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Welcome Back!

It has been my first full week at New Bridge College and it has been wonderful to meet and welcome back all the students. I have been lucky enough to visit and even participate in some of the discussions in lessons this week, which earned me a round of applause from our generous Lumenus students! (Some of whom I recognised from when I taught Y7 English at New Bridge School a few years ago…)

This week all of the staff have contributed to the blog to give you a flavour of how busy we have been on site.

Firstly, I would like to introduce our new English Teacher at the College, Mrs Farrell-Jarvis. Here is what she had to say…

“I have absolutely loved my first week at Newbridge College and getting to know our wonderful students. This week we have been working on our speaking and listening skills and getting to know one another playing games such as Two Truth and One Lie and Whodunnit? Over the coming weeks we will be working on the reading and writing elements of the Functional Skills course. I can’t wait to see what the students produce!”

 From Mr Holland:

“Welcome to another new academic year of Mathematics at New Bridge College. We will continue to offer Functional Skills Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications. We are also proposing a GCSE pathway for more capable students. We will also be offering our Entry Level Qualifications, in a more modular format, as trialled, last year, at the Springboard Project. We feel this makes the qualification a little more manageable for our learners. We will continue to offer a qualification in financial maths, via the London Institute of Banking and Finance. Our aim remains to support all of our learners, to reach their highest potential level in Maths. This will open up a wider range of jobs, Apprenticeships and College courses. We welcome all our learners to the new academic year and wish them well.”

Here is the update from The Activ8 Team:

“First of all, I’d like to say a Huge “ Welcome back” to all of our students. Our first day back was all about the students new to college and giving them an introduction into college life. The team became acquainted with some new faces and took part in a few fun activities; what a lovely way to break the ice.

On Tuesday, our year 13 students joined their new team mates and were welcomed back to Activ8, both years 13 and 14 were given full tours of the college campus. The team dove a little deeper into some of the qualifications they will be looking to attain, during their time in the Activ8 pathway. The YMCA Award in Fitness and Physical Activity and the Sports Leadership level two accreditation are the key areas of focus during this academic year. The YMCA Award and the Sports Leadership combined will give students the opportunity to acquire key skills and knowledge necessary to have a career in the fitness industry.

Nutrition and healthy eating were also on the agenda this week. The group discussed the importance of having a balanced diet, and explored the different food groups needed to be healthy. I have to say the team provided some fantastic answers and showed good understanding of the topic. Great Stuff, team!

Over the next couple of weeks, Activ8 will look into the different components of fitness, both in practical and theory lessons, and look a little deeper into the human anatomy. Queens Park, in Rochdale, was our next destination.

We took to the basketball court to shoot some hoops! The objective of the exercise was to gain a better understanding of the rules of the sport, in preparation for Activ8 to officiate a basketball tournament later this year. Whilst out and about, enjoying the weather, Mr. Lawrence and the team worked on the 3 areas of a warm-up, a pulse raiser, stretching and sport specific drills. Corey was fantastic during this exercise, giving answers at every opportunity and using a good, clear voice. Top man, Corey!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is another accreditation available to Activ8 students. We made another trip to Rochdale for this week’s expedition, again taking advantage of the lovely weather. This time, however, we visited and took a nice walk around Hollingworth Lake.

As part of the DofE qualification, students will need to undertake several hours of voluntary work. Our students will volunteer, helping people who are less fortunate and the elderly. Activ8 voted for this unanimously, showing a positive attitude towards helping others. Our students wanted to make a commitment to a worthy cause; I’m sure you’ll agree that this ticks all the boxes. That’s the spirit, Activ8!

In an effort to get students more familiar with the surroundings and promote independence, we embarked on a short trip around the town centre, exploring different shops and other areas of interest. Our hope is that this will give students more confidence in becoming independent.

Last, but certainly not least, our students undertook an introduction into Kickboxing and had a meet and greet with their kickboxing instructor, Steve, at Isaan gym. Activ8 will make the short trip to Isaan gym each week, for the next ten weeks. Students will work on different techniques and have tons of fun, working with Steve. The staff team look forward to updating you on the progress of all our students.”

Welcome to another year of Digit4ll from Mr. Handrick and Mr. Slater:

“We are still based at New Bridge College in Oldham and have begun this new term by letting the latest additions to the pathway settle themselves in and get acquainted with the students who are still on the pathway from the previous year.

The main topic of conversation has been the Young Enterprise project. An opportunity for the students to create their own business, open a bank account and come up with a product that can be made here at the college and sold for a profit. Once the end of the year comes around, we count up the takings, divide up the cash and, if past years are anything to go by – everybody comes out smiling!

