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Unfortunately Daniel has not been in this week (we hope he is feeling much better!) but we still have news of our students to share with you. Mrs Preston has an update on our Performing Arts pathway..

This week in Lumenus we have been very creative and busy. This is our third week of using the facilities at Oldham Theatre Workshop. It is just a 5 minute walk from Medtia and we spend most of the week here – Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We have been practising our play called ‘Belong’ since the start of term in preparation for filming..

We need to send this off to SSAT to see if we get chosen to perform at their conference in Birmingham at the end of this term! On Monday Digit4ll came to film us. After finding the perfect lighting, the performance was filmed and in one take too! Fingers crossed we get through!

Lumenus are getting into their Employability lessons and have been researching lots of jobs in the Arts industry.

On Wednesdays Key Stage 4 Lumenus join us at Oldham Theatre Workshop. On Wednesday mornings we also join a group called Chrysalsis. Chrysalis Theatre Company is a theatre group for adults with learning disabilities and their carers. This week Lumenus delivered theatre games to Chrysalis.

On Thursdays we have been working towards our accreditation and developing acting skills. This week we have been improving our vocal skills and how to use a range of tones in different roles.

We are really enjoying our town centre base!

For our ‘a day in the life of’ feature this week, we hand you over to Mr Handrick to find out more about Jordan, a member of the Digit4ll Key Stage 5 pathway based at the Medtia site. Jordan is on his second year of the pathway and enjoys the creative side of ICT. On Wednesday, we followed Jordan in his daily activities to give you a little insight into what is involved during a day in the life of a pupil on the pathway..

A day in the life of Jordan
Key Stage 5 Digit4ll Pathway

Jordan arrives for the day ahead. He normally arrives with a smile but today he decided to play a little a joke on the staff that he was unhappy..

As a group, we are fine-tuning our focus in our business plans. Jordan is creating a management structure for the workers..

It can’t all be work, work, work. Some of the best ideas come by letting yourself unwind and having a bit of ‘me time’. There is a knack to playing on the pool table at Medtia (it has been reported that Eddie the Eagle could train to do some of his ski jumps on the slant, very impressive)..

Back to work. Mr Slater is showing the class how we resize the images that you send us all for the personalised canvas prints we do. However, just because your all singing, all dancing ‘smart phone’ says it can it do it all, we can only blow up your images so far before they pixelate..

Learning new skills in the editing suite. A small film crew filmed our friends in Lumenus this week in a performance. It was then put in the hands of our editing team. Jordan is working hard to edit between multiple cameras..

All in a day’s work..

We hope you enjoyed this little insight into the day of a pupil on the Digit4ll Key Stage 5 pathway as much as we enjoyed showing you all. Have a good weekend.

Some more members of Digit4ll have been busy over at First Choice Homes in the Atrium café with our job coach, Nicola Kirkland. Let’s find out what they’ve been up to..

This week we have had a new group of students trying work experience at the Atrium Café, Eliot, Matthew and Josh..

At the start of their shift they said hello to the staff working in the café and introduced themselves, washed their hands and put on their aprons. The first job that needed to be done was replenishing the milk, tea, coffee and sugar in the office kitchens. After collecting the supplies from the café, they loaded the items onto the trolley..

They took the trolley to the kitchens located on the different floors of the offices where they decided what needed replenishing. Before they could fill up the fridges with the fresh milk, they had to read the dates on the older milk to check that it was still in date and ok to use..

When they has had finished re-stocking each kitchen, they took it in turns to tick the replenished items off on the stock list..

This was the first time Eliot, Josh and Matthew has done this job and I was impressed with how well they worked together as a team, supporting each other and conducting themselves in a professional manner.

Some other tasks Josh, Matthew and Eliot tried were wrapping cutlery..

..using the iPad to input the takings..

..and getting the desserts ready for the students from Medtia..

Once the lads had finished their jobs, they filled in their diaries and agreed on some targets that they will work towards over the coming weeks..

Well done Josh, Mathew and Eliot, you were all fantastic – keep up the good work!

Finally, we were delighted to welcome families to our Macmillan coffee morning on Friday, it was lovely to see you..

Thank you to every who helped provide the delicious cakes, we’ll let you know how much we raised next week.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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