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This week some of our students were joined by the team from Young Enterprise who led on a morning of workshops entitled ‘Learn to Earn’.

The aim of the ‘Learn to Earn’ programme is to inspire students and provide information on career options to help them make informed choices, preparing them for future destinations. Students can engage in a range of hands on activities including role play interviews and board games to help them understand the importance of education and explore themes around career choices, personal skills, job interviews, financial planning and budgeting. Students are able to learn about their own strengths, build greater self-awareness and explore possible career options. The workshops are designed to help students set future goals and signpost them to where they can get further information, advice and guidance.

Here’s a report from Mrs Wilkinson who supported Lewis, Matthew, Elleana, Terry, Yusra, Jordan Y, Joe and Kyle for all the sessions..

The first session before break was all about the dreams and aspirations. The students were asked to say what they thought would be most important to them in their dream world. They were then given a sheet upon which they ‘identified’ the five most important things to them in their life. All the students engaged in the activity, sharing the reasons for putting love, money, fame etc.

The students were given 60 credits per group, 3 groups of 3, and had to buy small bags of beads which they used to make bracelets, necklaces, anklets and earrings. They then had to haggle with buyers to sell their goods to get a bigger profit than the other groups. The entire time the students could be seen conversing with each other, enjoying all aspects of the assignment, counting ‘money’, working together as a team, gaining in confidence, interacting with the deliverers, learning the art of earning money, etc.

Jordan made an excellent banker and looked after all the money his team made and spent. Joe did a lot of talking and bartering. Lewis J. made lots of items to sell. Yusra was giving the sales pitch to feed to the deliverers, Ellearna was up and down constantly to buy more stock and sell the goods made. One group worked without support but still made a good profit through commitment and team work. Well done to Jason, Regan and Terry!

A big well done to everyone for working so hard!

“I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our time at New Bridge today. The students worked well, were engaged with the programme and communicated well with us and our volunteer Kate from Civica. They seemed to really enjoy the activities, especially the enterprise game! Many thanks all.” ~ Ashley Walker, Area Manager Greater Manchester

For additional information on the ‘Learn to Earn’ programme, please click here.

Two of our students, Ryan and Umer, have started a new work experience placement on Friday mornings at The Guinness Partnership with job coach Tisha. They are really enjoying the work and have been kept extremely busy filling up vending machines, doing the trolley run, stacking up the sandwiches for the lunchtime rush and even preparing the butter for lunchtime (jacket potatoes are extremely popular at Guinness)..

On Monday afternoon we will welcome parents and carers to the Learning Centre Parent Group. All are very welcome and we are looking forward to meeting more parents new to the group. If you would like any further information, please call the Learning Centre.

On Wednesday we are holding our half-termly ‘Well-Being Afternoon’ and I look forward to sharing news of the different activities our students take part in.

Here’s to a great week!


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