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Blog Time!

Firstly, to wish you all a belated Happy New Year. We are in our second week of the new 2022 term and lots of learning, enrichment, work placements and projects are well underway.

Bridging the Gap Update

Bridging the Gap is back for 2022 and raring to go again! All our students are back at Royal Oldham Hospital and Manchester University and working hard on their first week back! Hayley has been supporting our ROH students and has gathered our student views and got some lovely photos of them all hard at work. Mr Kai Lister has moved onto the laundry and as you can see from the pictures he has got stuck in! Here he is on the sheet machine and also folding clothes for the wards, which we are certain will come in handy back home with his own laundry, right Kai?


Kai Lister states…

“I’ve started in the laundry, at the moment I am enjoying it but I don’t want to make my mind up fully as it’s only been the first week.’”

Very wise words from Mr Lister! Pete has moved from the kitchen up into the café where he has been restocking, keeping the front clean and tidy and already in his first week asked the staff if he could use the till, which he has started today! Well done Pete! Pete says…

“My first week in the café has been a success so far. I have enjoyed what tasks I have been doing and I’m sure I’ll carry on enjoying my time on this placement. The café staff are all lovely and I’ve enjoyed meeting them.”

Next is Mr Christian Ballard, back for one day and one day only this week! After Christian’s big successes last year, he was asked if he could remain in the post office and he is happy to be back with the team and looking forward to gaining more experience and more tasks to complete independently. Christian says…

“I’m looking forward to going back to the post room, I’ve missed being on placement over the Christmas break and I’m ready to get back to it and learn more of the role.”

Moving onto MMU, where Lynton has been supporting our students in their new placements. Pedro has returned to his job in waste management in Birley. Pedro would still like to work with waste disposal and is looking to hone his skills this term and building his stamina back up! It’s a lot of manual work and he is on his feet all day but is in training for those long walks alongside the bin lorry!

“Good to be back, very quiet at the moment as there are no students so I am ready for the rush next week!”

Morgan has moved from facilities and has joined the catering department. This week he started in the ‘Grab and Go’ shop with Gina and he is another one of our whiz kids who has jumped on the till! Morgan says…

“I enjoy working on the till, it’s good for me to practice with money and amounts, even though it is a cashless till.”

Josh has moved facilities teams and is now working in John Dalton in the loading bay, sorting out deliveries. Again, a quiet week at the university but a great week to settle back in before the thousands of students come back!  

Lastly, is our Mr James Gibson or Mr Enterprise himself! James is working on his own business and today we joined a webinar to help increase his sales and profile on social media. James says…

“I’m happy to be back working on my business and it’s going to be very busy looking after this business and also my haulage company!”

Go James! Thank you to all the staff at Royal Oldham Hospital and MMU who help support our students on a daily basis. We couldn’t do it without you!

Hayley, Lynton and Genna

(Bridging the Gap Job Coaches)


Digital Update

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the Digi Pathway enterprise were extremely busy!  We attended two Christmas stalls selling our products making over £300, as well as producing another order for 30 mugs from a new customer in Oldham Market Hall which made us another £100.

There was also a great opportunity offered to one of the students, Waj, to appear on Oldham Community Radio!  During a short interview, Waj explained what we do on the Digit4ll Pathway, how we run the enterprise business and about his own role within it.  This was a good experience for Waj himself and also an effective way to promote the enterprise. Well done Waj!


English Update

It has been lovely seeing all of our wonderful students return after the Winter break. During the last couple of weeks in English, we have been continuing with our persuasive and descriptive writing. We have also signed up to a new programme called Reading Plus for the College (more information on this to follow) which will help students progress with their reading skills. Students have been doing their initial assessments this week which baselines their reading and vocabulary ability. I am excited to see the great results that I am confident this programme will bring once we are properly up and running with it. Towards the end of January, we will be completing some more mock assessments. The next few weeks will therefore be crucial in preparing for this. I have no doubt that our students will work extremely hard and rise to the challenge!



Mathematics Update

The main topic in mathematics this week has been probability. We have looked at this in its various forms appropriate to the level of the students in the groups. This has run from understanding the chances of ‘Heads’ or ‘Tails’ on a coin toss, through chances of various scores with one or two dice. Some groups have been drawing probability trees and using them to answer specific questions about the chances of a single or multiple events. We have taken the opportunity to inform students about gambling at the same time. We have pointed out that gambling and the ease of availability, has implications for students. We have tried to make them aware, that although gambling isn’t wrong, it can be a very expensive and problematic pastime.


Pre-Intern Update

It has been a tricky first few weeks back for our pre-interns. They have had to deal with bus strikes, remote learning and changes to placements. With so much going on, our pre-interns thought that it was going to be a no go for placements and for Employability but it’s turned out to be quite a productive few weeks.  Our students have each managed to have at least two days on placement. Some have returned to previous placements, others have started their new placements or have attended their inductions.  In the Atrium, Lewis returned and got stuck straight into the job tasks. I want to give a special mention to Lewis for stepping up and completing a very dirty job. He cleaned and sterilised all the hot boxes, it was lovely to witness Lewis being so professional when faced with such a dirty job. Jake was more than happy to tidy the front of house with Lewis and was developing his customer service skills by using the iPad and serving a few customers. Charlie, Dante and Ronnie did some of their Health and Safety induction training, learning the locations of the fire assembly points, safe evacuation routes and hand hygiene. At College, our students have started a new unit for their Employability qualification. The new unit is ‘Presentation Skills’ and our pre-Interns have been learning the differences between formal and informal presentations and what they need to consider when planning and preparing their presentations. This will be the main focus of our lessons over the next half-term and we will keep you updated on their progress.

After an active and productive week it is now the weekend, please do enjoy whatever you have got planned!


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