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I hope you are all keeping well and managing during these unusual times. You could not have missed that today is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Last night, along with many others I expect, I watched the TV programme ‘Dame Vera Lynn: We’ll Meet Again’. What was made very clear, was the impact she had on so many people both for the forces fighting abroad and for the families left at home in the UK. I have to admit I shed a tear when I watched the veterans reflect on their times in the war and on how Vera Lynn helped them connect with their loved ones back home. They are definitely true heroes.

People have drawn some comparisons to where we find ourselves today in as much as many of us cannot see our families and friends. Of course, we cannot really compare today’s situation with 6 years of war, however the song ‘We’ll Meet Again’ seems to draw resonance to the lockdown we are currently living in today. I guess it’s the message we are trying to give all our students, that there will come a time when they’ll be able to return to the Learning Centre to see their friends and the staff team, even though it will probably look and feel very different..

We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where, don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again
Some sunny day

What I think is inspiring and similar in part to during the war is that we are seeing ordinary people do extraordinary things for the sake of others. We are currently running a ‘Big Art’ Competition entitled ‘Everyday Heroes’ and I look forward to sharing the pictures in the weeks to come – don’t forget to send your entries in!

What I am sure is that if we had been in college this week, we would have been all joining in with the VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations. Our students have a huge capacity for showing respect to and caring for others and I know they would have done all who fought in WW2 proud!nWe only need to recall last year’s ‘Learning Centre street party’ (missing the cakes!!!)

The Learning Centre students, led by the Student Council, have always taken time to raise money for a variety of charities and this has been put on temporary hold. I am exploring whether we can hold a virtual Student Council meeting to agree and plan a specific Learning Centre, long distance fundraising event. I will keep you informed.

I know lots of families will be marking the 75th anniversary of VE Day today and I’d love to see what you’ve all been up to, so please send in any pictures or videos of your own VE Day and I’ll put an iMovie together for next week’s blog. I may also include some photos showing what the Learning Centre staff have been up to! Sabeel was at the school site today and helped make the food for their street party..

A number of concerns have been raised by families through the weekly courtesy calls about reports in the news around the opening of schools and the safety of their children. We are of course continuing to follow government and scientific guidance; however, I’d like to reassure families that however we move forward, the safety of our students and staff remains our key priority as it will always be.

To finish, I’d like to announce another Learning Centre competition, this time it’s for all you ‘green fingered’ people to get out your gardening gloves and join in our ‘GROW YOUR OWN SUNFLOWER COMPETITION’

Please let me know if you would like to take part and we will send out your sunflower seeds. You can either email me directly on dallison@newbridgegroup.org or let staff know when they ring this week.

There is still time to enter the design competition too if you would like to make your own short film thanking the NHS on your iPad..

Have a lovely weekend,


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