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If you thought last week was eventful then you may need to make yourself a brew and get your favourite pack of biscuits before you sit down to read this week’s blog. We have seen it all! Beginning last Tuesday night when someone forgot to put a couple of pennies in the machine causing a blackout on the school site, we then had an emergency closure on Wednesday. While staff went over to the dark side (Hollinwood Academy) to report for work, the students enjoyed a day of leisure! Mine included a visit to the Nike shop and a trip to the local Pizza Hut where I filled my stomach with three plates of pizza (not bad, I typically eat more!)

However, things took a sinister turn on Thursday as I went down with a mystery illness which is now known to be tonsilitis. While many of you were out enjoying the nice weather or caught up in the bomb scare that was Old Trafford, I was stuck in bed feeling lonely, unwell and slightly depressed. To make matters worse, my voice made me sound like a complete numpty; here I was laid up, my parents were giving me some pain killers and I was talking as if I was turning into a girl. I can confirm that my voice has now returned to some kind of normality which is very positive!

Events in school this week have included a visit from the Paralympic Gold Medallist Liz Johnson who gave us valuable experience in the gym this morning before taking part in many activities across the school. We will be hosting a Dodgeball Competition tomorrow involving some students from our school, the other one ‘across the road’ and the Radclyffe School. I would also like to wish Abu all the best following a freak incident in our rugby session on Friday.

Next week will see a bumper TWO blogs from me. I will post my usual entry on Monday explaining the events of the week and giving my reaction to the Dodgeball Competition before I pack my bags and head off on holiday! On my return next Friday I will treat you to a special diary of events from our Year 11 residential in Wales. Hopefully there won’t be any issues uploading any of these now that the power supply has been restored (unlike last week!)

Have a good week,


PS I would like to thank the security services involved on Sunday during the bomb scare at Old Trafford. As a City fan but most importantly a football fan, the speed with which they got everybody safely evacuated from the stadium in what was an obviously scary situation at the time was formidable. In this era of having to go to extremes to keep people safe in public places, it gives me confidence to see that everything was done in a calm manner and no-one was injured.


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