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11th February 2022

English Update:

As we approach the end of the half-term, our students are currently undertaking their reading and writing assessments. I am delighted to share with you that, so far, 80% of students that have sat their assessments have secured a pass in either one or both areas. This is an incredible achievement so soon in the academic year, and a real reflection of the hard-work and dedication demonstrated by our students, and the wonderful staff that help to deliver the English Curriculum. A special congratulations goes to some of our Lumenus Students: Millie, Connie and Adam. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am actually looking forward to marking the rest of the assessments! Keep up your hard work everyone. I am so proud of you all. 

Mrs Farrell.

Pre-Internship Update:

This week, we will be focusing on one of our students and looking at the week in the life of Ronnie Beech’s time at New Bridge College. Ronnie joined us from New Bridge School before the Winter Break and he is really enjoying the life at the college. He is working hard in Mathematics and English as he wants to gain the qualifications that he needs to be able to find his dream job in the future. This is how Ronnie’s timetable looks on a weekly basis:

  • Monday – Mathematics, English and PSHE (Emotional Wellbeing) course
  • Tuesday – Placement (Atrium)
  • Wednesday – Placement (Atrium)
  • Thursday – Placement (Atrium)
  • Friday – Mathematic, English and then a choice of enrichment in the afternoon

One of Ronnie’s favourite subjects at the College is PSHE. Below is a poster on Mental Wellbeing that Ronnie created and it is now displayed on the College wall.

Ronnie wanted to have his say on how he feels at the College. Over to you Ronnie..

At the College I find it a lot easier to concentrate on my work as it is calm and quiet. Also, I like the fact that there is more freedom as we can access Oldham Town Centre. I enjoy Maths and English lessons because the classes are smaller there is no distractions and you can get on with your work. I have PSHE on Mondays, p5&6. Personally, I think it is a really good lesson because we talk about Emotional Wellbeing and it does help me a lot. One of our tasks was to create a poster based on Emotional Wellbeing which is now on the wall.”

At the moment Ronnie is attending placement at the Atrium. Some of his duties consists of preparing food, replenishing stock of drinks and snacks, cleaning the tables, serving the customers and dealing with the payments. Ronnie does that with the help of the Senior Job Coach and Mr Holban. Ronnie puts a lot of effort in everything that he does and his attitude towards work and customer service is spot on.

Ronnie also said…

“On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I go on placement at the Atrium, First Choice Homes in Oldham. I do all sort of stuff there. First thing we do when we get there is clean the tables and check the refreshments on the different floors of the building. Around noon I help preparing the dinner orders for the College and Horizons. I enjoy preparing food and serving the customers. Best part about this is getting work experience and learning new skills which it will help me in the future when I will be looking for a job.”

Lumenus Update:

This week, Lumenus have continued with their projects with KS4 Lumenus and Dark horse Theatre Company. This work is used towards their Arts Award Accreditation. On Wednesday, they continued to devise their piece around well-being. Developing their movement piece around five key words of well-being which are connection, gift, take notice, giving and keep active. They worked with KS4 Lumenus on bringing monologues to life through freeze frames. On Thursday they continued to be associate artists for Dark Horse Theatre Company. This is the third session with Kirsty. They explored the Dark Horse method – The Silent Approach. This approach is fully explained in the title, drama in silence. The idea is total focus on the work through alternative means of communication. They developed the work form last week exploring the theme of becoming an adult and all the associated pressures and expectations. We are very excited that we have been invited to the Lawrence Batley Theatre to watch the development showing of Unit 21 and to give our valuable opinions as the show progresses to the full-length touring show. We will give an update on how our trip to Dark Horse Theatre, we are very excited!

Activ8 Update:

It has been all hands to the pump, over the last few weeks in Activ8! The team have worked extremely hard, and shown a fantastic work ethic, willingness to learn and tonnes of enthusiasm, during their Sports Leaders sessions. Over the next half-term, Activ8 will be delivering several sports-based sessions to year 6 students. To be able to execute this successfully, however, our sports leaders are first working on planning, leading, and evaluating a session. Each session has included: a warm-up, sports specific drills and a cool down exercise; each session is complete with timings, progressions, and simplifiers, to meet the needs of each participant.

Over at the Badminton court, Mr Newton reigned supreme; Liam was the ‘Steady Eddie’ and Imran was up to his usual tricks. Tyler, a former Activ8 student joined us for a short while and showed he hasn’t lost a yard during his time away from Activ8. Back and forth with Charlie, in a fast-paced game, Ty came out on top, reiterating his position as the Activ8 badminton champion. Wonderful to welcome you back, Ty, if only for a short while.

Back at the Activ8 base, the ‘YMCA Health and fitness award’ has been on the agenda. The focus has been anatomy and physiology, while also recapping ‘Functions of the skeleton’ and ‘Nutrition’. Macauley has shone. He has been able to identify different functions of the skeleton, recall muscles and bones of the body, and differentiate voluntary, involuntary, and cardiac muscles in the body. Macauley, your work in P.E theory has been fantastic this year! Keep it up!

The team was thrilled to bits with the new kits they received, ready for the unpredictable British weather, terrain, and any challenge they encounter on any expedition. Keeping the community tidy is important to the group. With this at the forefront of our minds, we have continued our work, litter picking around the college campus area. Table tennis has always proved popular in Activ8, this year is no different! Currently, Charlie has the bragging rights, Sam is the rookie and Corey is improving with each game. The team play whenever the chance presents itself, smashing rallies and introducing new competition. Lovely to see, Guys!

We ventured to Eccles, full of anticipation and excitement, to play our fixtures in the college football league. Our previous results were positive, and everybody had a fantastic experience. We kicked off our first game with bags of energy. Imran was pressing from the front; Dec was expressing himself and Connie got stuck in. Activ8 won all 4 games! In a mixed team of old and new Activ8 faces, we played some smart and effective football to win our first game 2-0. In our second fixture, we saw a little less of the ball and had to dig deep and be resilient. Liam was on hand with block after block to keep the score at 0-0. The fight of the team and togetherness paid off though, when we caught our opponents off guard, with a quick fire counter attack. The ball broke to Imran in centre midfield, who played a neat pass out to his left and continued his run. Declan received the ball well and played an inch perfect pass to Saaim, who then squared the ball across the penalty area, allowing Imran to finish off the move he started. The clincher came late on, but capped off a wonderful team performance. We also became well acquainted with opposition players and coaches.



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