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This week we welcomed Samantha Uttley and Sheenagh Power Hollis from the Service delivery Specialist School Nursing Team HCA to deliver the second and final hand washing session for Learning Centre students.
These sessions have been planned for a while, however the timing couldn’t be more appropriate as we continue to monitor daily updates and advice from Public Health England and the Department for Education around the Coronavirus.

Samantha Uttley has asked that we share the following report as it may offer reassurance to Parents and Guardians in light of the virus.

Health promotion in school is really important and as a school nursing service working with special needs children with varying degrees of learning difficulties, we prepared sessions that were interactive and met the needs of all the students. The aim of the session was to:

  • Introduce why it’s important to wash your hands
  • Show how to wash your hands correctly
  • Discuss/demonstrate cross infection
  • Promote key times when to wash your hands (after the bathroom, before you eat, etc.)

The students participated in a hand washing session where they were shown the correct way to wash hands, informed about bugs and bacteria and the effects this can have on your body and when it’s the most important to wash your hands like after the bathroom or before you eat food.

We used a light box and disclosing cream, which under the light demonstrates unwashed areas on the hands where germs could potentially start to grow. The students loved this activity and were keen to have a go under the light box..

As a school nursing team, we are delighted that the students know and understand the importance of hand washing and that it can impact on your health and hopefully reduce the numbers of absent unwell students in college and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Student feedback:

  • “I liked washing my hands they were cleaner than my teachers”
  • “I understand that if I wash my hands the germs will go away”
  • “Cause we have to wash our hands it’s very important”
  • “Wash your hands so you don’t get sick”
  • “The lesson was fun”
  • “I will remember to wash my hands”

Final words of advice:

  • Make sure you wash your hands for as long as it takes to sign “Happy Birthday to you” twice and dry them thoroughly.
  • Remember the very important times to wash your hands: before food, after visiting the bathroom, touching animals, if you blow your nose or sneeze.

Thanks to Nursing team for their time and support. We look forward to future sessions around personal hygiene, healthy eating and teeth brushing in ‘National Smile Week’.

Back to other Learning Centre events this week. I was very impressed by two of the Activ8 students, who led Tuesday’s sports option in Mr. Lawrence’s absence.

It was clear that Jojo and Brandon had listened to Mr. Lawrence and also observed how he interacted and taught the students within an activity. They led the session with confidence and warmth, with all the Learning Centre students responding positively and clearly enjoying playing hockey.

Well done and thank you guys! Look out Mr Lawrence… They’re good!

Next week, our Year 13 students are away for their Calvert residential trip. Do remember all your gear, have a go at absolutely everything and I know you’ll have a great time. Here’s hoping for good weather!!

Have a great weekend,


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