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Where can I begin? A long weekend in the middle of Summer, what a beautiful idea – all that football we enjoyed on Thursday must have caused a power surge! (It was actually something to do with a robbery at the sub-station). Two days off because of power cuts in a month isn’t bad going, although the disruption caused to routine, not to mention the fact that I missed my rugby session is not so good.

Guess what I did on my day off…..I watched more football. Keeping with the football theme, this week saw our world class women’s football team get back on the field at the CFA (City Football Academy). We had exceptional performances, especially from New Bridge’s very own Jamie Vardy aka Abigail. I want to say well done to all the women involved – they are a credit to Women’s Football (and at least you won a trophy this season unlike Activ8!).

Thursday afternoon saw the screening of England v Wales and I was lucky enough to sit in the New Bridge equivalent to the Kop. What an afternoon it was! The atmosphere was miles better than Old Trafford, although it soured a bit after Bale’s goal and we even heard boos at half time. I was one of the lucky ones to stay until full time and witness Sturridge’s screamer. Wow!! I hurt my thumb in all the celebrating and Jack thinks he has turned into Jamie Vardy by putting a bandage on his wrist. In reality, he has some way to go to be as good as him.

Well, the news is out! Finally. Get ready, Oldham, as Activ8 are coming in September! All that peace and quiet you have been enjoying at Medtia Square, forget it! The facilities that we could potentially use around Oldham from our new base are outstanding. No, not the sporting ones, I mean the places we could eat as I will finally be able to get lunch outside of school. Jerk Chicken, Subway and the odd McDonalds are making my stomach cry for joy. In truth, I have just realised that my diet may need some work. Seriously though, I am looking forward to continuing the hard work with Activ8 and seeing what the facilities at Medtia Square have to offer…

The next few weeks will see events here at New Bridge coming thick and fast as the countdown to the long-awaited summer holidays continues. We have our annual Sports Awards evening and our school production of Shrek (I am still unsure as to why I wasn’t cast as Shrek – my dashing good looks clearly deserve the role). New Bridge will also hold a Sports Day and I must admit the plans look amazing.

We also have various other events going on around school including the Prom. I am considering going to Prom in my Mum’s Fiesta and locking myself in the car while I wait for teachers to escort me in just like the good old days….

Have a good week,



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