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As regular readers of our blogs will know, one of our Digit4ll students, Jordan, has been shortlisted as a Finalist at this week’s British Education Awards 2020 within the Special Achievement category. The award ceremony takes place on Thursday at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester and we are delighted to hand you over to Jordan, who would like to tell you his story so far..

Jordan Coupe: My Journey. My blog.

A long time ago…..

I was in my primary school until year 6, before I moved on for a year and completed and passed my SATs. Primary school was okay, I made friends and learnt new things, which I am grateful for, I enjoyed my time at primary school, from nursery to year 5, then the other school I was at in year 6.

Not so long ago….

Secondary school was also fun but also a struggle. I had issues, I had problems with handling my behaviour and I left in year 9, before Easter.

It was hard to take because I’d made bonds with students and teachers. But I guess the school had to eventually let me go, but I learnt from that and joined another secondary school. I felt I had calmed down a lot. Admittedly when I was at my first secondary school, due to influences online and around me that I had allowed to take in, I had discriminative views of people for being different. It gave me a bad vibe and people started gaining highly negative views about me and that’s not the name I wanted to carry.

Change came.

So I changed. I opened my eyes and learnt that we’re all the same, and different equally. We are on the same planet as a species, no matter of colour or sexuality or religion we are all equal. So with that mentality I learnt to buckle down and get on with it. It was around the time of my GCSEs, so I studied and did extra curricular and ended up passing most of them. I smashed my ICT ECDL (I think it was ECDL), I got a distinction in my PE BTEC and also passed my basic coaching qualification. It wasn’t easy, I had my downs as well as my ups. Ultimately I have to thank my teachers and other pupils for helping me through it. Also of course my mum and my sister for being there for me, and other members of my family.

Right now.

Onto where I am now, I’m currently in my 3rd and final year, and despite having a slightly difficult first year I have vastly improved how I act and I am personally happy with my development and, of course when I’m at college I have to thank my teachers for that, because they are simply amazing. My Mum has also worked with me on improving my anger and reactions. I am currently working at achieving a higher grade in Maths, and also improving my English. I am also currently partaking Work Experience at a local radio station and it’s amazing, the people there are so nice and welcoming.

The diagnosis.

When I was around 16 I was diagnosed with Autism, but I will not let that define me as a person, I want to be seen as the same as everyone else, not get special attention because of my condition. I know special treatment, like disability discounts at events, can be seen as a privilege but I don’t want to be seen as someone who gets through life easy. Life is not easy.

Closing thoughts.

Finally, my interests, I have always loved Space and astronomy and science behind it, my inspiration is Local physicist Professor Brian Cox, who was also brought up near where I live. I also love football and Manchester United is my team, despite its current flaws I will always support them. Music always helps me through my tough times, and I used to play the keyboard. I would love to work around music because right now I’m working on music and I’m currently uploading them to YouTube.

Thank you.

To finish off I would personally like to thank everyone who has ever supported me and helping me along this rocky path, without them I wouldn’t be where I am, I’d probably be in a Young Offenders or prison, so I’m eternally grateful. I want to thank My Mum and my Sister too because as said they’ve helped me, more so my mum but that’s because she’s my mum and in a way it’s what mum’s supposed to do, but she does it perfectly. My teachers and staff of the places of education I’ve been attending have always helped me and as I’ve said, I can’t thank them enough.

So Thank You and I hope I’ve made everyone proud.

Thank you for reading,

Jordan Coupe

Whatever the outcome on Thursday evening, we know that Jordan is already a winner and we are extremely proud of how hard he has worked to achieve his success. We’ll let you know how he gets on!!


We are absolutely delighted to bring you the wonderful news that Jordan was presented with a Special Achievement Award on Thursday..

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