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We thought you might like to hear what the students at New Bridge have been busy with this term in Art, Dance and Drama, learning new skills and exploring the professional work of artists. Our young people will be creating pieces of work for performance and display for our Winter Showcase on 13th December.

Year 7
In Dance and Drama students have begun to look at the basic skills of Drama and Dance before starting on Pantomime after half term. In January there will be a trip for pupils studying Pantomime to see Cinderella at The Oldham Coliseum ~ more info to follow!

In Art students are recapping over colour and pattern ensuring accurate baseline assessments are complete before moving onto experimental projects using colour mixing and painting skills.

Year 8
In Dance and Drama students have been learning about Marcel Marceau the famous mime artist and have been inspired by his style of mime and the stereotypical costume he wore. In next term’s work we will be using ‘mime music’ to create a dance performance..

In Art students are exploring Hundertwasser focusing on his landscape and architecture work. They are experimenting with lines and shape and creating work using collaging, as well as watercolour and drawing skills.

Year 9
In Dance and Drama classes have been learning about Masks from Ancient Greece to WWE, and their use in performance, cultures and rituals. Students have been experimenting how to use masks and adhering to ‘Mask Etiquette’. By the end of this half term all students will have designed and decorated their own mask ready to create a mask ‘Hip Hop’ dance inspired by Diversity ready for the showcase at Christmas..

In Art students are looking at developing their skills in mixed media creating self portraits. Students will look at the artist Marian Bolognese and will create their own mixed media pieces using collaging and observational drawing skills.

At Key Stage 4
In Dance and Drama KS4 have been working on developing their knowledge and understanding of basic skills in preparation to create a piece of drama and movement for the Christmas production. Students have looked at the work of Shakespeare and modern day interpretations and have commenced preparing evidence for Arts Award Explore and Bronze.

In Art students are preparing work for an installation at the Learning Centre Gallery in the New Year inspired by the four seasons. This term students have created work in response to Autumn exploring the colours, textures and sounds around them.

At Key Stage 5
In Dance and Drama at KS5 students have continued to develop their skills in drama and dance taking part in workshops covering both, reminding students of keywords and practical skills to prepare them ready for a performance they are completing in response to the film CoCo and the musical Hamilton.

In the Art accreditation group students are either beginning their first project in response to a brief or completing any outstanding project work in preparation for their exam prep work to commence in the new year. Students are working extremely hard, especially those new to the course, to ensure they meet the assessment objectives in all their work.

Autism Base students as a whole department are looking at magical stories and this term have been completing either Harry Potter Yoga classes or costumes and props work inspired by those used in the famous films. We are looking forward to their film footage at Christmas..

In addition to the curriculum offer, we are very happy to be working with Touchdown Dance Company for the third year of their Children In Need funded programme supporting learners in transition and adapting to change using Dance Movement Therapy practice. A select group of new Year 7 students have engaged in this programme this term and we look forward to working with them into the next year.

Music students in Year 9 are working on paraparetic music skills choosing an instrument to develop their performance skills. The drums are very popular, but some students have opted to play the guitar. Zeina Din in particular has excelled in this endeavour (and plays his guitar incessantly!)

Music students in Key Stage 4 options are developing their musical skills in sound scapes and musical compositions activities. Students enjoy recreating sounds with musical instruments..

In preparation for Halloween, we have also been singing the song ‘Pass the Pumpkin’, improvising somewhat with the pumpkin!

Students in Key Stage 5 options are working towards their Arts Award Discover, focusing on their choices of popular music. Students are learning about music they enjoy (a lot of bubble gum pop!) and exploring new styles of music..

We look forward to seeing you at our Christmas Showcase!


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