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Hi, everyone. 


I hope you have had a good week. 

Students have been very busy…

Please support our Digit4ll students if you can!



Digital Update

Once more it has been an extremely busy month for the Digit4ll Pathway and has consisted of LOTS of preparation for various occasions.

The first of these was the Young Enterprise Dragon’s Den company presentation.  This involved four of our Digit4ll students giving an actual presentation in front of business people who they have never met before, and convincing them that our product this year (the Winter Warriors blanket) will be a success.  Edward, Waj, Max and Brendon were the students who decided to take on this challenge, and through lots of practice and commitment did a fantastic job and won high praise for their presentation! Well done lads!

While this was being put together, rehearsed and finalised, Mrs Joubert’s Digit4ll group have been just as busy preparing for another annual Digit4ll highlight – the Christmas markets.  This is where the Pathway prepares lots of seasonal gifts and trinkets to be sold at a good price at various Christmas markets, and also promote our main product which are the blankets.  

This year, the Spindles on the 8th and Tommyfield indoor market on the 15th are the ones that we will be attending.  As well as these, we will also be holding stalls at various sites of the MAT, so keep alert and look out for our affordable seasonal gifts, chocolates and treats that will be popping up at the various sites!

Pre Intern 2 Update

This week at the Atrium, our students have been busy crafting and putting up the Christmas decorations in preparation for the Christmas dinner days for staff at First Choice Homes and our college. In between all the glitter and glue, they have been helping to set up for buffets and complete their student views for their annual reviews. It’s been a good learning curve for our pre-interns as they have been managing the various work loads and adapting to the different tasks when required. 

In our Employability lesson, we started to learn about confidence and the different ways people present confident behaviours. For the main activity the students acted out different scenarios around being assertive, persuading others and promoting themselves. Jake and Lewis really enjoyed the assertive role-play task, Lewis had to pretend to be a disgruntled customer and Jake had to be the assertive Sales Assistant who wouldn’t give a refund or exchange the item. The rest of the pre-interns had to judge whether Jake had been assertive enough. Well done Jake, you won the battle! 

We will continue to cover confident behaviour until the end of term and hopefully we will have some more images of our students to show you in the upcoming blogs. But, well done to all the pre-interns, all of our students have continued to work hard in their work placements.   

Have a great weekend!

Rebeckah & the NBC Team




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