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Well, what a week we have had at New Bridge! Sit back and relax and have a read of what I’m about tell you….

Monday and Tuesday I was doing my rounds as usual at Medtia but Tuesday saw our Activ8 group take a trip to Costa and be treated to a lovely hot chocolate courtesy of Mrs Fitzsimons to say well done for all our hard work in our GCSE PE this term.

On Wednesday morning we started our festive spirit by staying within our form groups and socialising as a group (basically for Activ8 we stuck on the Xbox and bashed out Fifa). Later that day we had our Christmas dinner, celebrating the Christmas spirit as a school. Activ8 and Digit4ll came together and helped set up for the dinner (although Activ8 still ended up last for food!). After all that yummy food we went to the front of the school for our traditional Santa Stroll. It was great to see everybody out and taking part enjoying the day, hopefully we raised a fair amount of money!

Thursday was Super Learning day all about the Festival of Light. Activ8 hosted Christmas activities for the whole school while the older Activ8 group were hosting activities at Hollinwood Academy. We had a range of games like musical chairs, pin the beard on Mr Quinn and throwing the ball in the cup which was our most popular game – we didn’t know who enjoyed it the most, the students or the staff! The afternoon saw our very own German markets with hot dogs and hot vimto, then we went into the theatre for Christmas carols.

Friday was a great day for everybody with a lot of stuff happening! In the morning we hosted a girls’ football tournament for the Faye McMillan memorial cup. It was great to see the girls play excellent football and even some members of staff playing in high heels! Overall it was a great session, the girls did Faye proud and enjoyed the whole session – on behalf of the staff and students I would like to say thank you to Paul Kelly from City in the Community for the wonderful gesture, donating the trophy. Mid morning was year parties as Year 10 and 11 took over the theatre for the biggest party ever! Everybody loved it and I even got on my dancing shoes and performed Dirty Dancing’s ‘Time of my life’ – I’m sure I will have to do it for the talent show next year! In the afternoon it was the staff talent show which I hosted (very well!) but the staff really performed and put on a great show, especially the IB team and, of course, Mr Hickie!

Overall the Christmas week has been amazing and the students have enjoyed themselves. On behalf of the students, thank you to all the staff for their fantastic support. Well, 6 months to go! It really came home to me that I’m nearly coming to the end of my time at New Bridge. The school has been the main core of my success but the one thing I’ve enjoyed the most is Activ8. To use a Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher quote (but my way), “Activ8 is like a Ferrari; good to look at, good to drive but it could spin out of control once in a while, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Thanks to the team and the boys for the fantastic support.

That’s it from me for 2016, see you all in 2017!

Happy Christmas!!!



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