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Whilst experimenting with the iPads has continued this week, we also took further steps to build a sustainable approach to using them that will help us integrate technology into teaching and learning. At the beginning of the week, we were joined by our partners from Apple and Jigsaw24 to review our progress and plan next steps. We’re at a key stage in our project; we are still experimenting with this new technology to see what it can do, whilst also trying to answer the following questions:

  • How can technology help our pupils develop the skills they need to reach the destinations they aspire to?
  • How can the use of technology enhance or transform our approach to teaching and learning?
  • How can technology help us to monitor the progress of our pupils towards their destinations?

As we reviewed our progress this week, we could see that we are beginning to get a clearer understanding of the answers to these questions and establish teaching and learning models that illustrate how the technology can be integrated. This week we also trained our new in-house Apple Trainers, whose role will be to support our staff team to integrate this technology meaningfully into the lessons. It certainly felt like another milestone had been reached on our journey this week and the stage is being set for another exciting chapter in our technological adventure!

This week we take a closer look at one of our Year 8 classes. In 8AFR/LFS ‘Learning for Life’ lessons, the pupils have been giving a presentation to the rest of their class around what hobbies they have and special events that have happened to them.

Khadija – “I brought in a book of photographs from when I was born and showed everyone my family and some holidays that I have been on. I liked standing up at the front and telling everyone about me.”

Natalia – “I do Troupe Dancing with Premier Diamonds. I talked about what I do, showed everyone photos on the internet and brought in some dance costumes. Then I showed everyone how I danced.”

Katie – “I talked to everyone about my life from when I was born and had to go into hospital and about my old school and all the friends I made there.”

Alex – “I told everyone about my hobbies of Karate, Dance and Drama and about my sister. I brought my trophies in that I got in Karate and Drama. I am very proud of them.”

The class have also enjoyed learning how to work together and the importance of teamwork, turn taking and respect for each other..

Now for news from Mr Smith of our first inter school basketball competition at New Bridge!

On Wednesday we held our New Bridge Basketball Tournament and welcomed no fewer than 10 teams to the competition:

  • New Bridge School Key Stage 3
  • Hollinwood Academy
  • Radclyffe School
  • Redwood School
  • New Bridge Activ8 Key Stage 4
  • Pioneer House
  • Springboard Project 
  • Castle Hill
  • New Bridge School Key Stage 4
  • Activ8 Medtia

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the schools who attended the competition and the students who did each school proud. The quality of basketball which was played was outstanding and very exciting to watch – sometimes nail biting because the games were so tightly matched!

Students from Activ8 Medtia and Springboard officiated the event and they did an amazing job in controlling the games and dealing with tricky situations.

Congratulations to the winners of the Key Stage 3 tournament, Hollinwood Academy, and the Key Stage 4 tournament, the Springboard Project!

I am delighted that over 100 students took part in the basketball tournament and I am looking forward to arranging the next event!

I hope you all have a good week,


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