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Welcome once more to New Bridge Holiday Club here on Friday, where we have more fun filled photographs for you to see!

One of the first activities this morning is our ever popular bouncy castle..

Maybe it’s a little early on in the day for so much energy, lads?

Next up we have another activity that is gaining quite a following recently – Latin Fitness! Junaid and Sophie get to grips with their footwork..

Junaid prefers to go for the big lift, though!

That has to be a “ten from Len!”

Then it’s time for some artful creativity in painting the Summer Sharks. Many hands make light work – Harry and Cordelia have got it sorted!

Rose and Anthony are enjoying putting their artistic talents to the test too..

..and Sarah-Jane is giving her full attention to her creation – fully focused on the job at hand!

On our first visit of the day to the ICT room, FIFA is working its magic already..

..while Cordelia and Miss Butler make a great team when it comes to driving games!

Patrick is just happy soaking up the atmosphere!!

As always, the swimming pool is providing endless fun and entertainment during holiday club!

As these boys will tell you – the pool is definitely the place to be!!

In Girls World, Sophie and Rose do a great job of turning their mannequins into stunning beauties..

Junaid and Aysha decide that seeing as it’s Friday, they’ll go for the foot-spa and cooling fan. Good choice!

..while trolley dolly Hannah does her best to keep the salon spick and span!!

It’s smiles all round – this must be a five star salon for sure!

In the final FIFA round of the week, Patrick gets his chance against Mr Flanagan – it’s looking close! For everyone else in the ICT room though, it’s time to wind down – isn’t that right, Rose?

Over in soft play, it seems that Zachariah would agree!

..but it looks as though Sheriff’s not ready to quit just yet!

In the theatre we finish off the week here at New Bridge with Sensory and everybody relaxes with a lying out period..

Tahamina is more than happy with that!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s photographs from Holiday Club. Join us again next week for lots more fun and games here at New Bridge  🙂


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