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Well, today has been a unique day because one of our Digit4ll students led a protest outside our building to raise awareness of climate change and to stand in solidarity with other students across the world who are protesting to ensure governments act now on this global issue.

I really feel very proud of our students today who, off their own backs, decided to make a stand. Jordan eloquently presented his case by talking to each class and by showing a film from Channel 4 News (click here to view it).

The students then stood together in front of the building for an hour this morning with their placards and signs and were positively supported by passers-by who were cheering and beeping their horns..

It is amazing to see the passion of our students around this matter. It is the key focus of their Sea Clear enterprise this year, creating environmentally friendly bags to reduce plastic pollution (click here to visit their website for more details). The students were at the Trafford Centre yesterday to sell their products and came away with yet another award! Over to Digit4ll for an update..

We had a BRILLIANT day at the Young Enterprise Trade Fair at the Trafford Centre!!! We got there early and ‘bagged’ (yes, we know!) a prime spot, set up our stall and were able to tell the public all about our fantastic strong, reusable cotton bags that can help cut plastic pollution and support Plastic Oceans UK..

The judges were very impressed both by our environmentally friendly bags and by how much we’ve learnt about running our own enterprise and the dangers of plastic pollution. They decided our Sea Clear enterprise should win the main award of the day – ‘Highly Commended.’ We were up against schools and colleges from across Greater Manchester, so we’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves!!!

Thanks very much to Mr Handrick, Mr Slater and Mr Bright for all their support – roll on the Young Enterprise finals!!!!!!!

Now over to Lumenus for an update on their interview earlier this week with two professional actors – one of whom you may recognise!!

Lumenus were very excited on Monday when they had the opportunity to interview two professional actors, our very own Leon Harrop and his screen mum from The A Word, ‘Pooky’ Quesnel.

Leon was in Lumenus for two academic years from 2009 – 2011. He got his first break on TV whilst in Lumenus on ‘The Street.’ Miss Wilson got a call from a casting agency who needed an actor and we sent three students along. In total there were sixteen contenders but Leon got the part and, as they say, the rest is history. Leon has continued to work ever since, his credits include The Street, From Here to There and The A Word.

Pooky, who is a Manchester born stage and screen actress, screen writer and singer met Leon when playing his mum in The A Word. She read English at Oxford before attending drama school for a year. Amongst her highly successful TV work she is known for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016), Great Expectations (2012) and Paradox (2009).

As part their Arts Award accreditation, Lumenus students research the work of performing arts practitioners. The interview took place at Oldham Theatre Workshop in Studio 1 and the fabulous Digit4ll filmed the whole process which will be used as evidence for their accreditation. It was such a great opportunity to interview two successful actors, who were very open and honest in their responses to the interview questions..

The students found the experience informative and inspirational. Leon gave good advice and lots of encouragement to the students wishing to pursue an acting career. After the interview, Lumenus had the opportunity to perform their Everyday Hero piece to Leon and Pooky and it was very well received.

Thank you so much to Leon and Pooky for making the time to visit us, to Digit4ll and Mr Handrick for filming and Miss Wilson for organising this opportunity.

This week we follow one of our Pre Intern students for our ‘Day in the life of’ feature – over to you, Josie..

A day in the life of Josie
Pre Internship Pathway

My placement is at the Premier Inn and I go there on a Tuesday and Wednesday. My role is to help assist on the housekeeping team in making the rooms up.

I start my day by putting my belongings away. I then speak to Lynsey to see who I am working with. Today I am working with Sarah and I am going to help her complete the Gold Route.

When cleaning the rooms, we have to knock on the door twice and say ‘housekeeping’ to make sure that there are no guests in the rooms or, if there are, that they are aware of us entering if they want us to..

We then enter the rooms if there is no one in them and I open the curtains and windows to let some fresh air in. I make sure I empty any rubbish in the bins and check the kettle to make sure that there is no leftover water in.

I then start to clean all the surfaces, starting by the beds, and make sure that I get rid of any dust. I clean the table over next before cleaning all the doors down last.

I then start to help and clean the bathrooms. I begin by making sure all the tiles are cleaned down and I make sure that I get the correct cleaner to use and the correct cloth.

Once I have done that, I make sure the floor is nice and clean..

The last job in each room is to hoover! I make sure that I start at the far end of the room and work my way out so that the room is a clean as possible for the next customer..

I help Sarah with as many rooms as I can before it is time to go back to Medtia with my job coach and talk to the other students about how our days have been. 

Congratulations to Luka who has been awarded ‘Worker of the Week’ for learning how to use the barista machine to make different coffees and also for being able to work independently. Well done Luka!

All in all, a brilliant week and a fantastic end to our half term! Just to remind you that on Monday 25th we are closed for a staff training day. Students are back in on Tuesday 26th (please click here if you need a reminder of our term dates) and I will see you all then! Have a fantastic half term. I shall be spending it in Thailand- here’s hoping for better weather than Oldham!

Head of Key Stage 5 Pathways

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