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This week has seen our futures mapped out by other people’s decisions. We have seen the completion of the Referendum debate. Finally. The passion of the debate around our community has been fantastic, it’s just a shame that 1.5 million 16-17 year olds were denied the vote. However, patience is the key. The next few years may not be fantastic but what the result has given us is the opportunity to shape our own Britain. Many of you may be displeased at the result, however it is a chance to start again, a chance to forget about the past 40 years of mistakes and move on…

Closer to home, we have seen the launch of the draft Oldham Autism Strategy – you can read it here and give your views on it. Now, anyone can have a strategy on how to give the right support to people with autism but I have to say I have been really sceptical of the provision for people with special needs. About 12 years ago my Mum and Dad had to battle at an appeal for myself just to get tested for a statement and it has not been plain sailing since. It has seemed like we hit a brick wall in the past and that we weren’t really listened to. Going on my past experiences, I feel obliged to say that my confidence is not as high as I would like it to be yet I am pleased as the new Autism Strategy is, however, a move in the right direction. I am very hopeful that this strategy will be helpful because it has been a long time coming but I’m afraid the jury’s out until I see the actual improvements that this plan will provide for people with autism.

On a lighter-hearted note, I spent last night watching the football as did half of the country. What a farce! I just hope that the European leaders don’t see that performance as our trigger for invoking Article 50. I see more passion in our lunchtime football matches than I did last night. Football is our national sport yet the England team is our national disgrace. I also spent the weekend shopping for a prom suit and I have to admit to making the process difficult. I either tried suits that made me look embarassing or I tried on a ‘school-teacher’ jacket (don’t ask me what that means, it was my father who came up with the phrase). Shopping is one of my weaker points but don’t tell the ladies that!

Next week will see me battle the Great British elements in the Qualifying Expedition for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I really hope that the weather decides to improve because the conditions have been terrible. Far too unsettled, it was miles better for my Practice Expedition back in early Spring. I also cannot wait for the next chapter in ‘The Chronicles of Connor’s Sleep-Swearing’…

Next week also sees the end of an era (my time at New Bridge School) as we hold the Leavers’ Assembly and the Prom. Celebrating my achievements and counting down the hours until I leave for peace and quiet at Medtia Square… Oh, and having one massive rave up at the Prom!

Have a good week,



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