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Today saw the start of our Summer Holiday Club which runs for the next 4 weeks. We’ll be bringing you updates of what our young people are getting up to now that lessons are finished..

Wow, what a way to kick off the holiday club!

However, it slowly descended into more of a royal rumble..

Here’s Cordelia looking extremely grown up after having her make up done by the New Bridge professionals..

Next up it was Hajjrah’s turn – looking very beautiful indeed!

Junaid gave us his cheeky trademark grin during foot massage..

..while Harry got involved on Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch (just out of shot is Mr Bloska, trying to catch him up!)

Sean was up to his usual tricks on the computer, exploring the Earth..

2 against 1, boys vs girls….and Ashanti comes out on top. Boys, you’ve let Mr Garbutt down!

It’s far too warm outside, everybody in!!!

Kauser and Anthony stopped for a little chinwag in the pool..

Give us a smile, Joseph!

The lads claimed the best seats in the house for this afternoon’s cinema screening..

Another round of ICT for the boys this afternoon to wind down after swimming. Sean’s looking very relaxed..

The World Cup might be over but fear not, New Bridge have it covered – the next generation coming through..

Sorry Miss Hayes, but whose holiday club is this again?

We’ll leave you with Junaid doing his best impression of the New Bridge staff on Saturday morning..

We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow!!


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