So, keep your eyes open for the new product – and remember that we still produce our old favourites…

– personalised mugs, canvases, key rings etc.”

Digit4ll 1


“Hello everyone & welcome back to a new term in Lumenus. We are so glad to have everyone back in college. We hope everyone had a lovely summer holiday. On Monday Mrs Sarwar welcomed our new year 12 students and they had a day to settle in before we were joined by year 13 on Tuesday.

We were off timetable for these two days and students did lots of ice breaker activities and got to know the other students and staff too. We also did a tour of the building and got to say hello to everyone which was lovely as Covid 19 rules have eased a little.

For the rest of the week we were back on timetable and Wednesday and Thursdays are Pathway days with Mrs Preston. On Wednesday students were introduced to the pathway – what they will be learning and participating in over the academic year. They played lots of warm up and icebreaker games to start off the day. After break, Mrs Preston did an activity around devising fairytales where students were asked to create freeze frames from the traditional fairytales.

On Thursday, we started off the pathway day with some meditation.

After break we warmed up our vocal chords. To do this we worked in pairs and practised tongue twisters. Students and staff had so much fun doing this! In the afternoon students started work on their Bronze and Silver Arts Award.

We have had an amazing first week back. We can’t wait to catch up with you all soon.”

Pre-Internship 1

“It has been a busy week with our new Pre-Internship students. They have transitioned and settled in very well. Staff and students have spent time getting to know each other and we have talked about Our Code of Conduct and Professionalism in the Work Place.

Also, we learnt to self-analyse our attributes and discussed what we appreciate about others.

Students also enjoyed a trip into Oldham town centre to buy tea and coffee supplies. On the way the students identified different businesses and talked of job roles and responsibilities.

Students also went out with their job coaches to visit work placements at the Atrium café and David Lloyd Clubs, Middleton.”

Pre-Internship 2

“Welcome back to what is hopefully going to be a ‘normal’ term resulting in more freedom, less restrictions and many positive learning experiences for the students. It’s been a challenging time but we are looking forward to a more positive outlook on things to come.

This term with the Pre-Internship pathway we are looking to work towards building the student’s development and Interpersonal skills. This unit will cover a varied range of learning outcomes such as; knowing own strengths and weaknesses, understanding time management, knowing how to recognise stress, understanding different types of criticism, understanding confident behaviour and what is meant by ‘body language’ as well how to understand the differences between aggressive, passive and assertive behaviour. All these skills will be put to use when accessing placements.

Some of our amazing placements are looking to resume next week with the Atrium, Roxy Café and David Lloyd: keep an eye out for pictures on the upcoming blogs.

I will leave you with what some of our students have said below about starting and returning back to the college…”

‘’My first week back has been different because I hardly know anyone In my class unlike last year I knew a lot of people. I feel like a little bit of role model because I was here last year so my goal is to make sure I help everyone in this class to get something good out of this year. We are going to have our ups and downs but we are a team so we will go through it. I can’t wait to start back at work placements. Everyone in my class has got a bright future ahead of them’’

‘’My first week at Newbridge college has been an amazing experience because I feel more grown up here and feel I can talk to the staff. I like that I can go out and buy my dinner in Oldham Town Centre. I am enjoying being in the class I am in right now, I can’t wait to start placements in the future’’

‘’When I started at the new college I wasn’t as nervous as I was when I started at Hollinwood Academy, this is because most of my friends from that school have come to college too. Since my friends have come to the college I quickly became used to the changes’’

‘’My first week at college I was nervous at first but once I came and I made new friends I have loved it, I am excited for placements and I am happy to make new friends’’

From Genna and Hayley at Bridging the Gap:

“Welcome back to our Bridging the Gap 2021-2022! This year we have our new cohort of students who will be working at Royal Oldham Hospital and Manchester Metropolitan University.

It has already been a busy week and our students have had to take in a lot of information already, including Food Safety and Fire and Evacuation training.


Here are some pictures of Kai, Peter, Christian and our other Kai trying out the fire extinguisher! They also needed someone to volunteer to go down the stairs in a chair and they all very nicely volunteered me for this…thanks team! Really appreciated that! At Royal Oldham Hospital we are two training sessions down …only another 11 to go!

Pedro, Morgan, James and Josh will be heading down to MMU next week for their training and we are all looking forward to starting our placements soon!

As you can see there is lots going on!

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Rebeckah Hollingsworth & the NBC Team


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