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Pre- Internship 2

Our Pre-Interns continue to thrive on their placement at David Lloyd Clubs, please read a description about their work  experience in their own words.

“I have learnt that there are mystery members that come to the David Lloyd Clubroom restaurant and I have improved my customer service skills by asking the customer if they need anything else and if their meal is ok. This is important because you want people to come back and it’s also polite and helpful to ask a customer if they want anything else and it’s also nice to ask them if they’re meal is ok.

I feel more confident about dealing with customers and in myself as a person”.


“I have been working with my Job coach doing lots of F&B jobs and I’ve been doing a lot of customer service and did well with that.

I could have improved by asking the customers if their food is ok. I’ve been doing lots of hoovering and cleaning lots of tables. I was really good with the pot wash. I feel confident with any job including going up to the customers 10 minutes after they have been served their meal to check they are ok.

I think that the table map was very helpful and it helps me remember where the table numbers are so I can quickly get food served to customers”.


“During my two days at David Lloyd I learnt lots of different skills and learnt what it was like in a busier environment then the Atrium. I did a lot of work during my two days at David Lloyd Club and they included loading the Pot Wash, tidying and cleaning  tables and taking food out to the customers.

I had to communicate well with the customers I asked them if they are finished with there food/drink before I took it away. I had to make sure I took care with the customers food and drinks as they pay a lot for a membership there. I liked David Lloyd as it was pretty busy and I liked the busyness there.

I’m looking forward to starting my new placement at David Lloyd in January 2022!”.


Finally, Lewis would like to share his journey on the Pre-Internship pathway so far…

“ I have enjoyed my first few weeks at David Lloyd Clubs. I have learned a lot of new skills and I have met some of the staff who are really nice people who help and support me during my work tasks. I have been learning to make brews on the Barista machine, serve people, wash and clean dirty cutlery and plates. I have also been getting positive feedback off customers regarding how smart I am dressed. They also are saying  how well I am doing and telling me to “keep up the good work”.

 I have really enjoyed my placement at David Lloyd and after Christmas I don’t want to leave this placement. I would much rather stay for another year. Whilst I have been here I have also learned how to interact with staff and customers which I don’t really do because I don’t really talk to people I don’t know. Whilst being at David Lloyd, I have been asking customers about their meals and if they are enjoying their food and if they would like/need a drink or a hot beverage.

I have worked with my peers Charlie and Dante in certain situations such as taking food to customers and cleaning the tables and going to clean the gym. During some of these task sometimes it’ll be just me and on other occasions it will be all three of us working together on the same task. While I have been here on the odd occasion I will order something from here as I will be able to get a 50% discount on the things I order. Due to the discount I’m not spending too much money on the food here because it’s quite expensive here at David Lloyd, so it’s better to have the discount here than spend most of my college funds. The staff are really helpful as well and they have shown me how to make hot drinks and how to deliver the hot drinks. They have also shown me how  to make smoothies and protein shakes and I have also served to a lot of people and have gotten really good at it.

At David Lloyds the main task I usually do is stay at the front at the bar, take orders and pass them on to staff and I also make the drinks that the customers will order. My peers Charlie and Dante mainly work back of house and serve meals but I am mainly based at the front of the bar making hot drinks and most of the time serving, taking the plates back to the kitchen and clearing the tables. We also have our own staff room here at David Lloyd where we can store our belongings whilst we work here until our dinner break.

There are also coaches here for specific activities. There are a couple of gym coaches here and there is a swim coach for swimming, there are lifeguards and tennis coaches and there are also some cleaners and other members of staff who work in the facility department. There is also a supervisor that comes to the restaurant every couple of days. Activ8 also come to David Lloyd every Wednesday to play some sport activities in the sports hall and I like to visit them them for a bit. I really liked David Lloyd and let’s hope in the future I could one day come here again.

There is also a great chef here in the kitchen who is called Kath. Kath is very kind and helpful when it comes to cooking and preparing food because when I leave college I want to be a chef and I think this placement was the perfect experience for my 1st placement at college. The second placement I will be gaining experience is Guinness which is really good because David Lloyd is quite similar to Guinness. We will still be doing the same type of things such as washing cutlery and serving customers. I heard off one of my friends who attends Guinness for their placement that you also work on the cashier so that’s something to be excited for my second placement

I have been working with an old student of my job coach Tisha today at David Lloyd, called Luka, a Future Finders student and he is here working as a housekeeper/cleaner and I’ve been working with him by tidying up outside by sweeping the leaves up and we were also going to tidy and vacuum the soft play area but the doors were locked so we went to the male locker room and cleaned the inside of the empty lockers.  We also cleaned the inside of the court area. Luka is a really nice person to talk to and he is good at helping and making sure the work gets done. He is a real good help and I hope I can work with him more and learn from him”.


Have a great weekend.  

Rebeckah & The NBC Team


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