working in collaboration with Breaking Barriers and Sea Shell Trust in the future. Thank you Shirley, Breaking Barriers and Sea Shell Trust members, it was a pleasure having you here at the College, see you soon.


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