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New Bridge College Blog 8.4.22


Student Council Update:

On Tuesday 5th April 2022, we had our first ever New Bridge multi-site student council meeting. We started the afternoon by collecting our food that was prepared by Becky from The Atrium. Firstly, thank you so much to Becky and her team for all their hard work. The food was so amazing that Mr Newton wanted to eat some before our guests had even arrived! Luckily, our bodyguard Josh, ushered him away very quickly!

When our guests started to arrive, they were met and greeted by our awesome students from the New Bridge College Council; Ciara, Josh, Charlie, Connie, Musa and Waj. We were joined by one of our Governors Kathy, Executive Headteacher Mr Lyons, Head of College Mr Mckeown and Pastoral Senior Leader Mrs Nelson. Also pupils from New Bridge School, Mr Hanif and Mrs Tootill. The Learning Centre joined too, along with Miss Kindon and Mr Barker.

We started by introducing our meeting and speaking about how school council runs on each site. Students from each site came up and spoke about the suggestions and changes they have implemented. New Bridge School spoke about how the pupils have spoken to the staff about changes to be made to their school dinners. These changes have been successful.

Lastly, students and pupils were asked how they would like to be assessed. Students and staff worked in mixed groups and discussed different ideas. Everyone worked together and collaborated some fantastic ideas. It was a pleasure to have everyone from different sites back into our building and it was lovely to meet some new faces. Thank you to staff and students for all your support with school council. I hope to see you all soon. Mrs Sarwar.

English Update

We have had so many brilliant things happen in English over the last term. World Book Day was a huge highlight for me personally and the effort from staff and students was amazing. Last week, we had a cinema trip to see ‘The Nan’. Odeon, Oldham were extremely helpful and gave us our own private cinema screening. The film was very funny and a great choice from our students. This month saw the start of National Poetry Month and to celebrate we ran a competition where students had the chance to become crowned NBC Poet Laureate. We had some superb entries from Decklan Butler, Edward Ackroyd and Summer Barnes.

End the War – Decklan Butler

‘We’re only at the start of ’22,

and Putin is thinking what to do.

Either be political and make people fear,

or end the war, threats and end the tears.

Ukraine or small countries don’t have the knack,

to arm themselves and fight back.

Young people, the old and the lame,

are all suffering and they are not to blame.

Many people will suffer or even die,

by the guns as the bullets shoot by.

Innocent citizens don’t want to fight,

they want peace and to do what’s right.

No guns, no bombs, no silly attack,

Just calm, silence and normality back.

So come on Putin give them a break,

and stop the threats for all our sakes.

The Force That Makes You Win Races – Edward Ackroyd

‘Overtaking like an aiguille shark.

Pushing the engine to its engineering limit.

With relentless power and strength.

To succeed the legendary skill of speed

With back breaking Force .

To your every intent of effortless courage.

To beat your rising rival to the end.

Chasing your destiny to the ends of the track.

Dashing past your rival like a tornado.

With eye watering break horse power that makes others.

Fall with you winning the fame and you being the legendary.

Shining hero you were always meant to be.’                 


I think there will need to be further deliberations as they were all so good! Have a lovely Easter break, Mrs Farrell.

Mathematics Update

It’s been another long and busy term. First and foremost, are all those moments when you see a student, who didn’t quite ‘get something’, have a eureka moment. For these I need to praise the whole team involved in Maths delivery, as deliverers or TAs. This is usually the most pleasing aspect of our jobs. There have been many of these highlights this term. The second thing is a story, from outside of a Maths lesson. It is usually my job to be on door duty, in the morning and evening. My job is to open the doors at 08:45 and allow the students to make their way into College or see them safely onto their transport, in the evening. Earlier this week, the weather was horrendous, so I popped downstairs a little after 08:40. to save students from getting too wet. As I approached the door, I heard one of our students complaining about the weather and another student, from one of my lower Maths groups, who had been working on time stated confidently, “It’s just going on for 08:42 now, so you’re going to have to wait for three minutes, for Martin to open the door!” Occasions like this tell you that somewhere along the way, students are learning and growing in confidence to apply what they have learned.

Have a Happy Easter Holiday! Mr Holland.


Bridging the Gap Update

We would like to give a special mention to Morgan from BTG at MMU. When Morgan first started his work experience at MMU. He wasn’t sure what placement to do. He started out working with the facilities team and his main job was keeping the university grounds, clean and free from litter. Morgan didn’t like doing this job as he felt like he could do more. Well.. a term later Morgan joined the catering team in the Business School. (Our first student to access this placement, due to it being so busy) and has wowed the whole staff team. Morgan had demonstrated his competency and confidence, taking orders for coffees, paninis and other snacks, he is fully trained to use the till and knows how to select the different payment methods. He can cope with the pace and demands of the shop with ease. He has done so well that next term Morgan will continue working in the Café but will be independent.

He will start and finish his day at his placement and his job coaches will support him via telephone and email. This is a massive step towards Morgan gaining paid employment and I know he will continue to do well. A few words from Morgan regarding his placement and progression… “The first term was hard but now I feel like part of a team. I’m looking forward to the challenge of working independently”

Pre-Internship Update

Dante has had a fantastic term working in the Atrium based in FCHO. When Dante first started placement he was unsure and nervous, but he soon picked up the routines and tasks. After a few weeks Dante was working with distant supervision and started to try different catering tasks. Then, he focused on providing good customer service to the staff working in the offices. He did so well that he has been trusted on a number of occasions to be left in placement without a job coach to help support Becci (the Catering Manager) by working front of house. This a massive achievement and we wanted to celebrate Dante’s success.  Dante had this to say about his time in the Atrium “I have enjoyed working there and I feel good that I can work the front of house without help, I definitely feel more confident and independent”.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter 🐣 Tish and the students.

Pre Internship Video Update

Lumenus Update

We have been very busy this term working with Dark Horse Theatre, The Coliseum theatre and Craig Harris. Here are some of the highlights. Being an Associate Artist for the next production #Unit21 was a privilege. Working with Kirsty Wolff on the themes of the pressures and expectations set upon us by society when we become adults was enlightening for the students. The highlight of this project was going to The Lawrence Batley Theatre to see the show in its development phase to give our opinions to assist with the completion of the piece. To begin our work for the Secondary Schools’ Partnership production in June. We enjoyed an exciting workshop from Ben Cain, the education and engagement Officer, around the theme of ‘Homecoming,’ the students had lots of fun with ensemble work. Towards the end of this term, Craig Harris came to deliver the first of three workshops on The Human Library. The students enjoyed fun paired work to experience the importance of body language whilst telling a story.  They then began to think of stories in their lives that have shaped them, a challenge, inspiration or goal. We all found this to be a really positive experience. This work will be included in our Employability Project next term. We wish you a safe and Happy Easter break, Lumenus Team.


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