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The last few weeks of term have flown by, we have had so much to celebrate. I’m very proud of the Key Stage 4 boys and girl who have shown real commitment with their exams – they are great role models for our Key Stage 3 pupils.

Year 7 and 8 in SBA2 have completed their work in PSHE on the ‘Disrespect Nobody’ campaign launched by the Home Office:

‘There’s a person attached to every body, respect both.
Healthy relationships are all about respecting each other. You should feel loved, safe and free to be yourself.
Relationships can be confusing and it can be difficult to understand what is and isn’t normal behaviour.
But disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour can come in many forms. It isn’t limited to just physical behaviour; it can also go way beyond that. For example, it’s not OK for someone to try and pressure you into sending a nude pic, or to expect the same things to happen that they’ve seen in a porn film. If someone makes you do something you don’t want to, makes you feel scared, intimidated or tries controlling you, it’s not acceptable and is never OK.’

There are some good video clips on the website here and great resources and advice for young people. It wasn’t an easy topic to talk about but SBA2 were very mature and enjoyed the sessions.

Over in the Nurture Group, the boys have had another busy week..

NK has now joined our group and the boys have worked well, producing lots of work.
On Tuesday while the exams were taking place, Wayne and Mark went for a walk in Heaton Park. Wayne enjoyed feeding the squirrels while Mark played on the slide..

James stayed at school to play sport in the gym. Wayne and James have nearly finished their bird houses in Design Technology with Mr P. and can’t wait to take them home. Well done boys, a fantastic week of achievements!

On Wednesday Mark also represented the school at a Tag Rugby competition in Blackburn along with other Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils and Mr Hopkins and Mr Daly. They worked their socks off and won and we are very proud of all the players!! Callum, Mark, Levi and Callon are looking very serious here..

..before the boys got down to some serious rugby with other members of our Group with some great cross-school teamwork..

Here are the proud medal winners, Mark..



and Matthew..

One very proud and happy team, what a sense of achievement as you can see from their faces..

Leon didn’t want to let go of the trophy and look, he even found the mascot..

What a great day they all had! It was so nice to welcome the boys back to school with their medals, I’ve never seen them as happy. Thanks to Mr Hopkins and Mr Daly for their hard work with the tournament.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award boys have been travelling again, have a look at these fantastic pictures – here is Adam looking down on Dovestone Reservoir..

Matthew looked like he might be ready to jump into this river…

The boys and Mr Hopkins, Mr Daly and little legs Patch all enjoyed the ramble..

..and Brody was loving the great outdoors..

Mr Kemp, Leon and Brody had a great view of the waterfall..

..and here’s Mr Daly smiling again, very happy with his job..

Ethan kept ahead of the crowds and is clearly fitter than Mr Kemp and Mr Daly at the back..

I know I keep threatening but I really would love to come with you one Friday – what a great way to end the week! Kinder Scout was the next adventure the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award boys went on. Mr Daly took his dog Ben on this trip and he certainly looks like he enjoyed the day..

..as did Mr Hopkin’s dog, Patch..

A very long time ago Miss Rodgers remembers doing her Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme there, it was the final leg of the Gold Award – we got lost and walked off the map! Goodness knows where we actually ended up but I can tell you that we slept well that night! Mark and Leon were very careful to read the information displayed about Kinder Scout..

Mark led the way..

..and then had a rest with Patch whilst waiting for the others to catch up..

They had a ramble along the stream..

..or should that be ‘in it’, Leon?

Mark looked the part with his map..

..before climbing up the waterfall..

..and then tackling the gorge..

Mark, Alex and Brody then braved the water, although I’m not sure I would have joined you for that, boys!

Well, that rounds up another busy week at Spring Brook Academy. Lots of learning, lots of fun and lots of developing social skills. Three new pupils have joined Key Stage 3 this week, NK, Lewis and Bradley. Welcome to our Spring Brook family, boys.

Have a lovely break over half term,

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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