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Hello and welcome back to a new term and a new year at New Bridge School. We hope you’ve all found some time over the summer to relax and enjoy a holiday in whatever way that might be.

On Tuesday we welcomed our pupils and students back into school. At the school site our staff team were on hand to meet and greet the children as they arrived sporting crisp new uniforms and looking very smart indeed. One group of pupils in particular received a very special welcome and this was our Year 7 pupils. There was a brilliant mix of excitement, anxiety and uncertainty on their faces as they walked through the front door; excited to be starting a new school, anxious because everything is new and uncertain about where they should be or what they should be doing.

In preparation, staff from each class team were there to meet the children on arrival, welcome them to their new form group and settle them in to their first day. That’s not to say the rest of our pupils weren’t also experiencing similar feelings on their first day back. Moving to a new year group, a new form group and a new timetable can also be an exciting but anxious and uncertain experience, so our class teams across the rest of our year groups were equally there to welcome their new classes, deal with any questions and focus the pupils on the year ahead.

We thought you might like to hear from some of our new Year 7 pupils, sharing with you their thoughts on their first week at New Bridge School..

  • New Bridge is absolutely amazing! I loved swimming – Harrison
  • I was a bit nervous on the first day but I made new friends and it made me feel happy – Yunus
  • Good fun time at school! – Nayem
  • I like my teachers because they are kind – Amy-Louise

At the Learning Centre, our Year 12 students have had a really positive start, settling in well and enjoying the college atmosphere. It has been lovely to meet new parents and carers this week and we hope we have been able to reassure you during what we know can be an anxious time. We’d also like to thank our older students for helping our Year 12 students feel at home..

  • My first week has been fun. I’ve made some new friends – Ellearna
  • I’ve had a good week. I’ve liked seeing my old friends. I’ve met new staff and I like them – Harry

  • Thank you to my friends for helping me this week – Joseph

  • I like the Learning Centre. My friends are here. I’m happy. The staff are nice, they help me – Jasmine
  • I’ve made new friends. The staff are kind. ICT is really good – Terry
  • I’ve really enjoyed this week. My favourite lesson is English, I like my teacher – Cordelia
  • I like the Learning Centre. I like wearing my own clothes every day, it’s better than wearing uniform. I’ve enjoyed doing PE with Mr Smith – Jacob

Mrs Holland’s Year 7 class played a game to represent the importance of teamwork. The children had to get the hoop completely around the circle without letting go of their team mate’s hand. They each offered support along the way….and had a lot of fun too!

Miss Silvester’s class got straight down to work!

We’ve had a hectic first week back but we’ve got straight in to our theme this term, The Greatest Showman. We have started looking at all things circus, trying out all kinds of different activities including tightrope walking and juggling..


We have also looked at ‘A million dreams’ and created the worlds that we see and then combined all of them together to make one big world for our display..

We have started to look at money in Maths so we can move on to buying our tickets for our very own circus!

We’re aware of the difficulties with transport as students move into Key Stage 5 and would like to remind you that the Learning Centre opens its doors at 8am to support independent travellers, parents and carers.

Remember, if you have any questions we are here to help. We are looking forward to making this exciting journey with all our young people and families – roll on Monday!

See you next week,

Gavin and Dawn

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