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Welcome to another week.

This week our staff teams have continued to make contact but some have also been and made some socially distanced home visits. From speaking to staff they were themselves looking forward to seeing our young people as it has been such a long time.

One of the socially distanced visits was to Poppy who celebrated her birthday in lockdown – Mrs Moss went to visit her with a fantastic cake. Here’s Ms Begum with some more from the Lumenus group.

We hope everyone is well and safe! Lumenus students have been keeping busy at home with their families. We have had a birthday in Lumenus this week.. Happy Birthday to Poppy!

Poppy has celebrated her 17th birthday in lockdown with her family and Mrs Moss even delivered a special birthday cake to her door! The cake was decorated with Poppy’s favourite singer Freddie Mercury! We hope you had a lovely birthday Poppy.

Beth has been out for walks with her mum, enjoying the fresh air and nature!

She has also been reading Andrew Lloyd Webber’s book Unmasked and has finally completed it! if you didn’t already know, Beth is a very big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber so completing the book is bittersweet for Beth! How will she keep herself entertained now? 

We are missing all our students very much, we hope to see you all soon. Keep dancing and singing and take care!

As we move to the end of term, staff will continue to touch base with you all and I’m sure you will even have a visit from one of the staff team. Our pastoral team Mrs Nelson and Mrs Needham have been keeping in touch with you all too. Mrs Nelson has been supporting families with the free school meals vouchers – if you are struggling at all with these, please do get in touch with her.

We are also introducing ourselves to our new families that are going to be joining us. We have updated the Medtia welcome booklet and Mr Bright and Mr Handrick have also created a virtual tour of the building, you can find these here. Thank you to them both. Please have a look if you would like to familiarise yourself with the place.

Currently I have continued to work on our risk assessment about the premises and the staff are working on what the curriculum offer will entail when we can have more students back with us. As you can understand, and from previous messages from Graham, we are all working to ensure this is right and safe for us all.

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend.

Take care,

Jaina and the Team

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