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A Busy One…


I’m not quite sure where this week has gone, but it has been a busy one.

The highlight of the week for me is popping into some lessons and talking to the students about their work. Edward showed me the Star Wars memorabilia he had created in Digit4l and Shaan read aloud his letter to his future self for me in his English lesson:

“I hope you are keeping up with your personal goals…If so I am very proud of you.”

As you know, we have faced some Covid 19 challenges towards the end of the week and I would encourage all students to continue to test twice weekly.


Digital update

Digi Blog

“As the weeks move on, the Digit4ll Pathway has been making progress in some areas that are critical to the Young Enterprise project that we undertake every year. One of those being the inputting of data into a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel. This area is vital when it comes to keeping records of what has been spent on stock and how much has been taken in sales in order to work out profit and costs at the end of the year.

As well as this, we have now acquired a brand-new mug printing machine! This is because last year we had two orders that each required over 200 printed mugs. At the time we only had our original machine that printed one mug at a time so this meant that a lot of time was taken up on the manual side of the job – placing a mug in the machine, printing it, removing it and replacing it with another. Due to this we decided to expand and after pricing up various printers on line we ordered a mug printing machine that prints five mugs at once! This will cut down our production time, allowing us to take on more orders. So, if anyone requires any personalised mugs, be sure to contact us at:


In addition to our usual products, Mrs Joubert’s group have begun experimenting with another possible product using resin in moulds and are currently coming up with clocks made out of that material! Stay posted for further info on that!”


Pre Intern 2 update

“Over the past couple of weeks our Pre-Interns have been settling into college life, learning all the new routines and expectations. Our staff team have been amazed with how enthusiastic our students have been to start their work placements.

In our group sessions we have covered a lot of the skills and qualities needed to be successful at work and already our students have demonstrated a good understanding of work expectations and social etiquette.

In our classroom sessions some of our students have started their first unit towards their Employability qualification ( Developing Inter Personal Skills) with a focus on what can cause stress, how it affects our bodies and what strategies can be used to help combat stress and ease anxieties.

For our students who are still waiting to go on work placement, they have been working on their CV’s and helping the Teaching staff with admin tasks.

I would like to give a special mention to Suhan and Kian for being very patient and understanding with the delay of their work placement. Well done guys, you have both been amazing!”


Over to Tish who has a update regarding our students at David Lloyd

“Our Pre- Internship students have settled in very well at their placement, David Lloyd Clubs, where they are learning valuable work skills for their futures.

The students visited their placement on their first week to have a look around the building and learn some Health and Safety skills such as learning what to do in the event of a fire and keeping themselves safe, plus some aspects of Food Hygiene such as washing hands before serving customers their meals and routine work working front and back of house.

The students also met the staff they will be working with during their first term of attending placement at David Lloyd club.

Charlie and Dante eagerly got to work on the Pot wash area and it was a very busy morning as there were lots of customers who had enjoyed their meals.

Here is Charlie is speaking to a member of the restaurant staff who had asked for more tea pots to be deep cleaned ready to use for the customers. It is great to see our students learning communication skills and providing team work to get the task done.

Damon had made a good impression by using his initiative of using the trolley to take away and transport any used cups and saucers that customers and members had finished using in order to transport them to the back of house for the cups and saucers to be cleaned.

Whilst also stepping up to help serve an external function of 30 people!

Lewis has learnt to multi task by wrapping knives and forks and working with staff to get meals out on time for customers. Lewis was also helping staff to serve meals to 30 people for an external function that had hired the Ivy suite at the club.

Well done to all the students for displaying good customer service and team work skills during your first week of placement, you have demonstrated impressive team work and exceeded expectations.

You are all learning about real life working skills in a busy leisure club environment which will help you in deciding your futures and learning the skills needed for working life.”

Have a restful weekend 


Rebeckah & the NBC Team


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