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I should call this week’s blog ‘Nightmare on Dean Street’ – for all the right reasons! Well, we have made it to the end of a very busy 8 week half term and just look at the effort our amazing staff team have made today to see it off in style..

Miss Brown’s class have pestered me for weeks about coming to school on the last day in fancy dress for Halloween. Whilst I don’t normally celebrate this festival I just couldn’t say no to them! Let’s see what the Nurture Group have been up to..

We have had a busy week in the Nurture Group with the boys looking forward to their half term holidays. We have decorated and finished the masks they started last week..

The Nurture Group have gone Halloween crazy this week. In art and craft the boys have made skeletons to decorate the room for Halloween with some colourful results..

In Science the boys have completed the taste test challenge (anyone would think I was trying to poison them!) with different fruits, mini cheddars, spicy monster munch and chocolate. In DT with Mr Pidlyskyj the group used the laser cutter to etch their designs into a piece of wood to make a coaster or wall hanger..

The Halloween theme continued in food technology with the boys decorating cup cakes with pumpkins and ghosts. Well done boys, everyone wanted to eat one..

On Friday the boys ended the half term on a high and came in fancy dress. The classroom had been decorated with their skeletons..

Thanks boys for a great half term and enjoy your week off!

Wow, Nurture Group, you have been busy! George said thank you for his creepy cake that you made him and this morning you have scared the life out of me with your amazing costumes, great team effort!

Without wanting to sound like a broken record, it has been yet another busy week for SBA3..

From one extreme to the other with regards to our baking; out went the medieval snacks and in came dessert heaven in the form of Lewis’ chocolate cake. Forget calories, everything in moderation and all that. Although, Matilda and Bruce Bogtrotter did spring to mind – it was huge, much to the delight of staff and pupils! Last week’s ginger bread may not have got a handshake from Mr Hollywood but this would have easily bagged Lewis the title of star baker!

In Maths we have been thinking more deeply about the addition algorithm and using place value counters to help support our understanding. The boys have used this knowledge to help tackle more in-depth mathematical problems later in the week and have made wonderful progress..

In English the boys have begun draft writing their letters from the perspective of a knight. It has been interesting to read how they feel about going into battle..

This week has been rounded off with a visit to Skipton Castle, allowing pupils the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of castles as well as reflecting on their social skills outside the classroom. They were incredibly well behaved and it was a joy to witness them interact with members of the public with exceptional manners..

Looks like you had so much fun boys – George said thanks for his fridge magnet from Skipton Castle!

Our outreach team have been working hard at Ace Training and Greaves Boxing gym. Look at all of their hard work..

Today we have ended this half term with lots of fun and a visit from the Department of Education. I really love my job and this is why….a great staff team and fantastic pupils..

Happy half term everyone,

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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