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Another busy week at NBC!


I was lucky enough to spend some time in lessons this week and work alongside students. I particularly enjoyed chatting to Donna and Micaela about their moods and emotions in PHSE.

English update from Mrs Farrell-Jarvis…

“In keeping with our topic this half-term of ‘The Future’, students have been writing letters to their future selves in 2050. We started this lesson with a YouTube video which made predictions about what would be possible in the future like self-driving cars, space travel and robots replacing humans in many professions. We discussed if we thought these things would be possible by 2050 and how we would feel if the world did look like this in the future.

The students then took part in a speaking and listening activity where they questioned each other about their hopes and dreams for the future. They then used the information gathered during this discussion to plan and write some excellent letters. After they had finished writing, they edited, redrafted and self-assessed their letters. Here are some examples from DIGIFS1:

We have also worked on our reading skills this week and have been exploring how to skim and scan a text. We played ‘Quick on the Draw’ whereby students had to skim and scan a text about the benefits of reading and find the correct answers to questions handed out by the Question Master. Next week, we will be putting these skills to good use as we will be exploring articles about future life-extending technologies that billionaires have been investing in!

Overall, it has been an extremely busy and thoroughly enjoyable week in English”.

Maths Update from Mr Holland…

The new year is well under way.

All groups have investigated the four main operations of mathematics: Addition; Subtraction; Multiplication and Division.

As well as this, the higher level groups have been looking at Algebra, where they have been forming and solving equations.

Classes are differentiated internally into multiple layers, to ensure that all students are accessing the curriculum at their correct levels of ability. This means that in the case of multiplication, for example, some children will be looking at repeated addition using blocks to reinforce their work, whilst others will be multiplying two numbers with decimal places.

These lessons work because of our fabulous TAs and deliverers, who enable us to individualise each student’s learning experience. I am very glad to be part of this team.

Over the next few weeks, our students, who will be undertaking the LIBF Financial Maths course, will be issued their log ins and they will be able to begin work on this qualification, in tandem with any other qualifications they will be undertaking”.

PHSE update from Mrs Sarwar…

“Hello, welcome back everyone! It’s the first PSHE blog of the new academic year. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying being back to some sort of normality. Our students have settled back into routine really well. This year in PSHE all students across the college are going to be completing ASDAN short courses award. There are 11 modules altogether which consist of some exciting topics.

This term we are starting Module 1 – emotional well-being. To introduce the students to the module, last week students did a 7 minute challenge about emotions. This was a fun and competitive challenge where both staff and students got involved. There might have been some cheating too (Mrs Moss)! In this challenge students had to think of an emotion for every letter of the alphabet A-Z. Some letters were easy to think of an emotion for, whilst others were a bit more difficult. All in all, all of the groups did very well. We even had some winners too. We had some happy winners who got some chocolate.


Do you think you could name an emotion for each letter of the alphabet? I challenge you at home, let me know how you all get on.

This week in PSHE, students completed work around moods and emotions. The first worksheet was called ‘Mirage Mood Bead Colour Chart’. On this worksheet students had good discussions around emotions and what colours they would associate certain emotions with. Some of the brilliant examples that were given by students were; black reminds them of death and evil, red reminds them of love and green is associated with envy. Students discussed what emotions regularly visits them and there were some very interesting answers across the groups. Lastly I asked students to associate physical actions that they relate to emotions. Some examples of the answers from our groups were: anger can make you violent, sadness makes you cry and being happy can make you laugh. I was very impressed with the answers.

Well done to Lumenus, Activ8, Digit4ll and Pre-Intern groups for all your hard work in PSHE lessons. I look forward to updating you all again soon.

Update from Bridging the Gap – Royal Oldham Hospital:

Since starting college after the Summer break, all the Bridging the Gap students have started working at their work placements. Everyone is doing really well gaining new transferable skills and getting to know their new work teams. We have completed all training which needs to take place before starting placements at the hospital which can be quite intense and all the students represented themselves and the college really well during these training courses.

Kai Lusty has started working in the laundry department, he is gaining new work skills such as sorting the wet laundry into the correct cages, working on the drying machines and getting all laundry through the machine at speed. Kai is a great worker and is showing great potential within the laundry.

Christian has started his placement in the post room. Christian is enjoying getting to know the routes which he needs to learn for the job and working around the hospital as well as all the different staff he is working with.

Pete has come back for another year on Bridging the Gap and has returned to complete a term in the Kitchen, Pete is working on learning new skills as well as completing jobs which he is comfortable with and can work unsupervised. Pete is enjoying being back with the staff in the kitchen and has built up good working relationships with the staff he works alongside.

Kai Lister has been placed in the cafe royal and is enjoying working within a big team. Kai is learning the basics of working in the café and is doing a good job cleaning tables for the staff and customers to use as well as replenishing stock. These are both very important jobs for Kai to do well, and helps the café work efficiently.

All students are settling in well after a long break from education for the summer. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Our week finished with a trip to Oldham Theatre Workshop:

On Friday the students from Lumenus, Activ8 and Digital attended the Oldham Theatre Workshop to watch ‘Standard Day’. This was a Theatre in Education piece based around mental health and it focused on 4 characters who had different experiences throughout the Covid pandemic. The actors explored the characters through music, song, drama and physical theatre.

‘Standard Day’ addressed many issues that the students could relate to, which made the piece interesting to watch. They were able to give the characters advice and received guidance and support from the actors.

A wonderful way to spend the morning, being entertained and learning something. The students thoroughly enjoyed the piece and were able to ask questions to the cast after the performance.

Have a good weekend



Rebeckah & the NBC Team




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