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It has been a very busy and exciting first term in swimming..

img_0214 img_0217 img_0227

Mrs Fitzsimons has joined the team and she has slotted into her role very quickly. We welcomed the new Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils from Hollinwood Academy as well as our new Key Stage 3 swimmers from both New Bridge and Hollinwood Academy. Everyone has enjoyed their lessons and they are all trying really hard to achieve their swimming targets..

img_0031 img_0019 img_0036img_0193

We then lost Mrs Whitworth when she had an accident which put her out of action for quite a long time but we are very glad to say that she is now back at the helm! The swimming pool has been infested several times……we have had some ‘red stinging seaweed’ growing up from the pool floor..


..followed by lots of coloured spots in the water around Children In Need time..


The pirates paid us a visit next and the pupils enjoyed retrieving their treasure from the ‘treasure chest’. As you might have gathered, great fun has been had by all!

Our new ‘Super Swimmer’ Award for this term goes to Faiza from Year 9. Since she came back from the summer holidays, her competence and confidence in and around the swimming department has soared. She now gets in from the pool side and climbs out using the ladders, she can get ready before and after swimming with very little support and she has even started to swim without any support! Well done Faiza, keep up the good work!


We hope you have all had a swimmingly good festive season and return back to school in the New Year ready to keep working hard and swimming well!


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