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Wow, what a week! This is one you don’t want to miss – what a week it has been for New Bridge but most of all our Activ8. I’m going straight to it….on Wednesday our New Bridge football team took a trip down to the Man. City football academy for the final round of the One City schools league, it was winner takes all!! Arriving with big expectations in mind for some of us, it was the last time to do it and leave with a bang.

The B team played with passion and we saw some great moments, with great skills and wonder goals. Well done to all the B team, they did New Bridge proud!! I’m not going to gloat about me scoring over 10 goals in 6 games because the boys put everything into it, showing the team ethic we had that day. We had Tony scoring, Lewis working his magic, Aaron and Matty solid at the back, Nathan running down the wing twisting and turning like Ronaldinho, Patrick the cat of New Bridge, a David De Gea in the making, and me just collecting the ball upfront and adding the finishing touch.

Which led us onto the final; the tension was high, the boys raring to go and the game began. A lot of people know me as someone who doesn’t like to pass the ball….but the one thing I learned was that if I do, it could make goals – thanks for the finishing touch, Lew! St. Peter’s score 1-1….then Lewis plays the ball in, I take round the defender and finally score with my left foot!!! With a celebration of a 6ft 4 Yorkshire man running at me giving me the biggest hug I’ve ever had. But the drama didn’t end there! With only a minute to go we conceded a penalty, they stepped up……and Patrick made a great save and saved our title clinch for us and was truly the hero of the day. Once the whistle went it was safe to say we went a little crazy, all the boys were hugging each other celebrating because that’s what won the tournament for us, it wasn’t fancy skills, great saves and goal machines…it was a team bond that will never be broken and can’t be broken..

Thanks to Paul Kelly and the guys at CITC for organising such a great event each year and the amazing trophy which me and Matthew lifted together!

Big massive thank you the Claudio Ranieri of New Bridge, Mr Greenway, the Pep Guardiola, Mr Lawrence, the Jose Mourinho in Mr Holban Jr. and the Tony Pulis with his silly hat, Mr Oughton. And the last thing we told people at the end which I also included in one of my celebrations, was that #ITSOKAYTOTALK.

So, that was amazing! Back over to school on Friday when we held a kind of super learning day which was based around different moods. In our base we looked at the Samaritans, looking at different people’s effects of depression and mental health. The key thing we learned is that talking is the best way to help yourself if you’re feeling low or not happy and you need help which benefited me in the past very well because it made me come a long way. Then in the afternoon we held our very own Manchester One Love concert which had a special visit from the Gallagher brothers of New Bridge – Liam rocking his parks and Noel looking great in the shades singing Live Forever..

So that’s it for another great week, 2 more exams to go!!! Haven in one week and then the testimonial which I’m winning! I hope you all have a great week and I’ll leave you with my new catchphrase…

‘Have a great weekend, R kids!’



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