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We’ve had another great day at holiday club! We started the day with Patrick kicking off the front flip competition with an 8.7/10..

Abdul just pips it with a 9.1. Look at that height..

Not as sunny today, but that didn’t stop the boys from going on the scooters. Meanwhile, inside we had a good turnout for Matilda..


although the boys prefered to hang out, they said they’ve seen Matilda already..

Go easy on Mr Hagan guys, he’s a very hungry hippo indeed..

Salman making light work of the jigsaw – we think he’s ready for a 1000 piece one next..

Cordelia insisted on getting a photo after her makeover – we’re not surprised!

Fun and games in ICT..

Mr Hickie, let Tyler have a go please!

Lilly making her name in fanta colour this morning – Leeds United colours Lilly, good choice..

We hope you’re going for the yellow and blue too, Jade..

Junaid – the ultimate chiller..

The guys wishing they would hurry up with the bean bags so they can have a lie down too!

The water was freezing today apparently, for once we’re glad we weren’t joining you..

Staff vs students at water polo, although the staff kept quiet about the score for some reason?

Jacob can’t make his mind up between ICT or football, so decided to multi task..

Kauser giving us a cheeky grin..

..and Serish has found Nemo!

Covy, you’re a bit too young to be driving just yet, aren’t you?

The bouncy castle turned into a royal rumble this afternoon – we’ve no idea where they found the energy from!


We’ll see you all tomorrow for more holiday club fun  🙂


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